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    FFRK - Dream Meets Despair (X) Event & Strategies

    A moment of silence for the 3th Anniversary:

    Spoiler: show

    "I knew you were bad news the first time we met!" - Tidus
    "You should thank me! Your death means your father's life!" - Seymour

    At Macalania Temple the pilgrimage discovers from Jyscal's sphere that Seymour had killed his father to gain the title of Maester, and Yuna had planned to marry Seymour with the condition he will turn himself in. As they confront Seymour they are forced into battle and Seymour is killed.

    Before Yuna can perform a sending, his body is taken away by his aide Tromell who brands them traitors for killing a Maester. Before the Guado can apprehend Tidus and the others, Sin—that had been resting under the frozen lake listening to the "Hymn of the Fayth" emanating from the temple—whisks them away, and they are washed up in the deserts of Bikanel Island.

    Event Start Date: April 12
    Event Bonus Battle: April 15
    Event End Date: April 22

    All information is taken from a mixture of Reddit/Spreadsheets and my own obviously expert analysis.

    Much info for the event comes from this thread and its related links: https://www.reddit.com/r/FFRecordKee...50&sh=4a97287d

    Though the information provided is used as a guideline and not always taken directly from the thread. When necessary, additional thoughts on Cid Missions and battle strategies are added.

    Notable Rewards:

    "Notable". Lunar Curtain: Accessory 5* - 30 Resistance.

    Warring Frost: 5* Samurai - NE/Ice/Lightning.
    - 4x ST ice physical damage with increased critical rate when user has Retaliate.

    Cold Moon: 5* Samurai - NE/Ice/Lightning
    - 2x ST ice physical damage. Grants the user Retaliate.

    Kind of sad that Auron doesn't even get anything new or have his character/MC on a FFX event introducing samurai abilities that a character from FFXI makes the better use of.

    New Characters Acquired:

    Dress Spheres Acquired:

    Old Characters Acquired:

    New Memory Crystals:

    Old Memory Crystals
    Tidus MC1/MC2
    Yuna MC1/MC2
    Rikku MC1/MC2
    Seymour MC1/MC2
    Paine MC1/MC2

    New Record Materia:

    Noone Added:

    New Record Dive
    Your aeons vs mine!

    New Legend Materia
    • Seymouuuuur!

    Cid Missions
    • Beat '凶++ Valefor' with a party consisting of only FFX synergy characters.


    3rd Anniversary is over, and the 3th Anniversary is just beginning.

    Kind of a good breather banner, tbh. Not anything game breaking, amazing, or character making. If you have favorites here, chances are you already have stuff for them. If you don't have favorites here, chances are you're passing.

    On the plus side, this event does serve to add Yuna into the "why does X unit get Y stat on her mastery" discussion with OK and Tyro. Confusion much?


    In comparing the next FFX event (whch is only 1 banner), neither one is really exciting. You have a better shot at elemental+ gear next event, but it is mostly for 2 +fire armors, 1 +fire katana, and Rikku's +water knuckles.

    The draw here is honestly banner 2. But nothing really jumps out in this event except for Seymour's CSB and Rikku's all in one water imperil USB.

    Ultra EX/Chase Type Glossary:
    Spoiler: show
    Stay tuned, going to actually finish this for this event.

    Please be excited.

    Banner 1:

    Tidus gains an Arcane, but without a +element boost on the weapon. Standard 19 ST hit and then 1x overflow hit. Upside is that its ranged damage. His Glint is also the standard instant water en-element stacking. His BSB2 taps in to round out his offering.

    Yuna packs a USB that explores the summoner side of her kit. A rare holy/wind 10x ST summon entry pairs a Summon ability boost with "Final Summoning" EX mode - granting and extra 30% Mag and 'Sonic Ray' summong ability chase of 5x holy/wind/non summon damage. It also grants Smart Ether 2 upon the EX mode wearing off.

    Her healing USB and apology BSB2 return as well.

    Rikku offers a true USB upgrade to her ancient BSB, packing 10x ranged water/non damage with imperil-water and "Aqua Toxin" chase - a 2hit water/non Machinist strike with a 35% chance at a minor imperil-water proc triggered by water element abilities.

    She also gains a new BSB, giving her a native en-water on entry 8x ST water/non hits. Her commands are decent enough, with C1 pairing a shortened CT and 4x ST Machinist water/non hits while C2 is Steal Power 50% with 2 hits of water/non ranged damage. She actually becomes a strong physical debuffer having access to Mug Bloodlust as well.

    Paine needed a damage update to her previous utility laden BSB, and she got it. Whelmen grants 8 hits of water/non entry with en-water. The commands are common for Spellblades, but C1 is the standard ST water/non 4x damage with C2 being 3 hits and granting Spellblade ability boost of 15% for 3 turns.

    Lulu's BSB ends the relics available here.

    Banner 2:

    Seymour CSB! Though he actually has a new USB to show off. 10x ST dark/non damage, grans en-dark, self Mag/Res30%, and a chase ability "Overwhelming" - your standark rank chase of 2-6 hits ST dark/non Black Magic damage triggered by dark element abilities.

    Both of Seymour's BSB's return as well. BSB1 is pretty dated, but BSB2 can dish out some damage at the risk of HP Bargain.

    The rest of the banner is reruns.

    Jecht: USB, BSB
    Auron: BSB2 (the good one)
    Paine: USB
    Braska: BSB

    Legend Materias:
    • Banner 1 - Yuna: Small chance to double cast Summon abilities.
    • Banner 1 - Yuna: Small chance to double cast White Magic abilities.
    • Banner 1 - Tidus: Begin battle with en-water.
    • Banner 1 - Rikku: Moderate chance to gain Fastcast 1x when using Machinist abilities.

    • Banner 2 - Seymour: Small chance to doublecast dark element abilities.
    • Banner 2 - Jecht: Begin battle with en-dark.
    • Banner 2 - Auron: Atk boost hit buildup - Atk+3% -> 35%.
    • Banner 2 - Braska: Begin battle with en-fire.
    • Banner 2 - Paine: Atk boost Spellblade hit buildup - Atk+2% -> 34%.

    Relic Discussion

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    Bonus Battles
    HP: ???
    Target Score:

    Weak: None
    Absorb: None
    Resist: None
    Null: None
    Status Vulnerabilities: None

    Notes: There is a gap of available information here, as KBP stopped doing the information, Reddit's old miner for JP in Zurai couldn't provide data, and Spirialis on Reddit didn't take over for a few events...so were waiting on Murphy for the AI mine.

    Ultimate + Apocalypse Battles
    HP: ???
    Target Score:
    • Exploit the Sandworm's weakness to water attacks.

    Weak: Ice, Water
    Absorb: None
    Resist: None
    Null: None
    Status Vulnerabilities: Poison

    Notes: Mixed bag, but the plus side is that the elemental damage is all earth element.

    Upon phase shifts, the Sandworm will swallow a random character and they will unable to act until you hit the Sandworm with a ice/water attack. Sandworm will then use regurgigate, afflict the swallowed unit with auto-hit Slow, and cause some damage.

    Valefor +
    HP: ???
    Target Score:
    • Reduce Valefor's magic.

    Weak: Dark
    Absorbs: None
    Resists: None
    Null: None
    Vulnerabilities: None



    Notes: Like the source material, Valefor isn't necessarily hard but you do have to mind it's ability to inflict Slow - both chance and auto-hit varieties along with the incoming damage.

    You will also want mixed mitigation as it can hit with both physical and magical damage.

    Astra and slow resist may be your best bet for status options...or save a hastega for the auto-hit slow.

    Cid Mission: Dark damage is pretty common for X realm, so that shouldn't be an issue. Jecht and Seymour both have potent Darkness school options.

    Rikku and Kimahri can provide good support utility if you have any of their SB's, as they tend to play the buff/debuff game more often than not.

    Not a difficult fight if you can manage the auto-hit Slow.

    Bahamut (Apoc +)
    HP: ???
    Target Score:
    • Defeat Bahamut before it uses Ultimate Megaflare 3 times.

    Weak: None
    Absorbs: None
    Resist: None
    Null: None
    Vulnerabilities: None

    Moveset (No Barriers):


    Notes: Mostly magic based sans a physical counter just strong enough to not ignore repeated RNG of it going off...but most of those attacks pierce their respective stat and there are a few gravity abilities to worry about as well.

    You can by pass the counter damage by putting a mage party in the front row - as magic attacks trigger the counter to target back row characters only. The physical counter ignored defense on the front row.

    More fun - as there as two scripted normal dispels to worry about on phase changes. Both times are paired with gravity damage. Gravity not hitting does not negate the dispel.

    Finally, Bahamut can use Fire/Ice/Lightning AND Water elemental attacks. Only use Gigas Armlets if you have a water resist on a dive or have a water resist armor also available (Paines BSB1).

    Jump Start Notes: No changes from the A+ version.

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    I choose to believe this title intentionally references the Sandman comics

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    Did I hear.......Dark CSB?!?

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    wow, poor Bahamut never stood a chance... and Jumpstart Bahamut, couldn't do any damage to my team...

    99 Paine - Engulfing Quadstrike, Lifesiphon - USB - Spellblade Master
    99 Tyro - Crushing Tango, Enfeebling Jitterbug - Dr Mog - BSB
    99 Tidus - Sapphire Shot, Lifesiphon - Truthseeker - CSB, USB
    99 Yuna - Curada, Pro - BSB2 - Healer's Prayer II
    99 Rikku - Mug Bloodlust, Blue Deep - USB - No Chicken Wuss

    ...guess no reason to be pulling on X banners for a while, Tyro BSB ate every thing bahamut threw at us, managed to get hit by one AOE between both battles.

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