Replacing a bunch of parts for my PC and selling the old ones. If you pick up a GPU all of these together can easily do 1080p gaming today. This was an incredibly powerful machine in early 2012 when I built it.

The CPU has Intel HD 3000 on it, if you're looking for a office station or light gaming you could use this with no extra parts.

Motherboard: ASUS P8Z68-V/Gen3 $75 (typical ebay price $100)

CPU: Intel i5 2500K $40 (ebay $45~50)

RAM: 16GB G.SKILL RIPJAWS DDR3 $75 (ebay $80-100)

PSU: SeaSonic 750 watt 80+ Gold (not sure of model will update later) $50 (ebay $75)

Case: Corsair 400R Mid Tower $30 ($50ish ebay, $120 new)

Total of all parts: $270

Will sell you all the parts together for $225 plus shipping. Also fully willing to sell parts individually.

I'll throw up some images later this week. I'm still using it until I build mine on Wednesday or Thursday. Everything is in really good condition. Might be some dust but I'll do my best to clean everything before I ship it off.