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    ffera.com 75 cap Private FFXI Server

    Server IP:

    Website: http://ffera.com
    Install guide: https://youtube.be/eqD_UtYUNIc

    Server Settings:
    * Experience rate is 4x.
    * Fields of Valor Books active
    * Increased movement speed 20% over retail speed (does not apply to Mentor characters)
    * Level cap is 75.
    * Maps and Outpost warps all Unlocked
    * CUSTOM Mentor Mode Exp x1 for the very old school player w/ Custom Vendors & Perks
    * Quest gil rewards increased
    * Fame gain 3x.
    * Crafting skill up rate 2x.
    * Notorious Monsters drop the non-ex gear.
    * RoZ & CoP Storylines available.

    * Custom player commands with ingame command list
    * All AHs linked together
    * Explorer Moogle teleport to starting cities for 300 gil
    * CUSTOM Mentor Mode Exp x1 for the very old school player w/ Custom Vendors & Perks
    * ALL AF working (Custom drops for PUP, PLD, COR, BLU and DNC)
    * Quest gil rewards increased
    * Get Rank 10 All Nation
    * Fully Implemented Zilart and Promathia Missions (Aht Urghan comming soon!)
    * Mythic WS are avaiable by getting 500 WS points with the propper weapon!

    Endgame content:
    * All Sea jailers are implemented
    * Sandworm and Dark Ixion are implemented
    * All Sky gods and Kirin
    * Omega / Ultima
    * Dynamis Lord in Dynamis - Xarcabard
    * Limbus & Dynamis including all Dreamlands!
    * Custom ZNM System including Pandemonium Warden!
    * Salvage coming soon!

    Era server is capped at the level 75 cap with Wings of The Goddess being the latest expansion. The server wants to offer players a 75 cap experience with a twist and QoL features. The server has a friendly and helpful social linkshell available to all players and active GMs. We also have some custom content to make the player experience even more enjoyable!

    Era has been around for years and working on adding new content. Salvage is currently in development!

    Player base is fairly healthy. During weekdays we usually peak ar 100-110 players. During weekends up to 140-150 during peak times.

    Join our Teamspeak (ts3server://ffera.com) & Discord (http://ffera.com/discord) Servers!
    Custom Connection Tool Available

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    Is server transfer available? Would this work on Mac?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spliffy View Post
    Is server transfer available? Would this work on Mac?
    ffera doesn't offer server transfer.
    You can run FFXI and XILoader on Max OSX with Wine last time I checked.

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