Developed by Gumi (FF:BE/Brave Frontier)

The story takes place in Ardra, the continent of Lapis. Important to know, this is also the main setting and the currency used in the previous Brave Exvius smartphone game. On top of that, the trailer also is bringing up the story of the legendary Crystal that Lapis is known for.

The trailer really seems to be pulling from the previous Brave Exvius title for plot sources. From there being six different kingdoms to mentioning the crystal, this could very well be a sequel or spinoff of the 2014 mobile game. What’s more interesting is the closing quote: “The Visions are with the ring…”.

Using Assets from FF:BE to Save Time on Development
While Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Producer Kei Hirono was coy about saying too much regarding War of the Visions during his email interview with DualShockers, he did touch on how the two development teams are collaborating through “key members” such as himself. “There’s good communication between the two as they exchange information and share assets. Things like this are relayed back and forth through key members like me,” he told DualShockers.

That being said, Hirono-san was reiterated that “the teams are completely separate from each other” when it comes to the actual work on both Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and the upcoming War of the Visions. DualShockers also asked if War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius will allow players to transfer any data over from Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, but Hirono-san simply said it was something he “can’t answer at this point in time.”

As of this post, platform(s) have not been announced.