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    Kevin Chang
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    WTS: HyperX Laptop Ram 8GB DDR3 2133

    I found this laying around while cleaning up. I never got it to work with my old laptop (Alienware m11x). Don't need it anymore


    Asking $20 OBO shipped. I don't know what a good price for this is -- it's older tech but the cheapest 8GB kits at this speed on Newegg is 70~ I'm willing to go lower if this is just unreasonable (I just don't know)

    Caveat is that I can't help you if it doesn't work -- I have no idea why this never worked on my old laptop. I have verified that it at least posts on my current laptop (an Alienware 13)

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    Killer price. I wish I had a need because that's a great deal.

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