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    WTS: Signed Final Fantasy XIII Piggy Bank Package

    For $300, or best offer, I have the following items for sale that were acquired through a 2010 charity auction:

    Final Fantasy XIII Themed Piggy Bank - Signed by Lightning's voice actor, Ali Hillis

    Spoiler: show

    Lightning Photo Art - Also signed by Ali Hillis

    Spoiler: show

    Xbox 360 Game Cover - Signed by Lightning, Troy Baker (Snow's voice actor), Game Director (Motomu Toriyama), and Battle Director (Yuji Abe)

    Spoiler: show

    PS3 Game Cover - Signed by Ali Hillis

    Spoiler: show

    Also included will be an unopened Final Fantasy XIII Collector's Edition Guide

    Spoiler: show

    Additional Info; Letter from charity (A Child's Place)

    Spoiler: show

    An excerpt from an interview where Ali Hillis states her affiliation with A Child's Place:

    I’m involved with a charity organisation in North Carolina called A Child’s Place – it’s a little independent organisation that takes no public funding, just private, and they go into the school systems and find children who are homeless and do whatever they can to help them get better marks in school and help them have clothing and food and send them home with backpacks full of food for their family.

    Once again, the price for the package is $300, or best offer. Shipping will be included in the selling price, and U.S. only. Payment via Paypal.

    Thank you for your consideration and time.

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    Price drop. All offers will be considered.

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