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    Oh it absolutely goes beyond that. We have a nation where half of what you hear from your leaders is a combination of "Fear your neighbor; fear the other; fear everyone and carry guns to protect what's yours.". The constant fear-mongering, the sense of "American exceptionalism" that is pushed by marketing, trying to make everyone feel good about themself so they'll buy or vote this way or that, and good ol' lack of anger management and a lack of hindsight over one's actions leads to all of this.

    Every human on every square inch of land on the surface of the planet has it within them to do these things, but only in the U.S. do you have the sheer access to firearms to shoot your neighbor and the fearmongering coming from politicians swearing that everyone that doesn't look like you is out to take what's yours or fuck your wife/daughter.

    The politics of fear is disgusting, but its on the second page of "how to secure votes from conservative people". A lack of general trust among the tribe goes beyond the human experience of tribalism, so how better to break down that tribalism than by breaking down what makes an American an American beyond living together. Class, race, religion, politics: even fucking favorite sports team can be thrown out there in terms of "fear the other: carry a gun to protect your stuff (and keep the lobby happy)".

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    To add to that point, a lot of the fearmongering seems to be leading to simply viewing anyone not in your camp as less human. Being able to dehumanize an entire group of people makes it wayyyyyy easier for someone to be ok with them being shot.

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    Not only that, when laws exist that make it so murderers can say "I FEARED FOR MY LIFE AND DEFENDED MYSELF" human nature dictates someone will use that as a loophole to kill someone else.

    The average person is not smart and posting on message boards about politics, science, and games. They're in forums talking about guns, boobs, or the weather in France. Complex critical thinking is not their forte.

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