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    What can be done undersized?

    My FC is catching up on some Heavensward content while we're waiting for 4.1 to drop. Some of us have cleared the HW EX primals before Stormblood, and members of our group have voiced a desire to do them and also farm birds. Remembering the tether mechanics from Zurvan EX and (to a lesser degree) Sephirot EX, does anyone have experience doing them with less than a full group of 8?

    I know, old content. But I would rather not waste time with people trying to do it with less than 8 if it isn't possible.

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    I recall eating 3 blasts in zurvan cause people died. Not sure if I had mitigation, but had 35k hp. Sephirot I remembered was annoying if people died right before tether. There will always be 4 that spawns but the colors are evenly divided(?), so someone will always die if you enter that phase with less than 8. This was at 60 cap so not sure how it plays out now in 70 era.

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