There are probably hundreds of indie MMORPGs in development just in the US, with small teams - and often one-man studios - trying to develop massive worlds that will be home of a multitude of players. Here I selected 10 of the most popular MMORPGs in development, but if I missed some, please let me know. The average development timeframe of the following games is about 8 1/2 years (yes, that's crazy long), with a few 10-11 years.

Gloria Victis [BETA]
Setting: Medieval Realistic || Focus: PvP || Budget: ~$5M* || Engine: Unity 5
  • Skill-based combat mechanics à la Mount and Blade
  • Class-less system with diversified equipment
  • Open world housing, territory control and sieges
  • Complex crafting system: leatherworking, armoursmithing, weapon forging

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen [PRE-ALPHA]
Setting: Medieval Fantasy || Focus: PvE || Budget: $? || Engine: Unity 5
  • Spiritual successor to EverQuest
  • Deeply social: dungeons require teamwork and group strategy
  • Thrilling climbing system
  • Perception system: the world reveals its secrets through the environment

Dual Universe [BETA]
Setting: Science-Fiction || Focus: PvP || Budget: ~$25M* || Engine: Unigine 2
  • Single shard persistent universe shared by all the players
  • Voxel-based universe: player-made cities, stations and warships
  • Space warfare: pirate ships, coordinated attacks, skirmishes
  • Player-controlled global economy: mine, craft, build, optimize, barter and trade

Ashes of Creation [ALPHA]
Setting: Medieval Fantasy || Focus: PvP/PvE || Budget: ~$30M* || Engine: Unreal 4
  • Nodes system: player participation influences the type of content in the surrounding areas
  • Open world housing: players have the ability to survey and develop land anywhere in the world
  • Castle sieges with hundreds of players with many moving parts
  • Harsh, unforgiving and stunning environment

Crowfall [BETA]
Setting: Medieval Fantasy || Focus: PvP || Budget: $38M || Engine: Unity 5
  • Spiritual successor to Shadowbane
  • Player-created worlds with parcels of terrain and pre-fab building pieces
  • GvG/RvR time-limited campaigns that guilds or factions can win
  • Deep crafting system inspired by Star Wars: Galaxies

Camelot Unchained [BETA]
Setting: Medieval Fantasy || Focus: RvR || Budget: ~$20M* || Engine: Unchained
  • Spiritual successor to Dark Age of Camelot
  • Large-scale RvR battles and sieges with hundreds of players
  • Open world with islands that players can move to strategically reshape the world
  • Block-by-block construction with server-side stability and destruction

Saga of Lucimia [ALPHA]
Setting: Medieval Fantasy || Focus: PvE || Budget: $? || Engine: Unity 5
  • Sandbox environment: no quests and no minimap
  • Tabletop gaming: all about team-based gameplay and friendship
  • Progression system based on skill selection rather than generic classes
  • Inspiring lore, myths and legends

Star Citizen [ALPHA]
Setting: Science-Fiction || Focus: PvE/PvP || Budget: $348M || Engine: Lumberyard
  • Spiritual successor to Freelancer
  • Procedurally generated and handcrafted stunning worlds
  • Open world PvP with high speed dog fights with multi-crew ships or intense FPS warfare
  • Exploration: hidden outpost, abandoned ships and beautiful sunsets

The Repopulation [ALPHA]
Setting: Science-Fiction || Focus: PvE/PvP || Budget: +$2M || Engine: Hero Engine
  • Spiritual successor to Star Wars: Galaxies
  • Be a hero, villain, thief, diplomat, home builder, tamer, crafter or entertainer
  • Housing options: instanced housing, persistent world housing and player city housing
  • Mission system: complex multi-stage missions tailored specifically for a character

Project Gorgon [BETA]
Setting: Medieval Fantasy || Focus: PvE || Budget: +$1M || Engine: Unity 5
  • Exploration: many hidden secrets awaiting discovery
  • Ambitious skill-based leveling system allowing the player to combine skills
  • Old-school MMO with innovative ideas, such as morphing into animals
  • 16 combat skills, 71 trade skills, 11 beasts skills

Crosspost *Personal estimate, probably inaccurate

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