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    I need a ps5 version, it’s killing my iPhone 8.

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    So is this like a diet version of FF7 or are other parts of the Compilation in the game? I was hoping this was going to hopefully serve a pseudo port for Before Crisis, since that game was made before mobile game development was international and uniform.

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    It's supposed to cover all parts of the compilation. Currently it's base 7 until leaving Midgard, some Crisis Core and First Soldier. And yeah, the story is presented in a very abridged version

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    To expand on the First Solder bit, it's an original story covering a Mako reactor island survey team of passive 1st generation Soldiers. The story was presented pretty blandly and it was dragged out I thought, but reading online, apparently these surveys are talked about in one of the FFVII books that were only released in JP. They just introduced young Sephiroth, and people seem pretty split. On one hand, yay playable Sephiroth, but on the other, his in-game 3D model is pretty weird looking (2D art, world view 3D model, and CG model all look pretty on point though) and they're playing him up as kind of socially awkward and innocent, but then he immediately follows orders and gets to killin. We'll see where it goes. The 3 passive soldiers you follow scream anime filler character, though some think Glenn showed up in the newest Rebirth trailer.

    They also include additional side stories that weren't covered in the game, such as Tifa after arriving in Midgar for the few years before meeting Avalanche/Cloud again and Aerith pre-Crisis Core. Pre-release, they said they had plans to include everything FFVII in this, so Before Crisis, Crisis Core, Dirge of Cerberus, Advent Children, and I assume those old novels and stuff, are all on the table. With Remake going off the rails of the original game, I wouldn't be surprised to see it work it's way in to have story scenes focused on the aspects that changed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malithar View Post
    but on the other, his in-game 3D model is pretty weird looking
    yup lololol

    I don't like it, head's too big.

    I don't like how condensed the main game is, but I do feel depressed that all these great looking in game areas and models cannot be used in some sort of FFVII Remaster.
    But if you look at the game as a whole, clearly some love has been put on it.

    For example, the beach summer event was cute.

    There's also bits of extras (but not that many) to add more context to things. For example, in Crisis Core, after the VR mission ends, you're in the next scene/part of the story where Zack is doing squats and frustrated. Then Kundel comes and explains what happened. In Ever Crisis - Crisis Core, Zack does a bit of training and he also chats about more with Kundel, including Zack trying to ask out the receptonist for a date. Now, in original Crisis Core, we were somewhat aware of her, but it was never expanded on, and though we know Zack is frustrated about the training, we just assumed he wasn't assigned on any. A brief conversation between Kundel and Zack explains that all operations are suspended because of missing/deserting soldiers.

    The abridged thing/version is also depressing. For example:
    Wall Market is mostly skipped, you end up outside of Don Corneo's mansion and end up doing quests for the lackeys instead to win the dress
    You go from the front door of the Shinra HQ all the way up to the air vents eavesdropping scene
    Heck, they even animated IN GAME the motorbike escape scene and it was fantastic with what they did with it, and then you're next at the Motor robot boss fight

    I will keep playing it though purely because FFVII. But I won't spend money at all.
    I do look forward to them covering Before Crisis, more of First Soldier, Advent Children etc
    Eventually everyone will probably be added to the roster too lol. I reckon the turks trio will be part of the gang, probably along with Cissnei and the maybe some of these chumps:

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