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    I will agree that execution was a big issue with this fight. One of the major issues, which might just be a product of the times is this fight is VERY hard if you don't use third party information. If you go by only the information the game gives you, even using hunter journal to full effect this fight will take you ages. They just tell you elemental damage. You won't unlock his weakness information until a couple fights in. The way they phrase it makes it sounds like his horns are his primary target. If you don't know how damage calculations work for elemental vs raw you won't even know what you're doing wrong when you're using a weak ice hammer and not doing enough. Not sure what else they could do besides flat out tell you after a fail or two "Use a strong amount of his weak element to stop his big attack, and break his horns to stop shifting elemental types."

    Overall I do like the fight, and I think once you know HOW to do it it's not that hard. But I also understand not everyone lurks on the reddit or watches youtube videos to figure out the exact science on how to fight him. He was something MHW has never really had in it's two years which is both a good thing and can be a bad thing. Elemental has always had a weird support system in this game.

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    I hate to keep playing devil's advocate because I do agree that the way they implemented it as instant party wipe was lazy to say the least, but it took the community all of 6 hours to figure out pretty much all of the mechanics of the fight. The game does actually give you the info you need to know without specifically spelling it out to you.

    And I'd guess at least 50% of the people who are far enough to realistically be doing this content will check online for info from the community in some form. Doesn't really take much for those people to inform the rest.

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    The game/Capcom not providing some kind of hint that weapons traditionally weak to applying elemental damage (like Great Sword) got a multiplier to the topple effect was a bit of a flub.

    Everyone was jumping on with the usual elemental builds, which paired up with Ala having amazing raw hitboxes but bad elemental ones likely made it an issue for the average.

    By the time I had a chance to fight it (yesterday), I saw some of the numbers and I just used my standard GS build but swapped out Lightbreak for a Kjarr GS, and was able to solo it np (ok well one fail while I was learning the moves)

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    I don't think the fight was initially as bad as I thought but yeah between needing to pass a DPS check which can be difficult for some weapons and breaking the horns it can make the fight rather annoying. For Lance I could break the horns easy but passing the elemental check was a complete pain. For dual blades I could pass the elemental DPS check easy but horns were difficult due to DBs short range and the rising attacks charging you forward a bit making it difficult to combo.

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