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    Domain Invasion
    ■ The level of Helga has been slightly reduced, but she has received Double Attack. (Spicy)
    ■ The regain effect of NMs in Domain Invasion has been reduced. (Spicy)
    ■ Domain Invasion rewards have undergone the following changes (Spicy)
    • Nepote Bell no longer drops in the same slot as the other weapons from Kumhau.
    • Baqil Staff now has the elemental affinity power of an Iridal (NQ elemental) Staff.
    • Mercurial Kris has been removed from Helga and replaced with a chance at any trophy item. (Stinger, Tooth, Horn, etc)

    AMAN Trove
    ■ AMAN Trove drops have been updated. (Spicy)
    • Tatters may now drop in currency slots.
    • Tatters also now have their own slot.
    • Yinyang Robe may now drop from either Mars or Venus orbs. A far less valuable drop was reduced in exchange.

    Crystal Warrior
    ■ The !box command can now be used to withdraw items within 5 yalms of an Ephemeral Box (Loxley)
    (eg. !box distilled water next to an Ephemeral Box will trigger the quantity select menu and allow players to withdraw the items immediately).

    Wings Era Warrior
    ■ WEWs can now keep higher level items equipped while level synced (with reduced stats) once LB5 is completed. (MowFord)

    ■ Night Bats, Wandering Saplings, Black Bats, Raptors, and Axe Beaks now provide credit for Ventures in Meripataud Mountains (Spicy)

    Novice Trials
    ■ The following issues with Novice Trials have been resolved (Loxley):
    • Trial complete messages are now properly displayed for all party members.
    • Trial objectives are now correctly shared between party members.
    • The dialog when accepting a trial has been fixed.

    ■ Wild Cudgel has been added to Novice Trials. (Spicy)

    ■ Players may now trade Limbus chips (except Metal) and AF+1 materials to Garbagio. (Spicy)
    • 45% chance of receiving nothing.
    • 10% chance of an Ancient Beast Coin.
    • 5% chance of an organ.
    • 1% chance of an HQ organ.
    • These chances change based on your Garbagio's Goodwill level.

    Grand Trials
    ■ Grand Trials (Lv50+) are now available to undertake from Cassie in Tavnazian Safehold (F-10)! (Loxley)
    This new system has enhancements including multiple steps, new objective types, and live instructions.
    ■ Existing Lv50+ Novice Trials have been moved to Cassie. (Loxley/Spicy)
    ■ Transferred Novice Trials have been updated. (Spicy)
    ■ Bravo's Subligar has been added to Grand Trials. (Spicy)

    Notorious Monsters
    ■ The drop rate of Yinyang Robe, Dodo Skin, and Nue Fang has been increased. (Spicy)
    ■ The following NMs spawns and respawns have been adjusted (Spicy):
    • The chance of Hundredscar Hajwaj spawning has been increased by 50%.
    • The chance of Arachne spawning has been doubled with the respawn window reduced to 3 hours instead of 2 to 8 hours.
    • The chance of Kirata spawning has been more than doubled with the respawn window reduced to 2 hours instead of 1 to 8 hours.
    • The chance of Deadly Dodo spawning has been set to 10% per PH. Respawn window is unchanged at 60 minutes.
    • The chance of Nue spawning has been increased by 42% with a respawn window of 60 minutes instead of 1-2 hours.

    ■ Goblin Daily related NMs have been adjusted. (Spicy)
    • Bastet has been restored to the roulette now that it is available.
    • Centurio XII-I is now a 9-12 hour respawn instead of 21-24.
    • Voluptuous Vivian's window now opens after 8 hours instead of 16-24.

    ■ The following drop rates have been corrected or improved in accuracy (Spicy):
    • Intruder Earring from Centurio XIII-I.
    • Shining Cloth no longer drops in Nyzul Isle.
    • Shining Cloth now drops from Roc, as was intended.
    • King Behemoth, Nidhogg, and Aspidochelone had their drop rates more accurately assigned.
    • Ajattara, Typhoon Wyvern, Watch Wyvern, Ladon, Flamedrake, and Blazedrake have had the accuracy of their drops corrected.

    ■ The mini-quest encounter for Pirate's Chart is now available. (Loxley)
    ■ The Buccaneer's Chart has now been implemented! (Loxley/MowFord)
    • Buccaneer's Chart is obtainable from the daily Treasure Hunt unlocked after reaching 5,000 doubloons with Crooked Jones in Norg.
    • The chart is used to start a custom level 70 cap 3 player instance at the Unsettled Sand (H-9) in Cape Teriggan.
    • Rewards include various fish, an Albatross and Penguin ring, and more.

    ■ The following changes have been made to SCH stratagems: (Spicy)
    • The maximum number of charges at 65 is now 4 every 60 seconds, instead of at level 70.
    • The maximum number of charges at 75 is now 5 every 48 seconds.

    ■ AAEV Weapon Skill logic has been corrected. (Neckbeard)
    ■ Login Campaigns will now cycle automatically and will last from the first of each month until the last day, with no days of downtime between. (Loxley)
    ■ Moat Carp Creels purchased with Fishing Venture Points is now the correct quantity (Loxley)
    ■ Augmented equipment from all Novice Trials and Grand Trials can now be stored at the Squires (Loxley)
    ■ White Magic: Sacrifice will now correctly absorb multiple status ailments while under the effect of Afflatus Solace. (Carver)
    ■ Various beastmen desynthesis recipe results such as Quadav Helm, Gigas Necklace, or Moblin Mail have been corrected. (Spicy)
    ■ Gepetto will now exchange the incorrect Auto-Repair Kit II and Tension Spring II for the correct version of the attachment. (Spicy)
    ■ Various CW-only items have been removed from the Gobbie Box. (Loxley)
    ■ Hysteroanima now correctly prevents Promvyion bosses from using mobskills for around 30 seconds (Loxley)
    ■ "Normal" crab mobs now take 12.5% increased dmg from H2H and blunt physical damage sources. (MowFord)
    This does not include monsters with custom modifiers such as the crabs in Apollyon.
    ■ An issue wherein the Brigand's Shovel was not equipable has been corrected. (Spicy)
    ■ An issue wherein the Bonze Cape was not rewarding the correct synthesis skill gain rate has been corrected. (Spicy)
    ■ Sigil additional effects have been inherited from upstream.

  2. #82

    ■ Pirates once again roam the seas. (Carver/Mowford)

    ■ Now accepts SCH and DNC limbus materials as well as Orchid, Charcoal, and Magenta chips. (Spicy)

    Novice Trials
    ■ Players can now remove outdated Novice Trials by speaking to Mellie with the trial active. (Loxley)

    ■ The level of Aqueduct Spiders has been adjusted from level 78: (Spicy)
    Phomiuna Aqueducts - Level 44-47.
    Sacrarium - Level 57-59.

    ■ The following HELM results were adjusted: (Spicy)
    The excavation rate of Unicorn Horn, Dragon Bone, and HQ Scorpion Shell in Labyrinth of Onzozo has been reduced.
    • Giant Femur has been added to Labyrinth of Onzozo.
    • The mining rate of Orichalcum Ores in Garliage (S) has been reduced.
    • Adaman Ore has been added to Garlaige (S).

    ■ The amount of objective points awarded for HELM Logging Ventures has been reduced in Ghelsba Outpost, Garlaige Citadel (S), and Grauberg (S).
    ■ Crystal Warriors may now summon 1 trust for Ventures. (Loxley)
    ■ The XP reward for EXP Ventures in ToAU/WotG areas has been increased. (Spicy)

    ■ Brigand's Eyepatch now includes a usable effect of Teleport: Norg (Loxley)
    ■ WEWs with level 80+ fishing can now feed Jones' Parrot in the Library to travel straight to Norg. (MowFord)

    ■ An issue wherein Garrison treasure allocation was causing crashes has been resolved. (Loxley)
    ■ An issue wherein Maochinoli was not granting the proper amount of DEX has been corrected. (Spicy)
    ■ An issue wherein Skinnymalinks inside Inner Horutoto Ruins would not count for credit from Murdox has been resolved. (Spicy)
    ■ An issue wherein Shikigami Weapon's auto-claim mechanic was failing has been corrected. (MowFord)
    ■ An issue wherein only CW could obtain regional items (Crafting Torques)from brown caskets has been corrected. (Mowford)

    Thank you for playing on CatsEye!

    ~ The CatsEyeXI Team ~

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    ■ Updates are now on Thursdays instead of Mondays. The update was placed in early due to emergency maintenance.

    ■ Zaldon had some bugs squashed to more reliably give gil when a fish isn't given (MowFord)

    Wings Era Warrior
    ■ WEW are no longer restricted from dual boxing in the same zone as a char from another linked account. (MowFord)
    This decision was not made lightly, and is likely the last major change to the architecture of the mode.

    ■ The following job abilities and traits have been adjusted: (Spicy)
    • THF gains access to Accomplice/Collaborator at level 40.
    • THF gains access to Assassin at level 50.
    • THF gains access to Conspirator at level 75.
    • SCH gains access to Immanence at level 75.

    ■ Eagle Eye Shot, Ninjutsu Innin bonus, and Runefencer Swordplay buffs are all inherited from LSB. Please let us know if they function differently from the original bugfixes.

    ■ An issue wherein Notorious Monsters within a Nyzul Isle Investigation would spawn without a level has been corrected. (MowFord)
    ■ An issue wherein the NPCs at the outpost in Meriphataud Mountains would not spawn has been resolved. (MowFord)
    ■ An issue wherein claimshield would rarely exit early and failed to remove the prior enmity/claim has been resolved. (MowFord)
    ■ An issue wherein Despot would not spawn has been corrected. (MowFord)
    ■ An issue wherein interacting to Daily Quest goblin NPCs would occasionally result in no response has been corrected. (MowFord)

    Known Issues
    ■ The additional stratagem and lower timer granted to 75 scholars functions correctly, but does not display accurate information in the menu.
    ■ Due to system stability issues, Crystal Warriors can no longer gain exp venture credit with a trust.

    Thank you for playing on CatsEye!

    ~ The CatsEyeXI Team ~

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    ■ Crooked Jones fished mobs for a pirate key must now actually be fished up. (MowFord)
    ■ Toraimari Canal now has fishable mobs. (MowFord)
    ■ Quicksilver Blade has been made rarer than Kalkanbaligi. (Spicy)

    Novice and Grand Trials
    ■ Mellie now fully resets an invalid/stale Novice Trial. (MowFord)
    ■ An issue wherein Mellie would ignore any item that could have a percentage-based augment has been resolved. (MowFord)

    ■ Scholar now gains access to Perpetuance at level 75. (Spicy)
    ■ Abilities with charges (stratagems, etc) will now always show the time until next charge if you have zero charges (MowFord)

    Domain Invasion
    ■ Domain Invasion participation points have been adjusted (MowFord)
    • Participation points can now go over the max, to avoid having to spam actions near the end of a fight to get maximum beads.
    • Participation-point requirements to be able to lot on loot is increased slightly.
    • Maximum participation points are now adjusted at key points during the fight to penalize idle players.
    • Bead credit for participation points now has less variability.

    ■ Foes in Dynamis zones now rely strictly on the navmesh when aggroing. (MowFord)

    ■ Autotarget no longer requires facing the next target. (MowFord)
    ■ Salvage equipment has been removed from the Goblin Box. (Spicy)
    ■ Players will no longer be locked out of the functions of the guild NPCs Kuroido-Moido, Faulpie, Abd-al-Raziq due to Shantotto Ascension enfeeblement kits anymore. (MowFord)
    ■ Critical hit weapon skills now properly scale critical hit rate based on TP again. (Xaver)
    ■ Avatars will now assist the SMN without requiring action from the SMN upon being aggroed. (MowFord)
    ■ DNC Samba daze effects will now continue working when the party leader is in another zone cluster. (MowFord)
    ■ The level 30 Adept Reforge Trial fight for ninja in Giddeus has been repositions to provide space to fight. (MowFord)
    ■ NPC resale prices for Date Tea and Felicifruit have been added. (Spicy)
    ■ Shikigami Weapon now uses a shorter version of Claimshield on spawn, and its pre-existing claim-on-aggro mechanic takes over after that. (MowFord)

    Bug Fixes
    ■ ToAU instance crashes have been resolved and are now available again. (Mowford)
    ■ The Login Campaign now properly cycles the groups of items based on the wiki. (MowFord)
    ■ An issue wherein Wyverns did not "Readies <> breath" message has been corrected. (MowFord/LSB)
    ■ An issue wherein Beetrix would not accept certain items from Valkurm Dunes has been resolved. (Spicy)
    ■ An issue wherein the value of elemental resistance augment for SMN relic hands was incorrect has been resolved. (Spicy)
    ■ An issue wherein Sanraku would remove unrelated ZNM key items when buying a pop items has been resolved. (MowFord)
    ■ Medusa now properly spawns pets and provides a title when defeated. (MowFord)

    Known Issues
    ■ The animation for Perpetuance is incorrect.

    Thank you for playing on CatsEye!

    ~ The CatsEyeXI Team ~

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    Domain Invasion
    ■ Domain Invasion spell contributions for healing and enhancing magic have been reworked to reward more points. (MowFord)

    ■ The following changes have been made to Crooked Jones associated content: (Spicy)
    • Mercurial Kunai and Buccaneer's Chart have been removed from the Goblin Dial Box.
    • Crooked Jones now asks for better quantities of fish. 15/25/50 instead of 10/50/50.
    • The chance of obtaining a Buccaneer's Chart from the Pirate's Hoard (daily treasure hunt) has been increased significantly.
    • The Pirate's Hoard may now also award a Pirate's Chart.
    • The Pirate's Hoard will now award slightly less Fish Bones.

    ■ Lucky Lulush and Dapper Mac jug pets have been added. (Spicy/Mowford)
    ■ Charmed or jug pets now have skillchain properties applied to their ready abilities based on BGWiki. (MowFord)
    ■ Some charmed-pet Sic abilities can also apply skillchain properties. (MowFord)
    ■ Charmed or jug pets now get additional bonuses based on the Bst's CHR when "Call Beast" or "Charm" is performed. (MowFord)

    ■ Shieldtrap can now be spawned in Riverne Site #A01 (Carver/ASB)
    ■ The Bravo Subligar Grand Trial now requires 10 less Atomic Clusters, but asks for three Fomor Thief in Misareaux Coast. (Spicy)
    ■ The Secret Chest spawn behind the Ornate Door in Sea Serpent Grotto and on Heviva Isle via the Engraved Tablet in Caedarva Mire have been removed. (MowFord)
    ■ Foes at low HP will now spam moves less frequently. (MowFord)
    ■ Nightmare sleep is now implemented for monsters and avatars. (MowFord)
    ■ The chance of obtaining HQ currency from Garbagio for trading in base relic weapons has been reduced. (Spicy)
    ■ Autotarget will now limit the next mob to be within 20 yalms. (MowFord)
    ■ The CP/ISP/AN required to unlock an Aeonic has been changed: (MowFord)
    • 100k for the first unlock as a WEW/CW and 75k for subsequent unlocks.
    • 300k for the first unlock as an ACE and 200k for subsequent unlocks.

    Bug Fixes
    ■ An issue wherein Gem Heister Roorooroon's Mines would not function properly has been resolved. (MowFord)
    ■ An issue wherein Diving Beetle in Sauromugue Champaign (S) would not reward Venture credit has been corrected. (Spicy)
    ■ An issue wherein Elvorseal was applying outside of Domain Invasion has been resolved. (MowFord)
    ■ Oupire phase buffs (en-spell and dmg spikes) now have sane durations when stolen (MowFord)
    ■ An issue wherein the Book of Mastery would not function properly when a player's inventory was full has been corrected. (MowFord)
    ■ An issue wherein the latent effect of the Oneiros Ring was not providing the correct bonus has been corrected. (Spicy)
    ■ An issue wherein foes immediately spawned and despawned on the ship bound for Mhaura/Selbina has been corrected. (MowFord)
    ■ An issue wherein Medusa's pets would not behave as intended after the claimshield resolved has been resolved. (MowFord)
    ■ An issue wherein Vrtra would immediately rage upon spawn has been resolved. (MowFord)
    ■ An issue wherein the items for the Wyvern Helm grand trial were not being accepted has been resolved. (Spicy)

    Land Sand Boat
    • Thank you to all the contributors for their work.


    Thank you for playing on CatsEye!

    ~ The CatsEyeXI Team ~

  6. #86

    Adept Reforge
    ■ The Khimaira/Stout set has been added to Adept Reforging. (Spicy)
    The Bison/Brave set is not eligible for reforging.
    ■ The clarity of the warning text when trading in an item to Adeptus has been improved. (Spicy)
    ■ The targets for Dragon Mail Adept Reforge have been changed: (Spicy)
    • 10 Snaggletooh Peapuks in Boyahda Tree instead of 10 Shadow Dragon in Xarcabard.
    • 30 Watch Wyverns in Mamook instead of 30 Typhoon Wyverns in Gustav Tunnel.
    • Ungur instead of Guivre.
    • Any trials in progress upon the time of this change will retain their credit, simply fight the new targets to finish.

    ■ You will now receive a message if you defeat a monster that is ineligible for credit towards your current EXP Venture. (MowFord)
    ■ EXP Venture progress will now be retained and transfers to the next selected Venture instead of giving partial points when cancelling. (MowFord)
    ■ Players will no longer receive EXP Venture credit when in an alliance. (MowFord)

    ■ Last Stand damage has been increased slightly. (Neckbeard/MowFord)
    ■ The weapon skill pDif range for different weapon types now properly reflects the correct values for the weapon type involved. (MowFord)
    ■ The maximum pDif for critical hit weapon skills now increases properly. (MowFord)
    ■ Evisceration, Exenterator, and Shark Bite have had their damage increased slightly. (MowFord)

    ■ The drop rate of Dragon Scales from Bune has been reduced. (Spicy)
    ■ The spawn rate of Bune has been doubled. (Spicy)
    ■ The boost to BSTs Sic/Ready abilities is once again tied to the bst's charisma at time of mobskill use. (MowFord)
    • The new bonus to a pet for a BSTs CHR during on Charm/Call Beast remains as well.

    ■ Amphipteres in Beaucedine (S) and Xarcabard (S) now patrol their spawn areas. (MowFord)
    ■ The Spring event is live from now until the 18th.

    Bug Fixes
    ■ An issue wherein the Adept Reforge material for the Sha'ir Manteel would not be accepted has been corrected. (Neckbeard)
    ■ An issue wherein the values of the Oneiros Lance were incorrect has been resolved. (Spicy)
    ■ An issue wherein Antican Triarius had a longer respawn than other foes in the area has been resolved. (Spicy)
    ■ An issue wherein Experimental Lamia and Nuhn were not properly applying their melee additional effects has been corrected. (MowFord)
    ■ An issue wherein the Moepapa Mace was applying Medicated effect instead of Flash has been corrected. (MowFord)
    ■ An issue wherein Beetrix asked for a Ram Leather Missive from an improper zone has been resolved. (MowFord)

    Land Sand Boat
    Thank you to all the contributors for their work.

    Thank you for playing on CatsEye!

    ~ The CatsEyeXI Team

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    Domain Invasion
    ■ Paralyze Potions are now available from the Domain Invasion shop. (MowFord)
    ■ Domain Invasion participation decay is now reduced during more actions other than resting and curing. (MowFord)

    ■ The Plumb Boots from gutting Abaia are now available. (Spicy/Mowford)
    ■ Bastok Markets (S), Jugner Forest (S), and Grauberg (S) now have separate and stocked fishing pools. (MowFord)

    ■ Damage from weapon skills and skillchains now generates 25% less enmity. (MowFord)
    ■ The enmity granted from activating the Ninja ability Yonin as well as the spell Hojo: Ni has been increased. (Spicy)
    ■ The enmity granted from Flash, Foil, Provoke, Animated Flourish, and Runefencer and Paladin abilities has been reduced. (Spicy)
    • These are still boosted ~25% over their retail values.

    Sky 2.0
    ■ The defense of Kirin has been increased. (Hax)
    ■ Kirin will now gain damage immunity for ~30 seconds after spawning a god. (Hax)

    ■ Flute +2 can now be turned in as a daily item request. (Neckbeard)
    ■ The NPC Cumetouflaix has had its dialogue for reward requirements improved. (Hax)

    Bug Fixes
    ■ An issue wherein the Oneiros Torque was not able to be equipped by PUP has been corrected. (Spicy)
    ■ An issue wherein the Demon Helm Grand Trial had incorrect requirements for step 2: item trade-in has been corrected. (MowFord)
    ■ An issue wherein the Daily Login Points were not calculating correctly under certain circumstances has been resolved. (Hax)
    ■ An issue wherein breath moves in Dynamis and Domain Invasion were not dealing damage has been corrected. (MowFord)

    Thank you to all the contributors for their work.

    Thank you for playing on CatsEye!

    ~ The CatsEyeXI Team

  8. #88

    ■ ENM: Bionic Bug is now available in Mine Shaft #2716 (Carver/ASB)
    ■ Adept reforging augment rewards have been audited to confirm they match the BGWiki page.(Spicy/Ampitere/Landada)
    ■ Draketrader Zlodgodd now has more accurate combat logic. (Carver)
    ■ Beastmaster's ability Snarl can now be used with a charmed pet. (MowFord)
    ■ Beastmasters can now charm Nightmare mobs in Dynamis Dreamlands. (MowFord)

    ■ Random Deal will now properly reset abilities, taking into consideration Loaded Deck merits and Relic gear. (Mowford)
    ■ The title changer NPC is now fully functional, except for switching to the current week's hunter requirement. (MowFord)
    ■ Dynamis lockout no longer triggers on a Tractor. (MowFord)
    ■ Homam and Nashira sets are no longer available from the Goblin Mystery Box. (Spicy)
    ■ Dynamis now purges Time Extension key items upon initial entry. (MowFord)
    ■ Using a spell or ranged attack near the end of the same type of action will now cause it to queue on the server for your player to perform that action as soon as possible. (MowFord)
    ■ Instance entry logic has been updated and will have less cases where players get stuck in events and blackscreens. (MowFord)
    • This mostly applies to ToAU battlefields.

    Bug Fixes
    ■ An issue wherein completed Salvage armor was being obtained from the Goblin Mystery Box has been addressed. (Spicy)
    ■ An issue wherein Astral flow for most player avatars was doing zero damage has been resolved. (Ampitere)
    ■ An issue wherein the Damage Taken modifiers for Elegy's Respite, Runeist Trousers, and Runeist Bandeau where incorrect has been resolved. (Neckbeard)
    ■ An issue wherein the Level 30 Ninja Adeptus NM was spawning off the navmesh has been corrected. (MowFord)

    Land Sand Boat
    Thank you to all the contributors for their work.

    Thank you for playing on CatsEye!

    ~ The CatsEyeXI Team ~

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