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    FFRK - Pawns of Evil (IV) Event & Strategies

    I have a feeling Decil and Golbez would make a good Deadpool style comic.

    Spoiler: show

    "Befuddled by a woman? You pitiful wretch!" - Golbez

    "I've betrayed no one, Barbariccia. I've simply come to my senses." - Kain

    Theodor was born to Kluya and Cecilia, making him a half-Lunarian. While growing up, he always wondered why his father was fascinated by the moon and was unaware of his father's origins. His father would not tell him until he had mastered the arts of magic. Theodor boasted he can cast magic, but when his father asked if he has even mastered the Cure spell, he admitted he couldn't cast it. When Theodor returned home he saw his mother collapsed on the floor. She told him she was alright, and that she is just tired from carrying her next child. Excited about having a sibling, Theodor went to bed.

    Later, Kluya was attacked by the very magic he had taught to humans. When Kluya wondered if it was right to teach the people of Earth magic, Theodor assured it was, comforting his father in his final moments. As Kluya passed on, Theodor tried to cast Cure on him, but was unable to. The villagers took care of Theodor and Cecilia, but when Cecilia gave birth she died in labor. Shortly after the children were left alone in their house.

    Theodor heard a voice telling him the baby was responsible for taking his mother and father away from him, and that he was worthless for letting it happen. The voice told him he was "an insect birthed from womb of dragon's corpse", and declared his new name was Golbez. Controlled by the voice and filled with hatred towards his brother, Golbez left him outside of the town of Baron. The infant grew to become Golbez's brother, Cecil Harvey.

    The voice was Zemus who taunted and shamed Golbez into fleeing civilization. Combined with Golbez's Lunarian blood and his hatred of his younger brother, Zemus influenced his mind and took control of him. Golbez lost many of his memories and began to gather the Crystals to summon the Giant of Babil that would depopulate the planet so that the Lunarians, presumably under Zemus's control or command, could live there rather than stay in stasis inside the moon.

    Event Start Date: October 4
    Event Bonus Battle: October 7
    Event End Date: October 17

    All information is taken from a mixture of Reddit/Spreadsheets and my own obviously expert analysis.

    Much info for the event comes from this thread and its related links: https://www.reddit.com/r/FFRecordKee...tz&sh=5c39ca02

    Though the information provided is used as a guideline and not always taken directly from the thread. When necessary, additional thoughts on Cid Missions and battle strategies are added.

    Notable Rewards:

    Yang's Earring - Accessory 5*: Moderate Paralyze and Stun resist.

    New Characters Acquired:

    Ever wonder whats under Rubicante's cloak?

    Dress Spheres Acquired:

    I mean...really. He never takes that thing off.

    Old Characters Acquired:


    New Memory Crystals:

    We have his cloak drop, two or three times already.

    Old Memory Crystals:

    Kain MC1/2
    Yang MC1/2
    Golbez MC1/2
    Cid MC1/2

    New Record Materia:


    New Record Dive

    Yang: Monk +9%
    Cid: Lightning +9%

    New Legend Materia:

    Spoiler: show
    • Small Monk damage up.
    • Moderate chance to w-cast Monk abilities.

    • Small lightning damage up.
    • Moderate chance to minor imperil lightning when using lightning abilities.

    Acolyte Archives
    • Beat 'Fabul Castle' with only Kain in the party.
    • Beat 'The Oarsman 凶++' with a party consisting of FF IV synergy characters.
    • Beat 'Clad in Black 滅++' with a party consisting of FF IV synergy characters.

    Balance Changes

    This may be a good guess.

    Spoiler: show


    No Pecil, and no Rosa. What kind of IV banner is this?

    Not terrible, but it is vastly overshadowed by the next IV event - especially Banner 2.

    Yang benefits the most from new tech, specifically a magicite tailored USB and Golbez enters with the magic focused dark 2.0 chain.

    Not much in the way of +element gear either, but Kain adds a +lightning spear on his AOSB.

    Future Event Banner Comparison:


    I wasn't kidding when I said B2 of the next event was stacked.

    Rosa USB
    Decil Arcane, USB, Glint and both LMR.
    Palom utility USB
    Rydia USB2

    B1 packs reruns of Yang and his daughter, with Pecil there for good measure.

    No chain, but B2 of the next event is golden and is honestly one of the most stacked banners we may see before 4th Anniversary.

    Element Boosts:
    Spoiler: show
    Banner 1:
    • Lightning: Kain AOSB,

    Banner 2:
    • Wind: Barbariccia USB
    • Dark: Decil AOSB

    Ultra EX/Chase Type Glossary:
    Spoiler: show
    Rules of thumb:
    1. Stat buffs from the EX mode have a unique ID and will stack with everything.
    2. Many USB’s come with a built in class damage boost. These are separate from the iteration class boosts and do stack.
    3. EX modes last 15 seconds, while buffs provided by the USB entry last 25 seconds. (Terra is an exception, with her EX Mode lasting 25 seconds).

    Special Effects:
    • General Boost: These can be anything specifically tied to the EX Mode - HP Stock, Crit Fix, Cast Speed, Element Boost, Stat buffs, and even Break Damage Limit. This will stack with every other buff on the user, including other EX Modes.
    • Rank Boost: This provides a damage boost scaling with the rank of the ability used. The boost starts out at ~5% for R1 increasing to ~30% for R5+.
    • Class Boost: This provides a flat damage boost for a specific class of abilities (Knight, Black Magic, etc). Generally weaker than the Rank Boost at ~15-20%, but applies to all abilities under that class - including Burst commands.
    • Chase: Follow up attack(s) triggered by using abilities of a specific element or school while under the EX Mode. The number of these chase attacks can be random, reliant on the rank of the ability used (Rank Chase), status of the user (Status Chase), or increase in number as the trigger ability is used (Echo Chase).
    • Cycle: Unit receives a quickcast or instacast charge when using abilities tied to a specific element or school – generally meant to be used in repetition for maximum effect.
    • Build Up: A gradient damage boost toward a specific ability school based on the number of ability uses from the start of the battle to when the EX mode is applied. This buff is not tied to EX mode duration, and will persist whenever the EX mode is active.
    • Wind Up/Finisher: Generally applying to Summoners, this will provide additional damage based on the sum total of all type (class or element) damage done during EX mode when the mode expires. The unique aspect of this is that a recast of the USB will count toward the exit damage of the previous EX mode.
    • Phantom Cast: This effect will auto cast an attack every few second at a set rate independent of the character. The number of attacks or potency is not reliant on any outside factors (Haste, Slow, QC) and will generally produce 4 actions per EX Mode.
    • Cheer: This will grant a party wide effect after using a triggering ability. For example, Marche will triple the cast speed of every front row party member (himself included) for 1 turn after he uses a Knight ability.
    • Ability Double: This will guarantee that an ability will cast 2 times per use at the cost of 2 hones. The first cast can trigger appropriate W-Cast materia for a total of 3 hits, but the additional hits will not generate SB gauge.

    Banner 1:

    Main item here is Kain's 3x lightning AOSB. This is considered Jump damage for LMR and mechanics sake, so consider that.

    Golbez doesn't need much explanation here either. Chain 150 with a major magic boost and major dark boost.

    Yang, though in a crowded field of other earth monks, separates himself with a USB entry of 10x ST earth/non hits, en-earth, and a semi EX mode of 'Frying Pan' - boosting Monk ability crit rate (30/50/70) and cast speed (2x/2.5/3) for every Monk ability used. Additionally, the USB will add an overflow Exit hit based on the amount of earth damage dealt. Not as reliable as other Exit USB's, since you need to use earth Monk abilities to take full advantage of the effect.

    The rest of the banner is reruns, though some decent ones in Porom's instant Last Stand USB and party Mag/Mnd boost.

    Returning Items:

    Porom: USB, BSB
    Yang: BSB
    Golbez: BSB2
    Cid: BSB
    Rydia: BSB2

    Banner 2:

    Very much overshadowed due to B2 of the next event. There is very little reason to pull here unless you're chasing Edward or Barbariccia tech.

    Returning Highlights:

    Decil: AOSB, Glint
    Edward: USB, BSB
    Palom: USB, BSB
    Barbariccia: USB, BSB

    Legend Materias:
    • B1 - Kain: Begin battle with en-lightning.
    • B1 - Yang: Deal moderately more damage with Monk abilities when a fist weapon is equipped.
    • B1 - Cid: Trance - self Last Stand and Atk/Res bargain.
    • B1 - Golbez: Begin battle with en-dark.
    • B1 - Porom: Small chance for the target of White Magic heals to have their casting speed doubled for their next turn.
    • B2 - Decil: Begin battle with en-dark.
    • B2 - Edward: Increase buff duration 30%.
    • B2 - Palom: Begin battle with en-lightning.
    • B2 - Barbariccia: Begin battle with en-wind.
    • B2 - Edge: Small chance to gain P. Blink x1 after using Ninja abilities.

    Relic Discussion

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    It's not like im a week late or anything.

    Ultimate + Apocalypse Battles
    The Oarsman ++
    HP: 350,000
    Target Score:
    • Defeat the Scarmiglione with at least 3 characters not KO'ed.
    Weak: Holy, Fire
    Absorbs: Ice, Earth
    Resists: Wind
    Null: Dark, Poison
    Vulnerabilities: None

    Notes: Token physical attack, everything else is magical.

    Watch out for the status counters. Fire will get you hit with AoE Posion/Silence/Sleep/Blind while physical attacks with get you tagged with an AoE physical counter with a 48% chance to Slow.

    Stick to holy elements and magic if possible, which becomes a an option of outfitting Relm or Porom for Holy or just relying on non-fire magic. Lightning resist is the preferred accessory, since you are avoiding those status counters, correct?

    Acolyte Archive: Luckily FFIV is already a mage heavy realm. The downside here is that there is no realm dancer, so at the very least you're going to rely on SB use for mitigation or risk the rare counter attack with Breakdowns on Edward or Cid.

    Shouldn't be too dangerous though. Just don't refresh the breakdowns every turn or find a way to keep a SB active when you need to reapply the mitigation.

    Discordant Dragoon (Apoc +)
    HP: 520,000
    Target Score:
    • Defeat Kain with 2 or more heroes not KO'ed.
    Weak: None
    Absorbs: None
    Resist: None
    Null: None
    Vulnerabilities: None

    Notes: Other than his attacks being ranged and 100% physical, there isn't anything to worry about here.

    Mitigate and go to town.

    Clad in Black (Apoc ++)
    滅Golbez w/Shadow Dragon
    HP: Golbez: 580,000 - Shadow Dragon: 160,000
    Target Score:
    • Defeat Golbez with 2 or more heroes not KO'ed.
    Weak: Holy, +Additional Element
    Absorbs: None
    Resist: None
    Null: None
    Vulnerabilities: None

    Notes: A very familiar fight. Your initial target should be Shadow Dragon as it will use Shadow Fang for an auto-hit KO on a character after turn 12. If you're letting him get there too quickly, Dispel to remove the Haste SD uses.

    Golbez will rotate an additional weakness (fire/ice/lightning) after being hit by the current one. Additionally, if you attack him with an element attack other than his weakness, he will counter with a decently potent ST magic attack of the element he is weak too. He begins the fight weak to fire. Luckily, Golbez is 95% magic based while Shadow Dragon is both - but it's magic is far more deadly.

    Acolyte Archive:

    Easier than the earlier CM for IV. Take advantage of this being a heavy mage realm and time your attacks to properly cycle element weaknesses.

    Since Edward and other sources of fastcast exist for the realm, remain cautious about casting turns so as to not eat an ill-timed attack.

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