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    I didn't even think about the smith in the Tempest, I usually just use yo-kai weapons since i can just freely take them out and put them back in the armoire.

    But yeah, that has always been a stupid system that I don't know why they don't fix. Had the same issue with Skysteel tools and their quests.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Stig View Post
    Shit that's a good idea. Was it free? I spent 170gil over in Kugana pier to buy a replica on my eureka weapon lol. But now I feel cheated if you just got that for free.

    (yes I know it's a small amount of gil but still! haha)
    Assuming you did the role quests already yeah. As long as the weapon isn't in your armory chest (and maybe inventory) you can go back and repurchase it for free. I know since after getting my 3rd tank job done and dropping everything into my glamor dresser it can be a pain to find the armor when I level up another job.

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