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    Kevin Chang
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    WTS: Multiple Budget Brand SSDs and/or Low Capacity SSDs

    Family member passed and he was a techie with some hoarding tendencies and a very avid photographer. Helping to clear his home, I've collected ten SSDs and a dozen 2.5" HDD drives in addition to his desktop.

    I have been backing up all the data into one large centralized drive so that I only have to go one place if I need to fetch anything and now I have all these leftover drives that I would like to clear out. They are all good condition with, at most, some sharpie notes scribbled on them. In the interest of security the drives all underwent a secure erase (single pass wipe of all blocks with overwrites). Technically this decreases the lifespan for SSDs, but the drives are all in good working condition so a single pass on all blocks should be negligible when they are meant to undergo hundreds of thousands of writes.

    Nothing like a large EVO that's worth making into your main drive on your daily machine, but plenty good enough for secondary storage drives or upgrading from a spinning drive on an old machine.

    These starting prices are 30~35% off of the current Amazon price for new (or in the case of an unavailable model, a reasonable comparable drive). I'm willing to come down more if you purchase multiple drives:

    1. ADATA SU800 960GB - $70 ($105 new on Amazon) -- SOLD
    2. Toshiba OCZ TR150 960GB - $70 (Basing my price off what I'm selling the ADATA for which should be comparable) -- SOLD
    3. Silicon Power A55 1TB - $55 ($85 new on Amazon ) -- SOLD
    4. (New?) SanDisk SSD Plus 240GB - $22 (Drive was blank when I tested it despite an opened box; a new one is $35 on Amazon) -- SOLD
    5. (New?) PNY CS1100 120GB - $15 (Drive was blank when I tested it; selling for half of what the updated model goes for on Best Buy)
    6. (New?) Inland Professional 120GB - $11 (Drive was blank when I tested it; selling for half of what new ones go for on Amazon) -- SOLD
    7. SanDisk SSD Plus 120GB - $11 (Selling for half of what new ones go for on Amazon ) -- SOLD
    8. Crucial M500 120GB - $13 (shot in the dark; this was a premium level drive when released, and the predecessor to the MX500 which is very highly rated, but is old so I'm just splitting the difference between the used budget brand 120Gs and the new budget brand SSD I'm selling)

    Shipping priority mail small flat rate ($50 basic insurance) is $8 regardless of how many you order. I can toss in mechanical drives or new unopened SDHC cards (for cameras, dashcams, 3DS, etc.) to sweeten the deal.

    (If anyone is a photographer I will eventually be selling quite a few cameras once I sit down and figure out a little more about the market for used high-end cameras and the value of the lenses and attachments)

    EDIT: Updated for sales

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    Caesar Salad
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    I'm super casually into photography and am always looking for a deal on canon lenses or attachments.

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