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    Samsung Magcician 5.3.0 not recognizing my 850 EVO 500GB's serial number anymore

    Hey BG,

    i've been having this issue for months now, and i'm starting to suspect it's causing issues. my SSD seems slower than before, despite having 1/3 of it's capacity free. basically, when i first got this SSD a couple years ago, it worked great, (and still works ok), and samsung magician detected its serial number just fine, i had access to TRIM and all the other things it offers. the last several months, however, it's not been able to find the serial number, and i have no clue when it started.

    it simply says "drive not supported" and in small text underneath "invalid serial number". i've tried searching and i can't seem to locate a fix for this, just the fact that i'm not the only person who's had this issue. it also says "interface: unable to detect", ACHI mode: N/A, trim status: enabled, RAPID mode: not supported.

    the only thing i'm able to do now is run a performance benchmark, due to the invalid serial number.

    anyone know if there's a fix to this issue? i've tried hitting the refresh button and it still can't find the serial number. i've updated to the latest magician version twice over the months and that didn't fix it either.

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    tbh it sounds like a controller might be going bad, I would consider backing it up and/or replacing it

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    One thing you could try just in case is to use a different SATA cable and/or re-plug the current cable on both sides.

    But allow me a counter question: what is it you wanted to do via Magician? The only thing that I can think of that would require the brand specific tool would be firmware updates, and doing those on a drive without an available full backup is... risky.
    Most other stuff (like checking SMART values) can also be done via 3rd party tools like hdTune or CrystalDiskInfo. hdTune also has a little benchmark feature to see if the drive behaves weird or has throughput drops.

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