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    Looking for old FFXI screenshots from the era of NA release until CoP release (2003-2004)

    As per the title, I am looking for literally any screenshots from 2003-2004 for nostalgia purposes. This includes screenshots of boring stuff like XPing in starting zones, Valkurm, Qufim, Kazham, etc. I would also be interested in any screenshots of people doing Sky, Dynamis or HNM camps from that time period.

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    Sorry for the size/quality, but they were from PS2. By the time codes, these all predate the Sept 21 release of CoP.
    Spoiler: show

    Bonus, a shot from the NA PS2 beta on Cactuar.
    Spoiler: show

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    Be sure to look through my history project at

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    My first ever linkshell had a meeting in Port Bastok back in January 2004. My job? WHM. My armor? The Divine Breastplate.

    We, and some outside help, wiped to the MNK AF3 NM in March 2004.

    March 2004. Friend of mine quit in late 2003. Rerolled. Didn't find his second trip through the dunes any more fun than the first.

    More March 2004 death. We tried to XP in Monastic Cavern for some reason, by where Overlord Bagodicks spawns. The PLD got one-shot by an Orcish Dragoon using Jump or something.

    This was a bit later, October 2005. But I just had to include the CFH Nidhogg MPK drama.

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