1. DNC has the same base stats as BRD (Different from MCH)
  2. GNB has the same base stats as PLD (Different from WAR and DRK)
  3. Tanks changed their VIT modifier to 125 (Up from 110)
  4. Non-Tanks receive 22.1HP per VIT
  5. Tanks receive 31.5 HP per VIT (+42% over non-tanks)
  6. Lion boys have STR/MND+3, DEX/INT+3, VIT+0
  7. Viera have STR-1, VIT-4, INT+3, MND+2
  8. Base HP at Lv. 80 is 4,400. This is HP before job modifier and VIT bonus.
  9. Paladin Shield Blocks have been nerfed. They mitigate 10% less damage than before.

Proof: https://www.reddit.com/r/ffxiv/comme...difier_mufasa/

Sorry to link out, but this is too much to reformat.