As it states, I have a code for PUBG for the Xbox One. I recently bought the Xbox One X from GameStop and they gave me the code on my receipt, and it is a game I have no desire to play at all, so I figured I would try here to sell it.

Retail price for the game is $29.99, I'm asking for $25.00 just for someone to take it off my hands.

Have bought a few things from some people on BG before and everything went fine. Best form of payment for me to take would be for PayPal. I can either PM the code to you here or find some way to take a picture of the part of the receipt that has the code on it and send it to you via email. Code does expire at some point so it wont be good forever. First come first server obviously, just drop me a DM and we can go from there, thank you.