O.k. folks, I've been acquired by a gang of folks to run savage level content. We have some leeway in what roles we can play, but currently we need:

-Ranged physical (mch or brd) for dem sweet refreshes

-Caster (rdm,blm,smn) as we have two melee DPS already

-Tank (Drk or Pld) we have a warrior already so need that cover capability

We currently run on Tuesdays and Wednesdays @ 730-1030pmEST We have been trying to get clears using the PF but most folks have no patience to learn new content with a group of folks.

most of the group has cleared O10S, I personally (the scholar guy) am learning it, but I picked up O9S in a week, so time shouldn't be a factor, but we'd like to have everyone geared out on a couple of jobs by the time 5.0 hits

We do use Discord but It's not super mandatory, and listening only is super fine.

If you turn out to be a gigantic shitty person for whatever reason we'll boot you, because nothing sucks worse than achieving victories and having that success over shadowed by having to put up with a gigantic doucher.

IF you enjoy fart jokes, and don't mind wiping over and over again until you learn the waltz of the fight, don't hesitate to message either here on BG or in game:

Shepard Garrett (myself)

Esmee Rooj'szwar

Aodhygan Arrowny

Diamond Allure

Onyyx Ceptable

See you in Eorzea