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    2018-19 Bowl Mania Pick Em and Bowl Discussion Thread

    Somehow, we failed to run this event last year it appears, but that doesn't mean we can't do it this year. This is an event you only need to pick once, so it's a little easier than the ones you have to remember to pick every week.

    Pick all 41 bowl games, from the Air Force Reserve Celebration Bowl to the National Championship game (you can pick the champ game between the Cotton Bowl winner and the Orange Bowl winner). Then rank them in terms of confidence from 1 to 41 - you get the number of points associated with the rank if the team you picked wins. Pretty simple, right?

    The first games (five of them) are Saturday the 15th, so you have just under nine days from the time of this posting to get them in.

    Let me know if you have any questions or problems getting in.

    Group Name: Orderofthebluegartr
    Password: UrbanMyth

    Got problems joining? Post here. Don't have problems joining? Post here too.

    The only prize is to get your name on the ever-growing list of self-pretentious jerks:
    2006 Bowl Pick Em: Makaveli
    2006 BG Fantasy Football: Thuggy
    2007 March Madness: Byrd
    2007 College Football Pick Em: Ryany
    2007 Bowl Pick Em: Akiyama
    2008 NFL Gridiron Playoff Challenge: Tyr
    2008 March Madness: Snoogans
    2008 College Pick Em: Byrd
    2008 Eliminator: Byrd
    2008 Pigskin Pick Em: Weltall
    2008 Bowl Pick Em: Laguna
    2009 Gridiron Playoff Challenge: Sekaran
    2009 Super (Bowl) Pick Em: Stiker
    2009 March Madness: MrW
    2009 College Pick Em: Ryany
    2009 Eliminator: Stiker
    2009 Pigskin Pick Em: Weltall
    2009 Bowl Pick Em: Alderon527
    2010 Gridiron Playoff Challenge: Driver
    2010 March Madness: Biddinger
    2010 World Cup Bracket Predictor: Decy
    2010 World Cup Pick Em: Plow
    2010 College Pick Em: Bregor
    2010 Eliminator: Akiyama
    2010 Pigskin Pick Em: Byrd
    2010 Bowl Pick Em: Byrd
    2011 Gridiron Playoff Challenge: Bigrougabagel
    2011 March Madness: Titanss
    2011 College Pick Em: Byrd
    2011 Eliminator: Intrinsic
    2011 Pigskin Pick Em: Naafeih
    2011 Bowl Mania: Vade
    2012 Gridiron Playoff Challenge: Valisk
    2012 March Madness: WOMP, ElvFenrir
    2012 College Pick Em: Julian
    2012 Eliminator: Soa
    2012 Pigskin Pick Em: Melena
    2012 Primetime Playoff: Cail
    2012 Bowl Mania: Izembo
    2013 Gridiron Playoff Challenge: Mertron
    2013 March Madness: Aaron Borland (user name: ???)
    2013 College Pick Em: Ryany
    2013 Pigskin Pick Em: Byrd
    2013 Eliminator: Byrd
    2013 Bowl Mania: Recuperi (?)
    2014 March Madness: Nicholai
    2014 World Cup PickEm: Tyrath
    2014 World Cup Bracket Predictor: Tyrath
    2014 College Pick Em: Mertron
    2014 Pigskin Pick Em: Azazael
    2014 Eliminator: Byrd
    2014 Bowl Mania: Laguna
    2015 Gridiron Playoff Challenge: Palpatine
    2015 March Madness: Biddinger
    2015 College Pick Em: Ryany
    2015 Eliminator: Valisk
    2015 Pigskin Pick Em: Chrius
    2015 Bowl Mania: Bregor
    2016 March Madness: Xajii
    2016 College Pick Em: Serra
    2016 Pigskin Pick Em: Akiyama
    2016 Eliminator: Melena
    2016 Bowl Mania: Chrius
    2017 March Madness: Kirin
    2017 College Pick Em: Chrius
    2017 Eliminator: Moss
    2017 NFL PickEm: Moss (Spread); Chrius (straight up)
    2018 March Madness: Byrd
    2018 College Pick Em: Chrius
    2018 Pigskin Pick Em: (pending)
    2018 Eliminator: (pending)

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    Thinking ahead to next year... it would be fun to do something gambling related, like each person pick their best 3 NFL games against the spread each week and keep a tally

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    No Christmas Eve bowls this year? Odd

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    Only got six entries. Bump as a reminder. Saturday is the first game.

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