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    The whole idea was executed poorly. This isnt a game where you stance dance and arnt punished for it in some way. Also making it no longer aoe was a huge disservice to the spell, even to not allow Yagrush to interact with it.

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    Not that I would've complained but making it work with Yagrush would've been a bit OP eh...
    Plus it was kinda a kick in the balls for those people (3 in the whole world, lol?) who bought the Divergence Club to boost Esuna.

    I'm kinda dissatisfied they completely reverted the change though. I think they should've strived for a compromise, something in between the old (current) version and the one they proposed.
    But oh well.
    To be fair not like WHM needed any change to begin with. The Prot/Shell change is good at least (and ended up affecting SCH and RDM as well, in the end)

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    I’m not even talking bout a test realm. Just more of a throwback to how they used to do things. Little previews before hand that said “whm changes: we are fucking with esuna and here is how” now all we get is a couple days ahead of time with a table that says “job adjustments” and if we are lucky it might mention whm. Doesn’t even have to take a huge amount of effort, but maybe a basic rundown of what they are planning to do and players can say “well we definitely don’t like that” so they can go in a different direction or stop all together before they waste their few resources on untangling spaghetti code for a month to make their changes. I understand they don’t tell us some things cause they don’t want people to take advantage of or like gouge prices if they know an item for example was going to change.

    That’s basically what I was talking about.

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    Deep dived into Nexon's mobile remake during a discussion on BG Discord and found they added some job listings in August 2019.

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