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    Resist Trait question

    Has anyone ever tested whether Resist Status job traits and equipment stack additively or multiplicatively with each other?

    For example, would a DRK 99 (30% Resist Paralyze) with Hearty Earring (5% all) and Staunch Tathlum (10% all) have against Paralyze:

    1-(1-0.3)*(1-0.15) = 40.5% resist chance, or
    1-(1-(0.3+0.15)) = 45% resist chance?

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    As far as I know at least here on bg only resist trait testing has been Byrth's really old stuff on just base traits and don't think that even went into how it works with normal resist let along gear. There is probably some jp testing but yay looking for that. If there are any pieces with numbers on them lvl 90 or lower monstrosity might be a decent test... otherwise finding mobs that spam and getting a good sample might be super not fun

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