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    Yoshida on 4.2 - Game Watch Interview Translation

    Translation of patch 4.2 interview below. Not much new info except maybe the section about Eureka, but still perhaps an interesting read. Edited a bit for readability and in a couple random places they were going off on tangents and I had no idea what they were talking about.

    Send me a PM if it seems like anything was missed, I skipped around a bit while translating.

    Original here: https://game.watch.impress.co.jp/doc...w/1102936.html


    On January 30, Square Enix will release the latest update, "Patch 4.2: Rise of a New Sun," for Final Fantasy XIV ("FFXIV") on PlayStation 4 / Windows / Mac.

    After the introduction of the patch 4.2 trailer during the producer letter live, many have been counting down the days until the patch. We got a chance to speak to producer and director Naoki Yoshida about the details of the patch being implemented in just a few days. We covered a variety of topics of interest such as the main story, Omega: Sigmascape, and Forbidden Land, Eureka Anemos which will be implemented in 4.25.

    The new imperial character Asahi will appear.

    First off, please tell us about the meaning behind the [Japanese] title "Time of the Light of Dawn"

    Yoshida: This time around, it was a bit difficult with the Japanese title. The Doma story will be divided into two parts with 4.2 and 4.3. We decided quickly to use "rise" and "sun" to go along with the idea "the new day rises in the east," but we couldn't come up with anything quite as good in Japanese. We thought of things like "morning mist" or "morning glow" but we couldn't get it just right.

    In the end you decided on "light of dawn." The idea behind it is the morning sun?

    Yoshida: The point is that a new day will rise from the east. We'll also be introducing a new character named Asahi. In addition to the new dawn coming in the east, there are also fundamental reworks of systems like with Glamour Prisms as well as all-new systems, so there's also a meaning like the next step of FFXIV included. It's the new year as well.

    The new character Asahi was also in the trailer. What is their full name?

    Yoshida: It's Asahi sas Brutus. He is currently on the imperial side.

    As an ambassador of the empire, they must live in the empire, right?

    Yoshida: Yes, he's been dispatched from the imperial city. Other than people like royalty or generals, I think this is the first time someone has come straight from Garlemald.

    As far as the trailer goes, it didn't seem like they were an enemy at this point. Will they appear as a companion that you adventure with?

    Yoshida: There are a number of different possibilities you could think of.

    Is the reason Asahi is visiting Doma a secret?

    Yoshida: Yes.

    Will he play an active role in the story moving forward?

    Yoshida: He will be one of the main characters in the Doma storyline moving forward.

    I was surprised to see the Phantom Train appear - will that be part of the main story?

    Yoshida: The 4.X series trailers aren't presented as a digest of content like with the old trailers, we've just tried to connect the scenes together to be more like a movie trailer, so I'd like you to play through the main story yourself to find out the answer (laughs).

    So it may not necessarily be part of the main scenario?

    Yoshida: Right. It was a challenge with editing to make it feel like it had continuity, but I think in the end it came out well.

    With the Phantom Train and then Kefka at the end of the trailer, it feels a bit like a FF6 tribute this time, doesn't it?

    Yoshida: Maybe (laughs).

    There were some rumblings that the Phantom Train might appear in a future expansion, so it seems like a lot of people were pleased that it's appearing now.

    Yoshida: I think it caught people by surprise when they saw the trailer, and it's been interesting to see all of the different interpretations.

    How so?

    Yoshida: There are a few tricks in the trailer, things you'll only understand or pick up on once you play.

    Will the main scenario take place primarily in Kugane?

    Yoshida: Kugane is a Hingan country, so Yanxia will set the stage. Since the story is mainly about the rebuilding of Doma and the people of Doma, it will be mostly in Yanxia.

    The Ninja have hidden villages in Yanxia - will those be involved in the main story?

    Yoshida: I don't want to get into the details, but it's a bit quieter than 4.1 this time around. We focused more on the dialogue and drama than on battle content, so I hope you can appreciate that. With the FFXIV main scenario, it's not like they can just escape the rule of the empire, rebuild, and have a happy ending.

    In patch 4.1, although they'd been liberated from the rule of the empire, the reality in Ala Mhigo was there were those born and raised under imperial rule who now needed to coexist with the rest of Ala Mhigans and they were persecuted. In Doma, although people are happy, whether she's lost her memory or just pretending, Yotsuyu is back, and as she was feared even more than Zenos, it will be a big point to see what comes of that.

    In the trailer, it seemed like Yotsuyu and Yugiri had a casual relationship.

    Yoshida: That was an easy to understand scene so we used it for the trailer. Yugiri has been involved with the fight, so you can understand her reaction, but once will happen once everyone else finds out she's still alive? Please pay attention to how that develops.

    Is Forbidden Land, Eureka Anemos a FFXI style field area?

    Forbidden Land, Eureka Anemos is planned to be implemented in patch 4.25, but first off, when is patch 4.25 going to be released?

    Yoshida: As per usual, it's probably safe to assume it will be about a month after the major update.

    Originally, Eureka was part of FF3 set with Crystal Tower. In past interviews there was a point where it was being considered as an element of Crystal Tower. Will there be any relevance now to Crystal Tower?

    Yoshida: A bit of that is part of the scenario so I can't talk too much about it, but there's a strange phenomenon taking place here also, so Eureka was attached to the name of the place to reference the Crystal Tower lore. That will also be touched on in the scenario.

    So it's not related to the story of Crystal Tower?

    Yoshida: There's no direct link for now. Crystal Tower was a side story, so it'd be tough to incorporate that as essential background. Also, Crystal Tower was set so that the story came to a full conclusion and the door was closed, so it would be tough to go back to that with the state it's in. We decided to call it Eureka as we planned to make it be a mysterious place primarily used to strengthen weapons and armor.

    FF3's Eureka was a place where you would defeat manifestations of weapons to obtain weapons - will this new system inherit any part of that from FF3?

    Yoshida: It won't be quite like that. It's more about the basic idea of being able to strengthen weapons and armor.

    Will it also be different from the Deep Dungeon Palace of the Dead?

    Yoshida: It's completely different. We're still a bit away from implementation so I can't talk too much about it, but in terms of system, it's a completely new system and content. You can think of Eureka almost as a new field area.

    Is it different from the exploration in Diadem?

    Yoshida: You'll still enter through Duty Finder, but with Eureka, your party can be changed freely at the destination. You can go with eight people, you can go with four people, or you can even go alone and find your friends there. You can play solo or with parties. There will be an elemental level, with everyone starting from elemental level 1 where you can't fight at all unless you raise your elemental level. So you'll be leveling up normally. Your level will always be saved, and starting from level 6 there will be a penalty for dying.

    Will you lose experience?

    Yoshida: Yeah. After you're incapacitated, you can't accept raise for certain period of time, but this only happens if you return to your home point. There's no penalty if you're raised. Also, there is a dedicated "Magia Board," which is something like a plate that switches attributes, and you'll make use of that as you explore. Unlike public fields so far, when monsters in Eureka detect players, they'll chase them anywhere. It will be more chaotic than usual, so please be careful.

    It sounds like the world of FFXI in Eureka.

    Yoshida: Things like NMs (notorious monsters) will make use of FFXIV systems, like the FATE mechanism, to allow anyone to fight them, but it is a bit like older generation gameplay.

    This time around it will be called Anemos, so will there be future additions like with Omega or Bahamut's Coils?

    Yoshida: Yes.

    Is it correct to assume that you won't be able to get the strongest weapon just yet?

    Yoshida: Like with the Zodiac and Anima weapons, the strongest weapon available will depend on the point that the patch is added. The highest level weapon will remain as a drop from Omega, but you'll be able to get weapons of similar strength in future updates.

    The Four Sacred beasts fight at The Jade Stoa might be the flashiest part of 4.2

    The Jade Stoa is a battle against the white tiger, but he was shown as having a humanoid form in the trailer?

    Yoshida: It might not be as much fun with a FFXIV style battle if you were just fighting an animal. It wasn't that long ago that we had a human goddess, so this shouldn't feel too unusual.

    So we're really just throwing ourselves at this new enemy?

    Yoshida: You can think of it like that, but this will probably be the flashiest part of 4.2. The development costs were really high (laughs).

    It's being called a "conquest fight" this time, so what does that mean?

    Yoshida: The Sacred Beast is not a barbarian. Along the lines of Nidhogg, this is more of a fight to conquer the soul, all four of them will be violent battles of conquest.

    So it's not just a beatdown, but meant to quell them after defeat.

    Yoshida: A good question... the scenario is developed around that. We have a story prepared for it like we did with the three gods previously, but it's very well assembled and balanced, and we have some beautifully prepared cutscenes, so I think it will be quite popular.

    Tenzen was the name of a character back in FFXI, so there are many people wondering - will he make an appearance?

    Yoshida: Let's keep that a secret until you see it. However, we wouldn't want to just name drop in FFXIV, so to some extent, I hope it adds to your expectations. Please look forward to it.

    Do you think FFXI fans will be happy?

    Yoshida: Well, I'm talking to someone who's played FFXI so I'm not sure how to take this. I think you'll at least get a bit more of a grin out of it than someone who hasn't played.

    In the FFXI collaboration, Iroha warped over from Vana'diel. Is that different from the setting of this?

    Yoshida: It's different.

    The enemy is a tiger but it probably wouldn't make much sense if it dropped itself as a mount, so is the mount still a dog?

    Yoshida: I'm sorry, it's still a dog (laughs).

    Also, will the elephant mount obtained from beast tribe quests be able to fly?

    Yoshida: Of course it will fly!

    How will it get that big body airborne?

    Yoshida: I'm still checking it out and tweaking it, but I think it will fly obediently (laughs).

    That should be fun.

    Yoshida: It might be a little slow getting off the ground....

    It'll be funny to see a bunch of them together in Rhalgr's Reach. Do you have any plans for timing to support flight with other mounts?

    Yoshida: This time, we'll be adding flight to the war horses of the three Grand Companies. There are a lot of mounts this time, but it seems like the attention is on Death Claw.

    You showed that with screenshots.

    Yoshida: With Death Claw, we wanted it to look like he was pinching you. I hope it's as popular as the gorilla mount. Maybe mounts are the highlight of patch 4.2 (laughs).

    A more difficult brain test appear in Omega: Sigmascape

    The story is getting exciting with Omega: Sigmascape as well.

    Yoshida: Since we're now at the middle stage, we'll be diving deeper into things we only touched on during the first part of the story in Deltascape. The focus will be on Midgardsormr, and after that on Nero's coolness, so there will be a good variety.

    It seems like we're finally on a united front with Nero.

    Yoshida: Yes, somehow... there's a lot of enthusiasm about it.

    He's one of the secretly popular characters, so it's nice to be able to fight together with him.

    Yoshida: When we decided to bring him back, all of us on the development team didn't expect him to become such a character (laughs). But we're happy about it.

    His character has taken an interesting turn. We're expecting it to be a boss, but what do you have to say about Kefka being the last image that showed up?

    Yoshida: It might be a little too simple just to leave it at that. But please enjoy the power of Omega's imagination... I'm sure you'll be satisfied.

    We've heard that part of the difference in the difficulty for Ultimate Bahamut was the amount of mechanics that required reading to avoid attacks. Will there be mechanics like that in Sigmascape as well?

    Yoshida: Omega doesn't have mechanics that require looking at battle text to avoid upcoming attacks. All of them can be visually recognized.

    Will it be similar again where the first and second battles are less difficult with a jump in difficulty at the third?

    Yoshida: Yeah. I think the first battle will be completed easily. However, it's probably a bit more difficult when compared to the first Deltascape battle, Alte Roite. Delta was developed with the premise that people weren't completely familiar with the level 70 skill rotations, so we considerably dropped the difficulty.

    This time, since everyone is already familiar, things will be a bit more challenging. When you ask how it is compared to past bosses, taking into consideration that the average skill level of all players has also improved over time, it's about the same with the current players now as Delta was with those players back when Delta was added.

    And surely there will be a fierce competition for world's first again this time.

    Yoshida: I'm expecting it will be settled in about two days again.

    You think they'll get used to the savage mechanics that quickly?

    Yoshida: The skill level of players going for world's first is crazy high. If we make this too hard and it's really a challenge for them, it would be hard for many players to complete it at all. I think Savage will just be a bit of a challenge for them. With the new "Ultimate" series, I think their goal will really be to compete for completion of those battles.

    Can you give us one highlight from Sigmascape?

    Yoshida: Well, there is one that's a bit of a brain test.

    Will it be more difficult than the third battle from last time?

    Yoshida: I personally think it's a bit more difficult than last time. The third fight this time is unlike the one last time, but it was fun to develop, so please enjoy it while trying to figure out the mechanics.

    In the trailer, there was a scene where the pixel pictures were switching around, was that it?

    Yoshida: Yeah.

    So you won't know which enemies will emerge?

    Yoshida: Not only that, but it will be even trickier in savage....

    Is that why there are multiple panels?

    Yoshida: I want to reveal more, but I can't! (laughs)

    This time, the main associated visuals were around the characters from Omega gathering together. Last time, the characters from Return to Ivalice were the main visuals, so what will it be in the future?

    Yoshida: Not decided yet. We'll be ordering the main art for 4.3 soon, but I think it will be associated with the main story. In 4.1, we had also brought in a guest creator as an affiliator, so we asked for illustrations from Akihiko Yoshida like FF Tactics so it would have some appeal to those who might be unfamiliar with FFXIV and might think "Is this something new? Related to FFT?"

    With Omega, they're part of the same company, but we invited the creator of the Chocobo design from Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon to help us out. Since Sigmascape is added in patch 4.2, we thought it would be cool to show Alpha in the style of Garland Ironworks. This illustration is also developed as advertising, so we wanted to show new elements like the Chocobo. So rather than deciding it all in advance, for 4.1 and 4.2 we made the best use of opportunities with guest illustrators and to engage new customers.

    For people who have played the Chocobo Dungeon titles, it seems like they'll definitely recognize the art.

    Yoshida: There's also some meaning in that the first Chocobo Mystery Dungeon title came out twenty years ago.

    Alpha is still vaguely defined in the world of FFXIV. Will that be explained in a future story?

    Yoshida: I know. With Sigmascape and further towards the final stage, please expect it.

    Balance adjustments aiming at suppressing Paladin's strength

    Regarding balance adjustments, you mentioned that you'd be making adjustments to warriors and black mages during the producer letter live, but what else do you have planned?

    Yoshida: For a lot of the jobs, we'll be making adjustments so that they stand better side by side while also ensuring there are fun elements specific to the each job within a role. Only five jobs will remain untouched this time - red mage, samurai, ninja, dragoon, and bard.

    Does that mean you might be weakening certain jobs that are preferred at the moment?

    Yoshida: Jobs that had come out in front have been adjusted slightly. The basic policy behind our adjustments is, as much as possible, to raise things, but in this case it would put us beyond where the role should be and lead to overall inflation, so the decision was made to suppress the outliers. For paladins in particular, we had to drop their damage a little, and it was difficult because of all of their utility, so I'm sorry about that.

    So the power will be suppressed.

    Yoshida: Yes, but we kept it to a small adjustment. It won't be extreme, please be assured of that.

    Warriors have also been decreasing a bit.

    Yoshida: Haven't they been on the rise recently? I think it's the opposite. I'm surprised that we've been seeing more warriors than dark knights.

    You see them sometimes as MT in Savage or on Shinryu.

    Yoshida: Right now it seems like the OT spot is held only by paladins and rarely warrior or dark knight.

    Often in Duty Finder, you'll see two paladins on Shinryu. Are you just targeting the OT spot?

    Yoshida: It's both. As we moved towards 4.1, we significantly raised the jobs which became imbalanced at the start of 4.0 by 4.06, but we did it quite boldly and there were several jobs which got raised too much, so we're making these adjustments so jobs of the same role line up side by side.

    We could have raised it little by little with repeat fine tuning as usual, but the fear with that is an image issue develops that's much harder to dispel, so by 4.06 we decided to strengthen them considerably. However, now we're rebounding from that and have to make another adjustment. I'm truly sorry for what's been reduced.

    There's been a lot of focus on Paladin, so it's about time some of that light hits other jobs as well.

    Yoshida: We were especially pleased with paladin given the weak image it had based on its magical defense in the 3.0 series, but it had the impression that it was a strong and easy to use job, so please pardon these changes.

    I saw a bit about this on the net, but one thing some people are finding troubling is that people ask for Protect in level 15 dungeons but it's not learned until level 16.

    Yoshida: I read that article as well.

    I figured as much.

    Yoshida: Our thoughts are as the first instanced dungeon, we don't new players to feel like any jobs are required. That's a point that we've tried to carry for four years now, but it seems to be getting a lot of attention now with the number of new players increasing. If Protect was learned at level 15, it might be considered more essential, and everyone would always say "please be sure to use Protect!," even moreso than now. That would be frustrating. By the way, even if we did make it level 15, since there would be almost no numerical change, as a development team there are some opinions that you're better off without it.

    Indeed I don't mind not having it, but there are people out there who feel like it's needed.

    Yoshida: I think the discussion should continue. I still wonder if it's better to just get rid of Protect altogether.

    So Protect is quite a headache for you?

    Yoshida: We've been troubled over what to do with it in development since we started working on 4.0.

    Even before that I was saying it would be better off just getting rid of it.

    Yoshida: By saying Protect is always on, the development team needs to take into account numerical balance for boss attacks on the premise that Protect is active. However, if we got rid of it, we wouldn't have to factor the value of Protect into the calculation, which would make things simpler. Plus it would be one less thing for players to worry about. However, raising players back into battle and getting Protect casted back on them is in reality one of the roles of healers. Even though it takes some effort, if we make things too simple, then the gameplay gets boring. Not to mention all of the white mages out there who are crying out to make sure we don't take anything else away. We will leave it in for 4.0, but we'll keep an eye on feedback in this area.

    Building up a structure for tournament management in The Feast

    With The Feast, team registration has begun, and you finally have a system which will allow it to be like an e-sport in place. Are you planning on forming something like a pro league in the future?

    Yoshida: I haven't thought that far out yet. Of course, we should be able to do it, but since this is mainly a PvE MMORPG and it's part of a franchise, we'd like to move step by step in that direction with official tournaments set-up to give players motivation to participate in other activities.

    We'll plan to carry out tournaments like that on a regular basis and I'd like to make them exciting. If we take things too far too quickly the whole thing will just topple, so we want to steadily advance one step at a time and grow the PvP population as we have been doing with PvP since A Realm Reborn. That said, preparations for the official games are going on right now, so I'll be able to talk about it soon.

    Will the official games be something like what's held at Fan Festival?

    Yoshida: I'll let you know once I can confirm it. Of course, it wouldn't be good if we could only implement official games in Japan, so we need to unify the rules and methods of managing for the global game as a whole, and educate the staff about it. Since we're working on it, we'll be able to confirm in detail soon, and I think I'll relay that information at another producer letter live. I hope everyone wants to aim to hone their skills and become champions.

    In small scale PvP like The Feast, there does seem to be a bar to entry for players that don't get in on it from the beginning. As tactics get further established over time, the threshold can feel pretty high for beginners.

    Yoshida: We do get a lot of feedback about beginners' support for PvP, which is something that really troubles me. The population will dwindle if it feels too tough but advanced players will start disappearing if it's too easy, so we're looking at feedback and taking it into serious consideration.

    Focusing back on this update, is there any plan to get players involved who haven't been in the past? Like some new campaign, etc.?

    Yoshida: Like before, it'll at most be rewards like collaboration equipment or mounts. I'm not thinking any sort of campaign. PvP is really about competition and it has a good following. I think it's counterproductive to make those who don't want to participate feel like they have to. Also for everyone who plays PvP, the goal is to be the best. It's not something that's about equality.

    I've played PvP in a lot of games, but the feeling of winning should be the rewards, it's no good if you're forcing people to make efforts to try to win. That doesn't work. In that regard, it's the same as forming statics in PvE. So we'd like to loosen up the bar to entry of The Feast a bit, but please give us some time.

    However, a lot of new people have gotten into PvP with Rival Wings, so it will be interesting to see what happens when we update The Feast. It will be interesting to watch the games also, and see if popular teams arise on the Datacenters.

    We'll keep an eye on all this, with the number one goal of making players feel like they want to try it out. There are players who started FFXIV in 4.0 and have already cleared the Ultimate Bahamut fight, so I don't think there's much disadvantage to getting started late.

    On the other side, will you have Rival Wings tournaments for larger numbers of players?

    Yoshida: No, we have no plans for that. I think with teams of 24, communication would be impossible. Having to form up teams of 24 people each time is just too high of a bar. I think it would be fine if everyone got together as an event once in a while, but that focus on victory or defeat isn't suitable for large scale PvP. This is mostly because FFXIV is a game with both PvP and PvE. If it was just PvP, of course we'd do it.

    Do you have any thought about making, for example, 8 vs 8 Rival Wings content?

    Yoshida: We have no plans for that either. With the added responsibility of having less players involved, I think the fun of it would all but disappear. I think players enjoy it because it's not just about battle, but there are other roles to participate in.

    Submarines will be easier to make than airships!

    We'd like to ask a bit about submarine voyages. Will it be similar to the airship explorations?

    Yoshida: Yeah. However, in terms of ease of making it, we've made it easier than with the airship. We've got quite a lot of players now, but airship voyages never really became mainstream, and I think there are a lot of players who haven't touched them since they hit level 70. We'll be making it easier to get involved this time around. Naturally there will be different explorations to search for different things, but you should just think of it as an update. It should greatly expand company crafting and the exploration series.

    Do you have anything planned for the submarines like the sky island voyages?

    Yoshida: No, nothing for now.

    By the way, what will be available?

    Yoshida: As usual, please explore and find out. There are minions you can only obtain through here. It's reasonable to expect it will be similar to the airships.

    The automaton will be steering again. He's pretty awesome, he can pilot anything.

    Yoshida: They're quite versatile... for us anyway (laughs).

    The story for the future will be announecd in the Fan Festivals

    The schedule for the Fan Festivals has been announced. Does that mean you'll be making announcements earlier, including taking hotel reservations?

    Yoshida: Yeah. By the time we're in Las Vegas in November, it'll be a year after its announcement. Americans decide the timing for their vacations quite far in advance, so we tried to make the annoucement early so people can get airline tickets and hotels earlier.

    November of this year will be here sooner than you think. Will information about the next expansion pack be announced there?

    Yoshida: I don't know... (laughs). I'm sure I'll give a keynote speech discussing the future of FFXIV. The content of that might be about an expansion... or the announcement of patch 4.8! (laughs)

    Well, everyone expects it.

    Yoshida: Well certainly I can say honestly that I'm already working on making the next expansion (laughs). As for the expansion, of course I'm the first one to get to work on it, so it's all very rough (laughs).

    Are you already divided with a team for the expansion and one for 4.0 now?

    Yoshida: In FFXIV, we don't have separate development lines for the expansions and the patches. After talking to the World of Warcraft team, I thought we might decide to do so, but I couldn't figure out a good way of dividing the team up, so we decided to continue on this road. The speed of creating graphical resources is different, so it should be quite different.

    So the development of the expansion happens in the free time?

    Yoshida: It depends on which group of staff, but when we released 4.0, we decided on how to do the next expansion and on the general outline. We develop the content and the updates in parallel with milestones through the end of the 4.X series reviewed by the leaders of all of the teams, and sometimes things will get moved around.

    Beyond that, between me and the scenario team, we decided on the framework for the next expansion during the development of patch 4.1. After that, I worked together with the management team to allocate the work. Since the plan for the patch series has already been fleshed out, my job with the patches is mainly to confirm the detailed specs for each patch and to play check. For the rest of the time it's to look at maps, confirm layouts, and order the artwork for each location.

    And now the development work is in full swing.

    Yoshida: We're at the point just before the large scale effort begins. We're deciding what we'll need, and in parallel with the patch work, each section will work on it little by little at their convenience. Everything will become more focused on the expansion and the pace will pick up.

    The Japan festival will be in March, but I'm looking forward to the fact that the venue will be twice the size.

    Yoshida: I actually wanted to hold it in December 2018....

    But you couldn't get it set up?

    Yoshida: We couldn't work it out. Despite looking for venues a year and a half before the event date, we couldn't get the schedule and location to work out.

    Did you consider holding it in Osaka?

    Yoshida: We thought about Osaka. However, the schedule didn't suit it for the size this time. If we go into something like a dome, the scale gets too huge and it will be out of hand. It was hard to find a good location.

    When will you be announcing the details like the admission fee, etc.?

    Yoshida: We're waiting on information from each region. The next phase will be the global online producer, who is the general director of the Fan Festivals, flying to each site and summarizing the plans.

    It seems like there will be a battle for tickets once again.

    Yoshida: Well, from the administrative side of things it's a pleasure to see that, but I can see how it would be stressful for players. It would be great if everyone who wanted to come could come, but the scale becomes really challenging. We want those who show up to feel like they want to participate again in the future.

    This August, A Realm Reborn will be five years old, and it will be eight years since the original release, yet we're still getting a lot of new players, and a lot of players who think FFXIV keeps getting better after each large scale implementation. We'd like to plan something as part of that. There are warriors of light in Japan and all over the world, so it's become easier to organize and plan various things.

    Please give us a closing message for the fans.

    Yoshida: In 2017, we implemented a new expansion that saw many new and returning players. After four years of service, last year was both our most profitable year, and our largest improvement yet, with everyone's support.

    We'd like to make another leap forward this year, while saving strength for the future and really do something different and interesting with FFXIV. Not just with patches, but also with FFXIV content events, I think this will be a year that players can enjoy activities inside and outside the game. We'll be starting this all off with patch 4.2 that will release on January 30.

    I think the way things develop will be quite unpredictable based on past events, and there will be a lot of surprises, so I'd like everyone to check it out and discuss what might be coming next. There's a great variety of content this time, so please enjoy it.

    Thank you very much!

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    You were cold as ice.

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    FFXIV Server

    Hah, nice work as usual Slycer-bro.

    The Eureka zone sounds interesting because of FFXI-like nostalgia, but I'ma remain skeptical on it, due to experiences with Diadem.

    The idea of people losing experience and possibly de-leveling like in FFXI is maximum hilarity, however.

    Never forget.

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    a p. sweet dude
    Pens win! Pens Win!!! PENS WIN!!!!!

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    Jul 2010
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    I expect minor potency changes to MNK and nothing else, just like every other MNK adjustment.

    The PLD nerfs will be lame but oh well.

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    The Defense is ready, Your Honor
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    Honestly I'm just happy they're considering to delete protect.

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    I'd love it if they re-replaced Protect with Stoneskin, and just made it AOE if it's out of battle.

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    I'd rather see Protect changed to work like its PvP counterpart honestly, removing it outright is just lazy. Especially because they'd probably replace it with a useless skill...

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    Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain
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    Shitty dude reading shitty internet forum on youtube

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    At least it keeps the xiv traffic low?

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