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    Quote Originally Posted by Sumy View Post
    This is the route I took too - and my B Ward/S Ward Madeen, as well as my double health boon Madeen, that I used to use all the time, can now be replaced with something else.
    Is it worth replacing, though? the double madeen is for the 22.5% surging power. Replacing one with a 6* adds a new kind of buff along with the inheritance, but you lose 7.5% surging power, which seems like it would be a lot. What would you use the extra slot for? Letting the 6* replace your offensive buff gives you an additional offensive buff on top of the double surging power, whereas the 5*'s don't really have unique attack buffs

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    Double Madeen for life.

    5* Setup:
    Triple Empower
    Double Dampen, HP
    Madeen - BladeW/SpellW or MND/Heal
    Madeen - ATK/ATK(or crit dmg) or MAG/MAG

    6* Setup:
    6* Double Empower
    5* Double Dampen, HP (replace w/ WIP magicite as needed, ex Shiva vs Shiva)
    HP/BladeW/SpellW --> Replace with Alex HP/Heal (no point in double empower Alex since always running Madeens)
    Madeen - BladeW/SpellW or MND/Heal (pre-Alex)
    Madeen - ATK/ATK(or crit dmg) or MAG/MAG

    WOdin will eventually go BladeW/SpellW. As you add elements to WOdin, can replace 2nd empower w/ HP and ditch the dampen for the corresponding 6* magicite. Not too sure what the WIP deck should look like cause you need to consider both physical and magical WOdins.

    Final setup would look like...
    6* Empower HP
    6* (dampen element) Empower HP (cause you're not making a 2nd defensive 6*, fuck that noise)
    WOdin BladeW/SpellW
    Madeen HP/Heal
    Madeen ATK/ATK or ATK/CritDMG or MAG/MAG

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