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    What's worse is

    Spoilers for manga below
    Spoiler: show
    When we reach the point where Goblin Slayer has to defend a farm on an open plain against a proper goblin horde and needs to appeal to the entire guild for help (including several other Silver ranked adventurers who they absolutely needed to win the fight), the Guild decides to subsidize the quest at an exorbitant rate (1GP per goblin head) to get people to participate.

    If the Guild is holding on to a large enough gold reserve to pull out all the stops like this, why aren't they subsidizing Goblin kill quests? The whole rationale for their low value in-universe is that the people who are most at risk are poor and unable to offer a substantial bounty for clearing goblin nests. All they'd have to do is offer a couple extra GP out of the guild coffers for each quest to be financially viable for more experienced parties. Tax higher ranking quests and redistribute the wealth to fund goblin extermination. It's like civilization 101.

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    GS so far isn't anywhere near as good as the manga. They're cutting so much out. And why the fuck is GS the only CG character...

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