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Key points

A letter sent by a player was shared

"Dear Yoshi-P, I am working at the frontline fighting corona irus, I was playing a lot of FFXIV before the pandemic began, I was looking forward to playing FFIXIV with my friends every day. The friends I met in the game are what give me strength every day, it is my job to fight for all the patients affected by corona virus and I am truly grateful for FFXIV because I feel like it is giving everyone strength to get through all this. Thank you for all you are doing and keeping your team safe."

YoshiP: "I am the one who needs to say thank you, thank you for fighting. We will try to keep doing out best at the dev team as well"

Due to COVID-19, the development team is largely working from home and experiencing some difficulties in adjusting their workflow for development and security, additionally due to space limitations and internet quality. Because of this, there is a delay to the expected arrival of Patch 5.3, which is now expected in mid-to-late June.

Patch 5.3

Reflections In Crystal

Mid to late June tentative release


Shadowbringers MSQ conclusion

New Dungeon

The Heroes' Gauntlet

New Beast Tribe


Focused on crafting

New Chronicles of a New Era

The Sorrow of Werlyt

New Trials

New Alliance Raid

YoRHA: Dark Apocalypse Chapter 2

The Puppet's Bunker

Job Adjustments



Frontline roulette changed to include all FL modes.

Resistance Weapons

First step for upgrading weapons

Large-scale instance: The Bozjan Southern Front

DoH/L updates

Trial Synthesis

Recipe search using materials in your inventory

New custom delivery NPC

Collectable changes

Fixed list of items for turn-ins

Ishgardian Restoration

Third phase

New ranking period which rewards special achievements & titles

Skysteel tools upgrades

A Realm Reborn changes (A Realm Revamped?)

Streamlined MSQ quests

Approximately 13% content removed

Other quest content streamlined, much less grindy/bloated and less steps, better for new players

EXP boost and more gear rewards from quests. No need to do side quests to reach level 50 and beyond for HW.

Crystal Tower quest series and "My Little Chocobo" quest are now required for MSQ progression

Mounts can now fly in ARR areas

Requires completion of "The Ultimate Weapon" quest

Companions can fly at that point, but mounts cannot enter bodies of water

Unreal Trials and Faux Hollows

New trial difficulty (Unreal)

Old trials adjusted for level 80 gameplay at this difficulty, 1 per major patch

Complete the trial to play the Faux Hollows mini-game

Misc updates

Parties can now 'merge', via PF. An existing party can join a different party.

Can set no duplicate job requirement in PF.

Can use World Visit whilst in a cross-world party.

New NG+ chapters

Parasols will get a new menu

New token exchange NPCs