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    Tavnazian Archipelago stylized map

    Another stylized map, this time something bigger, bolder, better:

    Full images, zooms, process and story can be found on my Behance (click here). Bonus GIF at the bottom for those who are wondering how the hell you start something like this.

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    I love this. The inclusion of Riverne is a really nice touch.

    What's the greyed out buildings in the north east? Is that old Tavnazia?

    Edit: It is old Tav. I don't think I ever noticed that in game but from reading your website it's clearly there. Nice work

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    Yeah Old Tav. It's iconic so I had to put it in there.

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    An insane amount of work. Love seeing these pop up.

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    I updated this map to make it appear more natural:

    Biggest changes are adding dark green areas under trees, which makes them look more like forests. In the same vein, I added lighter patches to break through the monotonous green, and I made old Tav more bright (more fog + rocky sensation) as it's nice to have some focus there:

    Full details on my Behance.

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    This is really cool!

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    That's impressive and awesome. Great work!

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