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    FFRK - The Dragonsong War: Dreams of Ice (XIV) Event & Strategies

    Keep in mind I left XIV during Heavensward...so my meme game may not be on point here.

    Spoiler: show
    Hildebrand Tax:

    "I am neither a saint nor a savior - just another sinner. Yet I will not forsake this cause. I cannot. I will see this cycle broken and peace restored." - Ysayle
    "A knight lives to serve - to aid those in need." - Haurchefant
    "Tis not for praise that we fight!" - Estinen

    Ysayle came to learn of the nature of the Echo and her visions as she resolved to restore the peace between her people and the dragons so no child would suffer as she did. Under the name of Lady Iceheart, she gained a following of heretics dedicated to Saint Shiva that became active throughout Coerthas during the Seventh Astral Era.

    Haurchefant is the illegitimate son of Count Edmont de Fortemps. Though Haurchefant grew up in his father's household and was close with his father, as an illegitimate child, his relationship with his step-mother was strained. It was outside of a party at Fortemps manor, which the countess had banned him from attending, that Haurchefant met Francel de Haillenarte at the age of twelve. Five years later, Haurchefant rescues Francel from a trio of kidnappers while wielding only a knife and using his bare forearm to block an arrow. It was in performing this act of bravery that the young Elezen earned his knighthood.

    Twenty years ago, born in the town of Ferndale, Estinien lost his family to Nidhogg's flames and resolved to become an Azure Dragoon to avenge them. He was taken in by Ser Alberic Bale, who felt guilty for the boy's loss as he relinquished being the Azure Dragoon prior out of fear of losing himself during his battle with Nidhogg.

    Estinien trained as a Dragoon, serving in the Temple Knights alongside Aymeric de Borel, before being named the current Azure Dragoon.

    Event Start Date: February 7
    Event Bonus Battle: February 11
    Event End Date: February 17

    All information is taken from a mixture of Reddit/Spreadsheets/Kongpakbao Site and my own obviously expert analysis.

    Much info for the event comes from this site: https://www.reddit.com/r/FFRecordKee...z1&sh=c8b29cee

    Though the information provided is used as a guideline and not always taken directly from the thread. When necessary, additional thoughts on Cid Missions and battle strategies are added.

    Notable Rewards:
    Halonic Inquisitor's Ring: Def+15 and HP + 500

    New Characters Acquired:
    Ysayle - Black Magic 5, Summon 5, Whitch 5
    Haurchefant - White Magic 4, Combat 4, Support 4, Knight 5
    Estinien - Combat 5, Celerity 4, Dragoon 5, Darkness 5

    Dress Spheres Acquired:

    Old Characters Acquired:
    Cid Garlond - I miss the days when I could write "Teeth" and people would know whats up.

    New Memory Crystals:
    Ysayle MC1/MC2
    Haurchefant MC1/MC2
    Estinien MC1/MC2

    Old Memory Crystals
    Alphinaud MC1/MC2
    Cid MC1/MC2

    New Record Materia:
    • Ysayle RM1: Gain a small bonus to magic and attack.
    • Ysayle RM2: Deal moderately more ice elemental damage.
    • Ysayle RM3: 'Attack' becomes a ST ice magic attack that deals moderate damage.
    • Haurchefant RM1: Deal slightly more damage with Knight abilities.
    • Haurchefant RM2: Gain a moderate amount of Def with a shield equipped.
    • Haurchefant RM3: Gain a moderate amount of Def and Res with a shield equipped.
    • Estinien RM1: Deal slightly more damage with a spear equipped.
    • Estinien RM2: Deal moderately more damage with Jump attacks.
    • Estinien RM3: Deal much more damage with Dragoon attacks.\

    New Record Sphere
    Ysayle: Black Magic 9%, Ice element 3%
    Haurchefant: Knight 9%, Sword 3%
    Estinien: Dragoon 9%, Speak 3%

    New Legend Materia
    • Alphinaud "Renewed Determination": Small Summoning damage up.
    • Alphinaud "Saviour's Tactician": Medium chance to double cast Summoning abilities.
    • Cid Garlond "Allag's Wisdom": Small Machinist damage up.
    • Cid Garlond "Soaring Technician": Medium chance to double cast Machinist abilities.
    • Ysayle "Heart of a Saint": Small Ice damage up.
    • Ysayle "Primal Summoner Maiden": Medium chance to gain Quickcast 3 when using Ice abilities.
    • Haurchefant "Silver-haired Swordsman": Small Knight damage up.
    • Haurchefant "Proud Hero": Once per battle when critical HP, self full heal and gain Last Stand + HP Stock 2000.
    • Estinien "Vengeful Determination": Small Dragoon damage up.
    • Estinien "The Azure Dragoon": Medium chance to gain Quickcast 3 when using Dragoon abilities.

    Overall, a pretty substantive dive update for the XIV crew. Alphinaud's in particular is the new summoning powerhouse between BSB and USB. Also to note, Haurchefant's dive gives him pretty damn close to 2 built in Last Stands.

    Cid Missions
    • Beat 凶++ 'Footprints on the Snow' with a party consisting of only FFXIV synergy characters.

    We're kind of in a little bit of unmarked territory for global right now in terms of scheduling.

    DeNa seems to have us in the woods a little bit, so not only is our 6 month gift of foresight a little clouded right now - they then toss banners like Dissidia 2 in the mix and make us forget we have 3rd anniversary in a month.

    Overall, unless you really want Alphinaud stuff for his damage output nothing here is game-changing and the best will show up again.

    Keep in mind if you're pulling for lack of XIV synergy to complete the CM here...you're better off waiting or going for banner 2. Fire is the element of choice this event, and B1 is 'The Hangover' with wind/dark.

    Banner 1:

    Haurchefant kind of lives up to his meme status as Harchebro. Along with that, he functions a lot like Pecil but with a slightly more support/healer tint. His USB entry is Def/Res +100%, Mnd +50%, HP Stock 6k and his 'Cover Mode" is what you finally expect from a true Cover mechanic in FFRK: If Haurchefant is on the front lines, he 100% will take any Blk/Wht/Sum/Blu/Phy hit for backline characters at 50% damage.

    His BSB is Celes' holy/ice mix but adds in an Agrias Atk/Mag -50% debuff. His commands are copying Minfillia's though, with C1 offering 2x holy/ice + Power PD and C2 Magic BD. His SSB is 8x ST hits of holy/ice damage with a party medica.

    Estinien carries the wind/dark motif, with his USB entry packing en-wind, a self Atk/Def boost, 10x wind/dark jump hits, and a Dragoon Cycle cast speed boost of 2x.

    His BSB entry is a normal ST wind/dark + en-wind entry, but his commands do have a toggle. C1 off is 3 charges of Dragoon ability boost and toggles on, while C2 is 4x ST wind/dark jump damage. C1 on is 2x ST wind/dark, 4x instant jump charges, and toggle off while C2 adds an extra hit. Important to note that his C1 while off is a NAT, and a Jump when on...so you're better off spamming other jump attacks instead of burst commands.

    His SSB is Stoneskin 30% and Crit Fix 50%.

    Returning highlights of the banner are Alphinaud's USB and BSB and Tits McGee's USB and BSB.

    Banner 2:

    Shiva Incarnate can best describe Ysayle. She functions pretty close to an ice element Ashe.

    Most importantly, for pullers here, ICE ELEMENT BOOM STICK!

    Her USB entry though is solid: 10x ice/non with en-ice, Mag/Res buff, and 'Ice Brand' chase. Similar to what we saw in I think the X event, Ysayle will chase ice element abilities with a 2-6 hit Black Magic attack based on the rarity of the ability used.

    Her BSB entry is a rare AoE imperil ice. Unique to her so far is the addition of a self Allegro Con Moto buff on her C1, which also hits 4x ST with ice/non damage and C2 is the standard 2x AoE hit with Mag/Def bargain. Her SSB is a ST ice/non attack with party medica.

    Cid's USB offering is 10x ranged fire/non paired with en-fire, 2x cast speed for 15s, and an exit damage hit of "Wildfire". Wildfire will deal 7 hits of damage equal to ~4% of Machinist damage done during the 15 seconds. His imperil earth BSB also returns.

    Yda has her USB and BSB show up again, Potato has his OSB and BSB, and Yshtola does not tarnish B2 with her USB - offering her BSB instead.

    Legend Materias:
    • Banner 1 - Estinien: Begin fight with en-wind.
    • Banner 1 - Alphinaud: Begin fight with en-wind.
    • Banner 1 - Minfilia: Stat buff duration +30%.
    • Banner 2 - Ysayle: 20% chance to imperil ice when using ice elemental abilities.
    • Banner 2 - Cid: Deals 25% more Machinist damage with a gun equipped.
    • Banner 2 - Yshtola: 30% chance for ST White Magic heals to carry Esuna.

    Relic Discussion

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    Bonus Battles
    Ifrit Bleeds, We Can Kill It
    Ifrit (w/ Infernal Nail)
    HP: Ifrit: 130,000 - Infernal Nail: 40,000
    Target Score:
    • Defeat Ifrit without being KO'ed.
    Weak: None
    Absorb: None
    Resist: None
    Null: None
    Status Vulnerabilities: None

    Notes: At 40%, Ifrit will spawn an Infernal Nail. You need to kill the nail in 5 turns or face Hellfire.

    Mixed attacks, so don't neglect anything too much. He has more magical options than physical ones though.

    In For Garuda Awakening ++
    Garuda (w/ Razor Plume)
    HP: Garuda: 160,000 - Plume: 4,000
    Target Score:
    • Defeat Garuda without being KO'ed.
    Weak: None
    Absorb: None
    Resist: None
    Null: None
    Status Vulnerabilities: None

    Notes: Crank that soundtrack to 100. Best damn song in XIV.

    Mixed offense, so don't neglect anything inparticular. At certain HP thresholds, Garuda will spawn 2 plumes. Unless you take the plumes out, they will deal an AoE magic attack and increase the power of Feather Lance later in the fight.

    In A Titan Spot+++
    HP: 200,000
    Target Score:
    • Defeat Titan without being KO'ed.
    Weak: None
    Absorbs: None
    Resists: None
    Null: None
    Vulnerabilities: None

    Notes: Mute that soundtrack hardcore. Worst damn song in XIV.

    The theme of this XIV event is "mixed offense, don't neglect anything".

    At around 40%, Titan's heart will become exposed. If the heart isn't destroyed in 5 turns you'll face a potent AoE hit and Titan will deal more damage for the remainder of the fight.

    The good news is that Titan's heart is not a separate target.

    Ultimate + Apocalypse Battles
    Eternal Sleep
    Tioman (w/ Wing)
    HP: Tioman: 260,000 - Wing: 80,000
    Target Score:
    • Exploit Tioman's weakness to wind attacks.
    Weak: wind
    Absorbs: None
    Resists: None
    Null: None
    Vulnerabilities: None

    Notes: Only a token physical hit, so you can leave Protect and Power BD at home.

    At 50%, Tioman gains immunity and the Wing will spawn. The Wing will use Dark Star every 4th turn, which carries imperil dark along with it.

    Footprings in the Snow
    凶Shiva (w/ Ice Soldier)
    HP: Shiva: 300,000 - Ice Soldier: 30,000
    Target Score:
    • Exploit Shiva's weakness to fire attacks.
    Weak: Shiva: Fire
    Absorbs: Ice
    Resist: None
    Null: None
    Vulnerabilities: None

    Moveset (Shiva):
    Attack (NAT: ST 110% physical)
    Attack (NAT: RT 188% physical, 2 hits)

    (Staff/Sword only) Attack (NAT: ST 188% physical)

    (Staff only) Hailstorm (NAT: 3T 342% magical ice)
    (Staff only) Icicle Drop (NAT: AOE 294% magical ice)

    (Sword only) Heavenly Strike (NAT: AOE 278% ranged physical ice)
    (Sword only) Icebrand (NAT: 2T 344% physical ice)
    (Sword only) Glacier Bash (PHY: ST 266% physical, 30,000% chance to Stun)

    (Weak only) Diamond Dust (NAT: AOE 246%|390%|10,000% piercing0.55 overflow magical ice, bypasses magic blink)

    (V Weak Staff only) Absolute Zero (NAT: AOE 342% magical ice)
    (V Weak Staff only) 凶 Icicle Drop (NAT: AOE 294% piercing0.5 magical ice)

    Moveset (Ice Soldiers):
    Attack (PHY: ST 110% physical)
    Attack (NAT: ST 188% physical)

    Notes: First and foremost, you'll want both types of mitigation here. There are about 10 different pairings between mode (sword/staff) and phase, so she can change up damage a lot.

    Aside from all the phase and mode shifts, it is a straightforward fight. Just mitigate both forms of damage and hack away.

    Also, If you can swing Valigarmanda or other AoE magic options, its suggested to take out both soldiers. Icicle Drop's multiplier depends on the number of soldiers alive - ignoring them will greet you with a 99,999 dmg party wipe.

    Cid Mission: Potato and Yda are the stars here, Thrancred can come along too I guess. XIV is heavy in the fire department, and these three can pack it in - and quickly too.

    Ysayle, if you want to egg her, could pack Vali for you to help clear out the soldiers.

    ??? (Apoc +)
    滅Ravana (w/Spirit and Moon Gana)
    HP: Ravana: 470,000 - Spirit Gana: 20,000 - Moon Gana: 40,000
    Target Score:
    • Reduce Ravana's attack.
    Weak: Ice
    Absorbs: None
    Resist: None
    Null: None
    Vulnerabilities: Both Gana's: Slow

    Moveset (Ravana):
    (Phase 1 only) Attack (PHY: ST 110% physical)

    (Phase 1, 3, 6 only) Budoken Flash (NAT: 3T 300% physical)
    (Phase 1, 3, 6 only) Revenge (NAT: Self enter Counter Mode)

    (Counter Mode only) Counter (100% response to physical attacks; PHY: ST 188% physical)

    (Phase 1 Counter, 3, 3 Counter, 6 only) Attack (PHY: ST 188% physical)

    (Phase 2, 5 only) Prelude to Slaughter (NAT: AOE 164% ranged physical, 3 hits)
    (Phase 2, 5 only) Slaughter (NAT: AOE 202% ranged physical, 3 hits)

    (Phase 3, 6 only) Devil Wujin (NAT: 3RT 253% physical, 2 hits)

    (Phase 3 only) Chandrahas (NAT: AOE 253%|394%|10,000% piercing0.5 physical)

    (Phase 4 only) Impact Shock (NAT: AOE 278% ranged physical)
    (Phase 4 only) Armor-Piercing Shot (NAT: 2T 240% ranged physical)
    (Phase 4 only) Battle Gun (NAT: 2T 240% ranged physical)
    (Phase 4 only) Fighting Bullet (NAT: RT 337% ranged physical, 3 hits)

    (Phase 5 only) Fierce Flame [Sudden] (NAT: RT 275% ranged physical, 4 hits + AOE 300% physical)

    (Phase 6 only) Art Maringa (NAT: AOE 316% ranged physical)

    Notes: Only a physical fight, so leave the magical stuff at home.

    Ravana changes its form for the first time after reaching 85% HP. After that, it relies on a turn count and cycles through phases 4-6 if you let it live long enough.

    Much like Garuda, Ravana will spawn Ganas at certain points during each turn. If they are not defeated within 2 turns, they despawn and increase the damage of 'Chandrahas' up to a 10,000 potency piercing attack pending on how many Gana were left alive.

    Simply put, when they butterflies spawn AoE them all to hell as quickly as possible. You don't want this fight dragging out for long.

    There are a few piercing attacks aside from Chandrahas, so stack some attack breaks if at all possible.

    Jump Start Notes: No changes from Apoc version.

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    Iirc Dreams of Ice was the title of patch 2.4, which introduced Lady Iceheart (Ysayle and ASOIF reference) and the Shiva Fight, so nice touch by Dena.

    Also I too left during Heavensward and had to look up who these guys were 6 months ago lol.

    Edit: GG Dena at using HM quest names for the 2.0 primals.

    Edit2: I strongly disagree Kirin, Titan theme is best primal theme, such a good tune when dealing with butt clenching landslides (esp with 10 fps....). Garuda and Shiva and Ravana are also amazing songs, best part of XIV is how well the themes match the primals.

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