Movie 5 announced by author. No details yet though but it's animated:

Ideally it'll cover the Sannoh match which was omitted from the anime due to low ratings apparently, I forget, (the remainder of the final episodes lead up to a practice match with current characters acting in as their equivalents from Sannoh instead, leading to the main team boarding a bullet train to the nationals as the anime wrapped up)

Hoping it's not some OG story or something lame that's set inbetween stories (i.e. Movie 2 featured a match that omitted from the manga AND the anime which was just mentioned. Movie 3 featured a practice match that was never mentioned but happened after the team's first loss, though the antagonists did make a small cameo in the anime as spectators. Movie 4 featured a side story based on a little moment one of the protagonists had during his finals match). Otherwise if anything I'll accept a movie covering the team's professional career in a time skip fashion.

Well, with no videos or anything, here's a link to the first opening! Lets dance!

edit: If anyone is bored, do check out the anime and/or manga. It's one of the original sports series which spawned stuff like Kuroko's Basket, as well as increased the popularity of basketball in Japan back in the 90s! Watching the development of the main character is a joy and there's lots of nice dramatic moments.