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Thread: Time for FFXI "Classic"?     submit to reddit submit to twitter

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dotsudoku View Post
    how is this thread still going on
    People ask the same question about ffxi

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    Quote Originally Posted by D44kpunk View Post
    I'm not sure what you think atom0s does but he doesn't rmt unless it's a recent development, and his knowledge isn't first hand and I know who he's getting it from.

    That being said it takes about 11 seconds to Google and find that Gil price and demand has tanked about 70% in the last year and it was already at an all time low prior to that.

    Also no idea what "site" he's talking about and if I've never heard of it it's likely peanuts.
    The story as I told it is that's because China banned a bunch of games, so the RMT farms have doubled up on FFXI, thus making supply vastly outpace demand. And I was told this by a guy who sells gil.

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    Dunno who told you that but china generally operates off VPNs such as 8lag even when there are no bans in place. I don't know a single Chinese shop that doesn't bypass the GFW with a VPN.

    As I said before it takes literally no time to look at a site and see demand is down, feedback is publicly viewable and it's fallen off a cliff.

    You're arguing something you know nothing about

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    All the Chinese RMT I know who aren't just middlemen are getting out of FFXI because the demand is too low.

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    Quote Originally Posted by D44kpunk View Post
    i'm still genuinely confused what makes people think modern day FFXI is better time wise.

    it's literally just HNM camping that was the major time sink, other than that the game could be scheduled and would consume relatively the same amount of time.. and honestly it would consume the same amount of time as any other MMO out there.

    but yeah sure
    I dont know in what kind of dimension you lived back then, but you couldnt sit down for 2 hours on FFXI Classic and get any shit done besides crafting. FFS just gathering for LS events took at least 1 hour, and that was the fucking bare minimum.

    Remove those rose tinted glasses. FFXI Classic was a fucking horrible game when it came to traveling to event location, preparing for stuff etc. it was a nightmare and basicly a full time job. I enjoied it because i was young/naive and had the time. Today i wouldnt even look at such a game. I enjoied abyssea/post abyssea/adoulin FFXI way more.

    I also couldnt imagine to play FFXI anymore without any addons like gearswap chatmon etc etc. pre gearswap Job changing? Yeah fuck that 30 min+ at least ¬.¬

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patsu View Post
    All the Chinese RMT I know who aren't just middlemen are getting out of FFXI because the demand is too low.
    More like their market is too crowded and they aren't needed since money isn't nearly as hard to make as it once was.

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