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    I think loot boxes would also get more hate too because you're basically gambling. Paying for DLC that's already part of the game or cosmetic, you can simply not buy it if you feel strongly enough about it.

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    IIRC DMC4SE added a similar cash shop option to skip standard progression, but didn't alter the original droprates for orbs & etc.. if DMC5 operates identically i see nothing wrong with it, i would never spend for standard unlocks (i'm happy to grind stages because i'm bad and want perfect scores but can't SSS on the first attempt) but i wouldn't begrudge anyone for doing so.

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    DMC5 red orb rate is already high as fuck, I can't see any reason you'd want to spend money on orbs aside from just throwing money away. If they had nerfed the rate it would've been an issue but it's not.

    With the correct setup you can easily farm 800k-1mil red orbs in about 5 minutes depending on luck, but even without that you're still earning on average 10-50k orbs as a mission bonus on top of what you get in stage so...

    What's the issue again?

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    Bloody Palace is out

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