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    Sorry, but SE did not make a perfect game. If anything, it was a lot of bumbling through "first times" where we can easily see future development of some content getting scrapped or just plain undercooked to say there's something most often padded by inane grinds. Not to reiterate the whole cycle of "What is Classic?!" and the impossibility of faithfully recreating the retail experience of the time with 1/10th a server's population at best, but the ability to smooth out the imperfections is actually a private server's biggest strength. Problem is, a lot of these places have neither the vision nor capability to pull it off. And it doesn't help having free ride cultists nipping at their heels when their nostalgic purity is defiled or legitimate bullshit comes to light.

    Much as we may have all personally enjoyed XI at some point, the rise of WoW clones inevitably tells the story of its imperfections. What strengths XI had simply weren't enough for most players of the era if they even deigned to give the game a chance. The weaknesses most certainly did it no favors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arus2001 View Post
    Sorry, but SE did not make a perfect game. If anything, it was a lot of bumbling through "first times" where we can easily see future development of some content getting scrapped or just plain undercooked to say there's something most often padded by inane grinds. Not to reiterate the whole cycle of "What is Classic?!" and the impossibility of faithfully recreating the retail experience of the time with 1/10th a server's population at best, but the ability to smooth out the imperfections is actually a private server's biggest strength. Problem is, a lot of these places have neither the vision nor capability to pull it off. And it doesn't help having free ride cultists nipping at their heels when their nostalgic purity is defiled or legitimate bullshit comes to light.

    Much as we may have all personally enjoyed XI at some point, the rise of WoW clones inevitably tells the story of its imperfections. What strengths XI had simply weren't enough for most players of the era if they even deigned to give the game a chance. The weaknesses most certainly did it no favors.
    Every game has flaws. SE purposely made a game with pitfalls, paths that lead to nowhere, decisions that require alot of effort for minimal gain, and so on. Its a strategy game disguised as an action/rpg at its core. It wasnt just, this weapon should hit harder.. let me boost it.. this job should get invited more.. let me boost it. Most of these servers lack the nuance and understanding that the game was built around fundamentally. Yes there is plenty that need tweaking. Non Raja COP rings, BLM or SMN relic weapon, DRG AF and gear selection, Utsu in some ways, RDM soloability, and so on. But they should be tweaked through the same lense as initially intended. Or just make a fun, non-sensical server like CE and that works too

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    Domain Invasion
    ■ Helga's evasion and other defensive stats have been reduced (Spicy)

    ■ Optimizations have reduced input latency in heavy combat areas (MowFord)

    ■ Wings-Era Warriors now receive a large bonus to their stats and survivability based on daily quests completed (MowFord)
    (Damage Taken -%, Regen+, Refresh+, HP +%, MP +%, Attack+, Accuracy+, Magic Attack+, Magic Accuracy+)

    Novice Trials
    ■ Novice Trials have been created for the following items (Spicy):
    Tropical Punches, Pike, Pelte, Mist Silk Cape, Entrancing Ribbon, Armiger's Lace, Leaping Boots, Katayama, Optical Earring, Gelong Staff, Serpette, Clipeus, Rabbit Charm, Felling Axe, Gasan, Fungus Hat, and Mettle Leggings

    ■ The trial for Carbuncle Mitts has been changed to elementals in La Theine, Konschtat, and Tahrongi (Loxley)

    ■ The interaction and behavior of Mellie has been improved (Loxley)


    ■ The rate of common items has been reduced at higher tiers (Spicy/Loxley)

    ■ The rarity of Galateia on Blessed Mitts has been corrected (Loxley)

    ■ Garbagio's animations now display only to the player currently interacting (Loxley)

    Crystal Warrior & Wings-Era Warrior
    Experience Points
    The daily repeating page reduction on Fields of Valor and Grounds of Valor has been removed under the following conditions:

    ■ The highest level party member must be less than 6 levels below the page's maximum level range

    Example: Qufim Island #1 (26~29) will give full EXP until the highest level party member reaches 23

    (Regular CatsEye ACE characters remain unaffected)

    Items & Synthesis
    ■ Anniversary Ring now gives the full amount of Experience for Wings-Era Warriors and Crystal Warriors (Loxley)

    ■ Chatoyant/Iridal Staff now have the correct Charm+ rate bonuses (Spicy)

    ■ Synthesis recipe has been added for Sollerets (Spicy)

    ■ Desynthesis recipe has been added for Raptor Strap/+1 (Spicy):

    ■ The drop rate of Rabbit Charm has been increased significantly (Spicy)

    ■ Monk mobs no longer punch with 2-handed weapon damage in each fist (MowFord)

    Missions & Quests
    ■ AMK White, Blue, and Black Coral key are now repeatable if previously completed (MowFord)

    ■ The "A Winged Resurgence" title screen will now display for the correct players (Loxley)

    ■ Players can now traverse the ice barrier in Uleguerand Range through the use of a Fire Cluster (Loxley)

    ■ The job ability "Souleater" was fixed upstream and has been re-enabled (Carver)

    ■ Wings-Era Warriors now have access to !mog and !chef while in towns (MowFord)

    ■ Added more items to Ephemeral Box (Loxley):
    Hallowed Water, Damascene Cloth, Vomp Carrot, Iron Bread

    Thanks to the contributors at LandSandBoat for this week's upstream fixes:

    That's all for this week. Welcome to our new players and thank you for playing on CatsEye!

    ~ The CatsEyeXI Team

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    Populox in Ru'Lude Gardens offers a new repeatable rewards system for forming EXP parties against harder foes.

    ■ Each (Earth) day, a new location will be randomly assigned to each level range, encouraging players to seek out new areas
    ■ Once accepted, the venture will auto-repeat until it is expired or cancelled
    ■ The current venture may be cancelled at Populox but participants will receive a reduced reward
    ■ Mobs must be 3 levels higher than the highest level party member and trusts are not permitted
    (Ventures are currently limited to the 10-49 range)

    Upon completion of each venture, players will receive:
    • A small amount of bonus EXP
    • A Goblin Giftbox containing exclusive new items
    • A varying amount of venture Points which can be redeemed at Populox


    Adept Trials
    ■ Augments on Adept Reforging/Trials equipment can now be transferred from NQ to HQ by trading it to the Book of Mastery next to Adeptus (The NQ piece will be consumed) (Loxley)
    ■ Adept Reforging/Trials can now be cancelled at any time by using the Book of Mastery next to Adeptus (Loxley)

    Novice Trials
    ■ The level requirement for Novice Trials has been removed (Loxley)
    ■ Fixed some issues when trading Mellie with a full inventory (Loxley)
    ■ Various Novice Trials have had their augments corrected (Spicy)
    ■ Trials for the Katayama, Carbuncle Mitts, and Kyudogi have been corrected (Spicy)
    ■ Leaping Boots trial has been removed and a trial added for Winged Boots (Spicy)
    ■ Trials for the following items have been added (Spicy):
    Cotton Doublet, Nomad's Mantle, Ranging Knife, Nadrs, Griot Belt, Eremite's Wand, Hawker's Knife, Brass Grip, Pigeon Earring, and Cavalier's Mantle

    Goblin Daily Quests
    ■ The Goblin Daily Quest rewards vendor has been rewritten with new animations and behaviors (Loxley)
    ■ Emoting in the zone your Secret Chest is in will now give you hints for its direction and distance (MowFord)
    ■ Goblin Daily Quest rewards have been cleaned up and reworked (Spicy)
    ■ Wings-Era Warriors can now spend Obsidian Fragments (Loxley/MowFord)
    ■ Crystal Warriors have had prices reduced and Trust Ciphers for Moogle and Sakura have been added (Loxley)

    Battle Systems
    ■ Players raised at the end of Domain Invasion will now only be weakened for 3 minutes (Loxley)
    ■ New NPC healers have been added to Garrison but they will only heal themselves and other players (Loxley)

    ■ The Poroggo Cassock from Garbagio is now equippable (Loxley)
    ■ Crystal Warrior BLU armor now grants traits correctly (Neckbeard)

    Crystal Warrior & Wings-Era Warrior
    ■ The conquest EXP rings (Emperor Band, Empress Band, Chariot Band) have been reverted to retail accurate values (Loxley)
    ■ EXP chain multipliers now scale from 1.3x at chain 6 up to 2.5x at chain 100 (Capping at 2.5x) (MowFord)

    Crystal Warrior
    ■ The prices of GEO Indi plates have been reduced significantly for Crystal Warriors (Loxley)
    ■ Added more items to Ephemeral Box: Ground Wasabi, Bloodwood Log, Moblin Helm/Mail (Loxley)

    Wings-Era Warrior
    ■ Treasure Hunter has been added to Tartarus Platemail as the final reward of "A Winged Resurgence" (MowFord)
    ■ There is now direct gil compensation when gaining EXP from any mobs (MowFord)
    (This bonus caps per week and the exact rate/cap will be subject to change)

    ■ The Domain Invasion buff from Daily Quests has been reduced and is now tied to Elvorseal (MowFord)
    ■ Wings-Era warriors may now acquire the CatsEyeXI global linkshell via the LS Concierge in any of the 3 major cities (Carver)
    ■ Wings-Era warriors must now be level 75 to utilize the EXP Guide in Lower Jeuno (MowFord)

    ■ All Nyzul progress has been imported from WingsXI to allow resuming Nyzul Isle progression and full use of the Greeter Moogle (MowFord)
    ■ The Wings CA in Celennia Memorial Library to allow two new options: Set Homepoint and Return to Jeuno (MowFord)

    ■ The level of Warden Beetles, Donjon Bats, Fortalice Bats, and Kabooms in Garlaige Citadel has been changed from 41 to 48 (Spicy)
    ■ The level of Champion Crawlers in Rolanbery Fields (S) has been changed to 53-55 (Spicy)
    ■ Astral Flow from mobs now does more reasonable damage (MowFord)

    ■ Improvements have been made to mob pathing in all areas (MowFord)
    ■ Players will no longer become stuck after using the "Change floors" option inside the Mog House (Loxley)
    ■ The !chef command has been redesigned! The basic shop dialog has been replaced with paginated menus (Carver)
    ■ Quickening no longer wears on finishing a magic cast (MowFord)
    ■ Players are now able to check their Dynamis 2.0 Arch Essences (Clears/Wins) with the new !essences command (Loxley)

    That's all for this week. Thank you for playing on CatsEye!

    ~ The CatsEyeXI Team

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    ■ The level 50-59 category is now available! (Spicy)

    ■ The following items are now available for purchase with Venture Points (Spicy):
    • Goblin Masque
    • Goblin Suit
    • Cotton Coin Purse
    • Cloud Evoker

    ■ The quantity of monsters required has been reduced (Spicy):
    • Level 10-19: 20 monsters (Down from 30)
    • Level 20-29: 25 monsters (Down from 30)

    ■ The common items from Goblin Giftboxes have been adjusted and some additional new items have been included (Spicy)

    ■ The following new zones have been added (Spicy):
    • Yhoator Jungle, Sea Serpent Grotto, The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah, Batallia Downs (S), Sauromugue Champaign (S), Western Altepa Desert, Labyrinth of Onzozo, Gustav Tunnel, Bostaunieux Oubliette, Quicksand Caves, and Kuftal Tunnel

    ■ The level range of some Ventures has been adjusted or mob selection was changed to better target the intended range (Spicy):
    • Required monsters changed for: Yuhtunga Jungle, East Ronfaure (S), Crawlers Nest, Rolanberry (S)
    • Yuhtunga Jungle is now 20-29 instead of 30-39
    • Crawler's Nest has been broken up from one objective into two ranges: 30-39 and 40-49

    ■ The following changes were made to facilitate EXP camps around the Ventures system (Spicy):
    • Goblin Bounty Hunters in Batallia Downs are now level 25-27
    • Hispid Rarab in West Sarutabaruta (S) are now 39-41
    • Tsetse Fly in Batallia (S) is now 44-46
    • Goblin Patrolman, Franctireur, and Draftee in Rolanberry (S) are now 46-48. These are encountered in the camp at the northern lake near the leeches and slugs at that level
    • Goblin Toxophilite, Grenadier, Flagman, and Guerrilla in Sauromugue Champaign (S) are now 53-55. These are encountered in the camp with Gouger Beetles
    • Gouger Beetles in Sauromugue Champaign (S) are now level 56-58
    • Chigoes in Rolanberry (S) are now level 59-61

    ■ The respawn of certain monsters has been reduced to 4 minutes (Spicy):
    • Rolanberry Fields: Berry Grub
    • Rolanberry Fields (S): Berry Grub, Hawker, Dragonfly, and Champion Crawler in Rolanberry (S)
    • Batallia Downs: Clipper, Ba and Stalking Sapling
    • Sea Serpent Grotto: Ironshell
    • Sauromugue Champaign: Diving Beetle, Evil Weapon
    • Sauromugue Champaign (S): Diving Beetle, Hill Lizard
    • Eastern Altepa Desert: Sand Beetle, Desert Dhalmel
    • Western Altepa Desert: Desert Beetle, Goblin Bouncer, Goblin Digger, Goblin Enchanter, Goblin Hunter, Goblin Welldigger

    Blue Mage
    ■ Blue magic now incurs a cooldown when setting spells (MowFord)

    ■ Blue magic spell modifiers have been adjusted to be more in line with 75-era values (MowFord)

    ■ Blue magic Trick Attack now properly transfers enmity of skillchain damage (MowFord)

    Goblin Daily Quests
    ■ Murdox will no longer request Aqueduct Spiders (Spicy)

    ■ Saltlix will no longer request White Coney or Black Coney (Spicy)

    ■ Incorrect Secret Chest positions for Gustaberg have been removed (MowFord)

    ■ Secret Chest now shows an animation before going to a new position (MowFord)

    Novice Trials
    ■ Mellie now accepts the Griot Belt +1 after completing the trial for Griot Belt (Spicy)

    ■ Earth Elementals now register completion during the Novice Trial for Carbuncle Mitts (Spicy)

    ■ The Beetle Harness Novice Trial is now located at (E-5) in Meriphataud Mountains (Spicy)

    ■ Faerie Tunic now has an applicable Novice Trial (Spicy)

    ■ The following adjustments have been made to Marceo (Spicy):
    • The rate of Gold Beastcoins from Forest Carps has been doubled
    • The rate of Scarlet Stone from Forest Carp has been changed from Rare to Very Rare
    • Iron Nugget and Aht Urghan Brass Ores now drop from Veydal Wrasse instead of Water Cards
    • Orichalcum and Adaman Ore have been reduced by 5% each from Armored Pisces which now drop 1~2 Iron Ores at 10%

    Items & Synthesis
    ■ Epee is now able to be synthesized (Spicy)

    ■ Balloons in Horutoto Ruins now drop Coarse Boomerang (Loxley)

    Crystal Warrior
    ■ Added more items to the Ephemeral Box (Loxley)

    ■ Crystal Warriors now receive Mog Case slots for every 10 levels of crafting skill. Players may receive slots for their existing skills at the Crystal Panacea in Provenance (Loxley)

    ■ Crystal Warriors now gain up to 30 additional spaces in Mog Wardrobe 4 for completing various custom quests, the remaining 50 will be given during the upcoming Crystal Warrior expansion (Loxley)

    ■ Minor trust adjustments have been made to Apururu (ACE/CW) and Kupipi (ACE/CW) logic (Neckbeard):
    These trusts will not attempt to spam Prot/Shell-ga spells when targets are out of range
    Kupipi will now prioritize the Tank for healing (Kupipi does not have flash)

    ■ Semih Lafihna will now stand back (ACE) (Neckbeard)

    ■ Uka Totlihn (ACE) and Mayakov (ACE/CW) will now have more retail accurate behavior (Neckbeard)

    (CW trusts should function as before with the above changes, apologies for the issues during these changes)

    ■ The NPC Ghanraam who exchanges Salvage armor sets has been reworked with improved interactions (Loxley)

    ■ Some issues were resolved where players could receive the wrong Mythic WS (Loxley)

    ■ There have been backend changes to make weaponskills customized while still receiving improvements from LSB (MowFord)
    (Please let us know if differences are noticed)

    ■ Due to potential exploits, player Automatons will now despawn when gaining the effect of Level Sync (Neckbeard/Spicy)
    (This will remain in place while we address more issues surrounding the level scaling)

    ■ The original !chef shop menu will now be displayed whenever players are inside cities (Carver)
    (This is the version of !chef players can buy from AND sell to)

    Thanks to the contributors at LandSandBoat for this week's upstream fixes:

    Thank you for playing on CatsEye!

    ~ The CatsEyeXI Team ~

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    Starlight Celebration
    The Holiday seasonal event is now live! This all new event features three new mini-games and exciting battles against the terrible Twinkling Treants! Each activity provides unique rewards and new points called "Starlight Cheer" which can be accumulated once per day and spent at the Smilebringer's store. Surprise presents are waiting under the tree for the community to unlock! (Loxley/Spicy)


    Job Changes
    ■ The Dancer ability "Contradance" is now implemented. (MowFord)

    Ventures Level 60-69 have been added (Spicy):
    • The Boyahda Tree
    • Cape Teriggan
    • Bhaflau Thickets
    • Aydeewa Subterrane

    ■ The respawn times of many Ventures Targets have been decreased by 30-60 seconds in the 60-69 zones (Spicy).
    ■ The Midras's Helm +1 has been added to Ventures for all character types, and removed from login points (Spicy).
    ■ The difference in Venture Points awarded between level ranges has been eased in order to encourage partying at various levels (Spicy).
    ■ The level of Locus Colibri and Nostokulshedra has been increased by 2 (Spicy).
    ■ The max level of Seaboard Vulture has been increased by 2 (Spicy).
    ■ Very minor adjustments have been made to mob positions to make camps more accessible (Spicy).
    • E.g. Treants in the Colibri at (F-6) in Bhaflau have been moved out and colibri moved in. In order to open up another camp instead of players only camping around (F-10).
    • E.g. A couple slimes in the leech room at Pandemonium Warden have been moved out and a couple leeches moved in.

    Daily Quests
    ■ Saltlix will no longer request Drexerion the Condemned, Phanduron the Condemned, Bayawak, or Waraxe Beak. (Spicy)
    ■ The Notorious Monster Skvader will now give proper credit. (Spicy)
    ■ Crusade has been added to the WEW redemption list from Goldilox. (Spicy)
    ■ ENM materials have been removed from the WEW redemption list from Goldilox. (Spicy)
    ■ ENM materials have been added to CW redemption list from Goldilox. (Spicy)

    Novice Trials
    ■ Carbuncle Mitts now require 3 elementals instead of 5 (Spicy).
    ■ Novice Trials have been corrected from "Orchish" endeavors (Spicy):
    Hawker's Knife
    Eremite's Wand

    ■ Novice Trials are now available for the following (Spicy):
    Guerilla Gloves
    Battle Gloves
    Astaroth Cane
    Passaddhi Staff


    ■ Kupipi will now trigger the RoE objective (MowFord)
    ■ An issue with BCNM Trusts has been corrected (MowFord)
    ■ Ullegore will now buff himself, not other mobs (MowFord)

    Items & Synthesis
    ■ Pengiun, Pelican, Albatross, and Noddy rings implemented (MowFord)
    ■ The synthesis recipes for Lady Bell, Buzdygan, and Velvet Slops have been added. (Spicy)

    ■ The cooldown time between when Wilywox Tenderpalm uses Perfect Dodges has been doubled. (Spicy)
    ■ Shikigami Weapon will now give claim to the player that initially took aggro. (MowFord)
    ■ Some MNK mobs don't actually use H2H, these mobs should now deal normal damage again. (MowFord)
    ■ Hydra Dark Knight and Hydra Samurai now correctly drop a Deluder's Fortune. (Spicy)
    ■ Goblins in the Outer Horutoto Ruins inside Marguerite Tower now share spawns. (Spicy)
    ■ A few more goblins in Dynamis - Jeuno now share spawns. (Spicy)

    Crystal Warrior
    ■ Crystal Warriors may now receive any missed EXP scrolls due to full inventory from Perrin in Port Jeuno (Loxley)
    ■ EXP scrolls awarded from the quest "Empty Handed" have been upgraded to Dragon Chronicles, to encourage assisting new players obtaining the armor (Loxley)
    ■ Fixed an issue where Crystal Warriors were not receiving trusts after completing quests (Loxley)
    ■ Crystal Warriors can now restore any missing Trusts or slots at the Crystal Panacea in Provenance (Loxley)

    ■ The Gigant Octopus gutted from Silver Sharks now has the correct ID. (Spicy)
    ■ Blind Fish now contain the Rebel Earring instead of the Norg Earring. (Spicy)
    ■ Forest Carp now contain Gold Beastcoins 5% more often. (Spicy)

    ■ The level Sync requirement has been reduced back to level 10. (Carver)
    ■ Nyzul (Mythic) Weaponskills can now be unlocked via the regular retail methods, with the pre-2014 WS-point requirements (MowFord)
    ■ All 8 signing crystals are now available at the Celebratory Chest in the 3 main nations. (MowFord)
    ■ Cumetouflaix now tells you if you're missing coins if you have required mission completions. (MowFord)
    ■ Weapon augment "DMG:+X" will now properly increase weapon's base damage (MowFord)
    ■ Domain Invasion contribution has been adjusted to discourage leeching. (Xaver)

    Happy Holidays and Thank you for playing on CatsEye!

    ~ The CatsEyeXI Team ~

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    Adept Reforging
    ■ Dark Knight Adept Reforging is now available! (Spicy)

    Dark Ixion
    ■ Dark Ixion has been unleashed and can now be claimed by regular retail methods! (MowFord)
    (The relevant item drops have been moved onto Dark Ixion)

    Dynamis 2.0 - New Content
    ■ Players may now engage in battle against Arch Apocalyptic Beast in Dynamis - Buburimu! (CatsEyeXI Team)
    (Players must have obtained their wins from the 4 "Arch" NMs in the cities before being able to spawn CoP NMs - Use the !essences command to verify your wins)

    ■ Relic Footwear is now able to be augmented with Franz in Tavnazian Safehold (Spicy)
    (Unlike accessories which take any forgotten item, feet may only be upgraded via Forgotten Steps)

    ■ Rank Points gained from NMs and Forgotten drops slots have increased with this update
    ■ Rank Points gained from NMs and Forgotten/Currency drops/slots will be increasing as further equipment is released
    ■ The requirements for augmenting Relic equipment has increased:
    +50% Rank Points
    +25% Forgotten Items
    +33% Currency
    (Note: This impacts any new relic being augmented or any currently progressing further, including accessories - This has negligible impact at lower ranks )

    Dynamis 2.0 - Fixes & Adjustments
    ■ An issue wherein certain Dynamis 2.0 items were not able to be equipped by the listed jobs has been corrected
    ■ The following NMs in Dynamis now will utilize benediction much earlier:
    Fuu Tzapo the Blessed, Wilywox Tenderpalm, Pignonpausard
    ■ Nightmare foes have been changed from 77-79 to 80-82
    ■ Ordinary goblins in Dynamis - Jeuno now have an Ultra Rare chance of dropping a Roving Bijou
    ■ Beastmen in Dynamis - Beaucedine now drop base relic weapons at the same rate as in the cities

    Friend Referrals
    Congratulations to Andyplayzgamez on reaching 100 friend referral points!
    ■ A new monster has appeared in the depths of The Eldieme Necropolis [S] (Carver)
    (This formidable foe features all new mechanics and an exclusive new item!)

    Wings-Era Warrior
    ■ Stoic Traveler has been added to the Celennia Memorial Library for Wings-Era Warriors (Spicy)
    ■ A new NPC in Lower Jeuno's Goblin shop, Limitrix, now offers Wings-Era Warriors the opportunity to refund their spent Merit Points for the current job (MowFord/Loxley)
    ■ Wings-Era Warriors now gain additional Wardrobe 5 spaces from 5 particular Missions in each Mini-Expansions, up to 30 total and these are retroactively given when interacting with the Tenshodo Coffer (MowFord)
    ■ Wings-Era Warriors now gain an additional 5 slots in Wardrobe 6 every 10 levels of any synth-based craft (MowFord)

    Item Related
    ■ The base damage for the daggers Sandung and Polyhymnia has been increased by 1 (Spicy)
    ■ The mount ID for Goblin Daily Quest rewards have been corrected (Hax)
    ■ The base damage of some Magian Trial weapons has been lowered to be more in-line with the 75 era, augments are unaffected (CatsEyeXI Team)
    ■ Added more items to Ephemeral Box (Loxley):
    Salinator, Miso, Miso Ramen Soup, Rice Vinegar, Soy Sauce, Lindwurm Skin, HQ Crystals

    ■ Yells are now enabled in all zones (Carver)
    ■ In parties, player more than 10 levels below the highest level (Excluding level sync) will no longer receive EXP (CatsEyeXI Team)
    ■ The position of monsters in The Boyahda Tree around Dragon's Aery have been slightly adjusted to facilitate Ventures (Spicy)
    ■ Freya no longer consumes incorrect items when traded (Xaver/Spicy)
    ■ An issue with the Domain Invasion auras has been resolved (Neckbeard)
    ■ Fixed the names of Dream Bell +1 and Hagoita in the reward List (Spicy/Loxley)
    ■ While battling the Twinkle Treants, players will no longer lose "Encounter" status effect upon death (Loxley)
    ■ The Indescript Markings for SCH AF3 no longer move around at an interval (Hax)

    Thanks to the contributors at LandSandBoat for this week's upstream fixes:

    Thank you for playing on CatsEye!

    ~ The CatsEyeXI Team ~

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spicyryan View Post
    The relic armor augments aren't even out yet and the event is less than half released. So it isn't possible to actually see what making a piece looks like when not only is it not even released, but neither are their requirements, lol.
    Well, I concede that you were right in this case. I had no idea you were going to not only make the grind for armor +1 even WORSE than the accessory grind was, but also retroactively fuck that grind as well. Kudos.

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    Back from the holiday break. Happy New Year everyone.

    Here are the last two weeks of patch notes.

    December 26th, 2023:

    Dynamis 2.0
    ■ Franz is now able to augment relic Hands and Legs (Spicy)

    ■ Dynamis - Valkurm and Dynamis - Qufim Dynamis 2.0 NMs may now be spawned and farmed (Spicy)

    ■ The drop rate of Nightmare Chop and Cagebeast Blood in Dyamis - Buburimu have been increased. (+50%) (Spicy)

    ■ Existing Dynamis 2.0 NMs have been balanced adjusted (Spicy)

    ■ A few relic feet augment paths have been better arranged to close empty gaps in bonuses (Spicy)

    ■ As planned and announced prior (Spicy):
    • All Dynamis 2.0 NMs now have an additional drop slot of Forgotten items and 100 pieces
    • All Rank Points awarded have been increased (+25%)

    ■ Warriors now gain the Job Trait "Shield Mastery" at level 40 (Loxley)

    ■ Sakpata's Breastplate no longer grants "Shield Mastery" and has a new hidden effect (Loxley)

    ■ Summoning spirit pacts now have proper casting delay increase/decrease
    based on retail conditions (MowFord)

    ■ Light Spirit specifically has been massively reworked to behave more intelligently (MowFord)

    Combat Related
    ■ Aeonics weapon skills should no longer reliably leave mobs with less than 10% hp when used on low-hp foes (MowFord)

    Monster Related
    ■ Steam Cleaner's respawn time has been reduced from 2-4 to 1-2 hours! (Carver)

    ■ Ruinous Randy has been balance adjusted, bug fixed and now provides a title on defeat (Carver)

    ■ Two new monsters have been added to Hunter (Carver):
    • Dark Ixion
    • Ruinous Randy

    Item Related
    ■ The following items give the correct amount of haste (Increased): Bahamut's Mask, Battle Horn (+1), Futhark Bandeaux/Boots (+1), Kuakuakait (MowFord)

    ■ An issue where-in Automaton Skill+ was not being granted correctly for Ryuga Sune-Ate and Avesta Bangles has been corrected (Spicy)

    ■ The magian trial weapon base DMG amounts have been raised slightly (Loxley)

    ■ The reward rate of rare ores from gutting Armored Pisces has been reduced (Spicy)

    Crafting & Gathering
    ■ Fixed an issue where custom HELM results were not being received (Loxley)

    ■ Fixed an issue with the day element items in custom HELM results (Loxley)

    ■ Fixed an issue appraising ??? items from custom HELM (Loxley)

    ■ Slightly increased the chance of elemental clusters from Ordelle's Caves Mining (Loxley)

    ■ Experimental patch to fix Red/Purple mob names for small player models (MowFord)

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    A.M.A.N. Trove
    ■ AMAN Trove is now live in Horlais Peak! (Hax)
    (This content is currently available for ACE/WEW)

    ■ Added AMAN Trove treasure rewards (Spicy)

    ■ Greyson in Lower Jeuno now accepts Silver Vouchers in exchange for Mars and Venus Orbs (Carver)

    ■ Silver Vouchers are now available for purchase using goblin daily points and venture point exchange (Hax)

    (As a special bonus, players level 30+ may visit Eldarin at (I-5) in Lower Jeuno to obtain their first Mars Orb!)

    Party Finder
    Introducing the all new Party Finder system!
    Enjoy a streamlined party and recruitment experience exclusive to the CatsEyeXI Private Server!
    • Load the new addon used in conjunction with the !pf command
    • Search for players by mode and level
    • Easy to read interface with job, mode icons and comments
    • Send tells and customize message directly from the interface


    (Please restart your launcher to receive the latest version of PartyFinder)
    (Be sure to set the addon to automatically start with your game for best results!)

    Experience Points
    ■ Signet will now provide Conquest Points from XP in Sea (MowFord)

    ■ Sigil bonuses now apply: food duration anywhere, refresh and regen in Shadow zones below 60% (MowFord)

    ■ EXP gained in an alliance (more than 6 in zone) is now reduced to match retail calculations (MowFord)

    Domain Invasion
    ■ Increased the participation calculations for casters in Domain Invasion so that cast time does not negatively impact contribution (MowFord)

    Dynamis 2.0
    ■ The !essences command now displays correctly on multiple lines (Loxley)

    ■ Franz now considers the correct Arch Essences when trading items to upgrade (Loxley)

    ■ The ability damage of Lost Suttung in Dynamis - Qufim has been increased (Spicy)

    ■ Fixed the jobs listed on Oneiros Pebble (Spicy)

    Novice & Adept Trials
    ■ An issue where-in the Tainted Purse for the DRK Adept Reforging was inaccessible has been corrected (Spicy)

    ■ Fixed an issue with the NM spawn point for the Beetle Harness Novice Trial (Loxley)

    ■ Chigoes have been removed from the eligibility list for Ventures in Rolanberry Fields (S) and Aydeewa Subterrane (Spicy)

    ■ Added a new !skills command for players to check the level of their custom skills (Loxley)

    ■ Garbagio now provides a variety of items in exchange for Coffer Keys (Spicy)

    Items & Crafts
    ■ The NPC price of Fried Popotos has been lowered to 80g per (CatsEyeXI Team)

    ■ The occurrence rate of additional effect stun has been reduced for Platinum Grip, Mamushito, and Stun Knife/Kukri (Spicy/Hax)

    Combat Related
    ■ The STR modifier for the Aeonic weapon skills Tachi: Shoha, Resolution, and Stardiver has been reduced (CatsEyeXI Team)
    (Other weaponskills remain unaffected)

    ■ All blue spells have had their range slightly increased to account for most mobs being larger than a worm (MowFord)

    ■ Rage mechanics on HNM have been restored (Hax)

    ■ Trust: Lion has received improvements and new abilities (Carver)
    • Grapeshot: Conal damage and stun effect
    • Pirate Pummel: Damage and Burn Effect
    • Powder Keg: Conal Damage, defense down, and magic defense down
    • Walk the Plank: AoE damage, Bind and Dispel

    Wings-Era Warrior
    ■ The WEW Library has had two updates: !mog is usable there and the Wings C.A. will teleport you to Aht Urghan (MowFord)

    ■ WEW should now preserve their lvl 75 xp bonus from "Increase Merit Cap" when zoning directly into a level sync party or zone. (MowFord)

    Crystal Warrior
    ■ The amount of gil awarded from Goblin's Gambit has been increased (Loxley)

    ■ The Yagudo Arena now awards a substantial amount of gil (Loxley)

    ■ The cost to reset daily quests has been lowered to 15,000 gil for Crystal
    Warriors (Loxley)

    ■ Added the following items to Ephemeral box (Loxley):
    Imperial Cermet, Silencing Potion, Dark Adaman, Dark Adaman Sheet, Iron Arrowheads

    Happy new year and thank you for playing on CatsEye!

    ~ The CatsEyeXI Team ~

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spicyryan View Post

    I too wasn't a fan of the Halloween event grind, but then again I didn't have to do it at all, and did just that. Giving up at 330/500.
    Yea and then you doubled-up on the Christmas event which was a complete bust as the server didn't come close to the kill requirement because no one wanted more shitty cosmetics. You didn't learn a damn thing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Skerxan View Post
    Hey, I want to chime in and want to let you know that your experience with CEXI's communication is something I agree with you as their new Community Manager.
    I only accepted this role because not only did I see these problems between Devs and Players as well but also because they accepted to better themselves. The same will go for players. It's a process and will not be instant but it will steadily improve.
    I can't speak on behalf of gameplay but I hope you will someday check the server out again and see how people improved their behaviour and the public areas are a lot more positive.
    This dude didn't even last a month into this gig. Wonder why

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoePeppitone View Post
    Yea and then you doubled-up on the Christmas event which was a complete bust as the server didn't come close to the kill requirement because no one wanted more shitty cosmetics. You didn't learn a damn thing.

    This dude didn't even last a month into this gig. Wonder why
    I have one guess. It involves someone who should eat a dick.

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    It's so obvious what is going on with this server, and I don't even feel sorry for them becasue they let the racoon into the hen house themselves.

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    Rhapsodies of Vana'diel is now available for all modes up to Mission 2-13 (From the Ruins)! (Carver)
    ■ New trusts are now available (Lion II, Zeid II, Tenzen II, Prishe II, Nashmeira II) (ACE/CW)
    ■ Escha Zi'tah is now accessible to all characters
    ■ New mission rewards have been added
    • (WEW and CW characters will not receive Rhapsody key items)

    ■ ACE characters no longer require crafting skill to obtain Rhapsody key items, these are now obtained naturally through Rhapsodies of Vana'diel Missions
    ■Momiji will continue to award ACE characters with their Relic Weapon for reaching 100 in a craft
    ■ Only Rhapsodies in White and Rhapsodies in Crimson are available from these missions
    ■ Nantoto will no longer grant the Halver or Semih trust ciphers (Players must receive them from Halver or Kupipi respectively during mission 2-3 or after RoV Mission 1-7)

    ■ Prishe II's functionality has been improved from a Trust Synergy with Ulmia (Carver)
    (With Ulmia in the party, Prishe II will now cast Curaga spells when a party member is at 75% rather than waiting until 25% HP)

    ■ Medusa's Claimshield settings have been fixed (Hax)
    ■ Ruinous Randy will now drop two Silver Vouchers (Carver)
    ■ The Great Seaboard Vulture Migration of 2024 (Spicy)

    Goblin Daily Quests
    ■ Woodland Sage has been removed from Saltlix's possible objectives (Spicy)
    ■ WEW Silver Voucher now correctly cost 3,000 Goblin Daily points instead of 5,000 (Spicy)
    ■ Added Bogy to contributions for Daily Quest credit in Gusgen Mines (Spicy)

    ■ The attack modifier of Blade: Shun has been implemented, ramping up to 2x at 3k tp
    ■ The STR modifier of Ruinator now been slightly reduced (to match other str-based aeonics)
    ■ The damage of Stardiver has been reduced by 12%
    ■ The GEO Magic Attack Bonus/Down now apply MATT appropriately (MowFord)
    ■ Weaponskills now gain +100 Accuracy on the first hit (MowFord)

    ■ An issue wherein Aife's Mantle and Aife's Pumps were not wearable by the listed jobs has been corrected (Spicy)
    ■ Fix Mettle Leggings augment to properly have Pet: Attack+2 (Spicy)
    ■ Gepetto will now exchange the following automaton attachments: Shock Absorber, Vivi-valve, and Magniplug (Spicy)
    ■ An issue with the total bonus from EXP bands affecting WEW/CW has been resolved (MowFord)
    • Decennial Ring has been made available from the Delivery Assistant at (I-8) Ru'lude Gardens to compensate these lost bonuses (WEW/CW)

    ■ Players may now unlock outposts by winning the region's Garrison battle (Loxley)
    ■ The level of Garrison helper NPCs has been increased to account for better stat calculations on mobs from upstream (Loxley)
    (We will continue to monitor balance and make more Garrison adjustments where necessary)

    Crystal Warrior
    ■ Teleport options have been added between Yagudo Outlaw and the Arena, reducing the travel time significantly (Loxley)
    ■ The level of the mobs in Yagudo Arena has been lowered slightly (Loxley)
    ■ Added Oil-Soaked Cloth to GEO for the Crystal Warrior Artifact materials quest (Loxley)
    ■ The attachments Ice Maker and Flame Holder are now available from Goblin's Gambit (Loxley)

    ■ Vingijard in Lower Jeuno is now functional for resetting Artifact Quest progress (MowFord)
    ■ The title requirement for obtaining a mythic weapon has been removed when exchanging a Mythos Token (Hax)
    ■ Adjust afterglow to happen on item equip. Should no longer require a zone to go into effect (MowFord)
    ■ PartyFinder registrations will now properly clear for characters that log out (Carver)
    ■ Claimshield adjusted to stun all losing entities to avoid race condition with claiming (MowFord)

    Thank you for playing on CatsEye!

    ~ The CatsEyeXI Team ~

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    Special Ventures
    Players may now undertake "Special Ventures" at Alternix in Upper Jeuno (I-11) (Loxley)

    ■ Fishing Ventures (0-19, 20-39, 40-59, 60-79, 80-99)
    Every day, fishing targets will be selected for each skill range. Complete the Ventures to obtain boxes with new treasures and earn Fishing Venture Points to unlock exclusive new Fishing rewards including new armor sets.

    ■ Dynamis Ventures (Crystal Warrior only)
    Form a team and share contributions as you earn new pools of currency together. Gain Dynamis Venture Points and use them to access additional currency and materials.

    ■ Harvesting, Excavation, Logging, Mining Ventures
    Each HELM activity now has its own category of Venture Points and exclusive new rewards, featuring three selected targets per day. These Ventures will test your skills and game knowledge to find the best sources for each activity. Bonus boxes provide additional materials and useful items and rare currencies used to upgrade a new armor set.

    Ventures System
    ■ Cancelled ventures now award an amount of EXP based on the completed progress (Loxley)

    ■ Players may now check the current ventures with the new !ventures command (Loxley)

    ■ The quantity of mobs required for all EXP ventures has been reduced by 5 and the minimum point values have been reduced by 5 to slightly compensate (Spicy/Loxley)

    Missions & Quests
    ■ Players will now receive the Luopan key item upon completing The Unnamed Way (Loxley)

    ■ Players will now receive the Sowilo Claymore upon completing Runic Insurrection (Loxley)
    (Both of these items have been added to the Assistant (I-8) in Ru'Lude Gardens, allowing adventurers who already completed these quests to receive their missing rewards)

    Rhapsodies of Vana'diel
    ■ An issue wherein players on the Rhapsodies mission "Ring my Bell" were unable to complete the quest "Apocalypse Nigh" due to not being able to open the door to Gilgamesh (MowFord/Xaver)

    ■ Players will now correctly receive Cipher: Nashmeria II instead of Cipher: Abquhbah (Loxley)
    (If you have still not obtained the correct cipher, please open a ticket)

    ■ Players can no longer enter the Undulating Confluence in Qufim while in combat (Loxley)

    ■ The movement speed of Ophiotaurus has been increased (Spicy)

    Novice Trials
    ■ The Novice Trial for Beetle Harness has been moved to Sauromugue Champaign (G-5) (Spicy)
    ■ Novice Trials have been added for: Rogetsurin, Anthos Xiphos, and Vendor's Slops (Spicy)

    Items & Synthesis
    ■ Tiger Shark now has the correct stats, size, and a more correct difficulty (Spicy)
    ■ Morinabaligi now has the correct stats and size (Loxley)

    ■ All Artifact weapons have been lowered to Level 40 (Loxley)
    ■ The level of Garrison Hose has been lowered to 20 (Loxley)
    ■ Oneiros grip now properly gives +1 refresh when below 50% mp (MowFord)

    ■ The crafting skill requirements for Gavial Cuisses have been corrected (Loxley)
    ■ Synthesis recipes for the following items have been added: Butachi and Vendor's Slops (Spicy)

    ■ Geppetto will now exchange the following parts for the correct ones: Mana Tank II and Economizer (Spicy)
    ■ Oboro now requests the correct quality of Shofar (Spicy)

    ■ Players can now immediately engage the next target without waiting until attack delay (MowFord)
    ■ Unlimited shot no longer consumes ammo on a missed ranged attack (MowFord)
    ■ Aymur weapon now properly enhances "Sic" and "Ready" (MowFord)

    ■ Tachi: Kaiten now has 1.75x attack modifier (MowFord)
    ■ Tachi: Kasha has been buffed by 30% (MowFord)

    ■ Geo-Haste is now able to be cast on party members (MowFord)
    ■ Prishe II can now be summoned for battle! (Carver)
    ■ Nashmeira II will now receive the correct job and modifiers (Carver)

    Crystal Warrior
    ■ Crystal Warriors may now receive missed Garrison EXP scrolls from Perrin in Port Jeuno (Loxley)
    ■ The Wildcat Armorer in Aht Urhgan Whitegate now offers Crystal Warriors the opportunity to purchase Assault related items in exchange for Nyzul Isle Tokens (Loxley)

    Ephemeral Box
    ■ Crystal Warriors may now trade Beastmen's Seals and similar items to the Ephemeral Box, transferring them directly to Shami's storage in Port Jeuno (Loxley)
    ■ The Ephemeral Box now displays the craft type and category when an item is stored (Loxley)
    ■ The !box command now displays the craft type and category for the requested item (Loxley)
    ■ Added item to Ephemeral Box: Titanictus Shell (Loxley)
    ■ A new Ephemeral Box expansion is now available for Fishing through the Special Ventures system (Loxley)

    Wings-Era Warrior
    ■ WEW rank-based wardrobe1 unlocks should function correctly now (MowFord)
    ■ WEW who previously reset their Nyzul progress on WingsXI are now only required to earn 250 ws points to unlock a Mythic WS (MowFord)

    Goblin Daily Quests
    ■ Mistrix will now also accept high-quality items for the Goblin Daily Quest (Loxley)
    ■ Saltlix Will no longer request Merrow No.5 or Marquis Amon (Spicy)
    ■ The Secret Chest in Riverne - Site #A01 will no longer spawn inside the Ouryu Cometh BCNM (Spicy)

    ■ The Yagudo in Giddeus have been moved into mob groups (Spicy)

    ■ Goblin Pathfinders are now able to drop Counterfeit Gil (Spicy)

    ■ The following NMs have had their respawn times changed. (Spicy)
    • Morbolger every 1-2 hours instead of 21-24.
    • Bo'Who Warmonger every 2-3 hours instead of 21-24.

    The following changes have been made related to Ventures (Spicy):
    ■ Bibiki Bay has been added to Ventures. The center of the map before Locus Mobs has been completely rearranged.
    ■ The levels of foes have been adjusted in Bibiki Bay:
    • Tragopans: 65-68
    • Tropical Rarabs: 68-70
    • Tartarus Efts: 70-72
    • Hobgoblins Remain 72-74
    • Catoblepas: 75-77

    ■ West Sarutabaruta (S) has been significantly improved for Ventures:
    • Many low level monsters such as Bumblebees, Carrion Crows, and Crawlers that were mixed in with high level Yagudo or Rafflesia were pulled into the sectors of lower levels monsters.
    • Savanna Dhalmel now form a less spread out herd with stragglers pulled away from Yagudos.
    • Crabs now form a colony cluster instead of wandering the countryside.
    • The arrangement of high level foes is now more sensible with Starlock Hillock and the peripheries of the map being high level foes and the inner corridors being lower level foes.
    • More work will be done on this and other Shadowreign zones in the future to improve their Venture potential.

    ■ Respawns on Venture targets was slightly reduced in Bibiki Bay, West Sarutabaruta (S), and The Boyahda Tree.

    ■ The Snaggletooth Peapuk room in The Boyahda Tree was dramatically rearranged to make it a viable merit camp.
    ■ The level of the following mobs have changed in The Boyahda Tree:
    • Snaggletooth Peapuk: 83-85
    • Mourning Crawler: 84-86
    • Viseclaw: 84-86

    ■ Page 8 in The Boyahda Tree on these merit targets has been disabled.
    ■ The northern smaller Seaboard Vulture camp for solo ACEs, and lowman or otherwise newer players meriting has been better arranged.

    Fishing Changes
    Characters now have a daily limit on fish caught, also known as fatigue:
    ■ New characters may catch 20 fish per day (JST Midnight)
    ■ ACE characters may catch 300 fish per day upon completing Limit Break 3
    ■ WEW characters may catch 300 fish per day upon unlocking a subjob
    ■ The daily limit can be increased by earning and equipping new items
    ■ The numbers of remaining catches may be checked with the new !fatigue command

    ■ Added improved support for item restoration through Assistant (Loxley)
    ■ An issue wherein the augment from Franz for the Pantin Dastanas +1 was set incorrectly has been correct (Spicy)
    ■ The following changes are now merged into LSB upstream
    (Please let us know if any differences are noticed, there should be none):
    • WS tp gain,
    • WS +100 on first hit
    • BLU magic SATA and CA behavior

    Thank you for playing on CatsEye!

    ~ The CatsEyeXI Team ~

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    Special Ventures
    ■ The "Expert Angler" modifier now increases the chance of gold arrows slightly (Loxley)
    ■ Alternix now lists the fish skill level when offering Fishing Ventures (Loxley)
    (Further improvements for Fishing Ventures are being developed including new content)

    ■ Mariner's Tunica/+1 and Plain Tunica/+1 now have a unique new models! Special thanks to Shirahime for creating them!

    ■ HELM Special Ventures have been redesigned and rebalanced! (Loxley)
    • Each tier (Low/Mid/High) now rolls a different area every day
    • Each area has five selected items worth varying amounts based on rarity (1-15 points)
    • Accumulating all 50/50 points will complete the Special Venture, awarding Venture Points and EXP

    (Any excess contribution will roll over into the next Venture unless it expires)

    EXP Ventures
    EXP Ventures have undergone the following adjustments (Spicy):
    ■ The maximum points awarded has been increased by 5 for all Ventures.
    ■ Goblins and Yagudo now count for Ventures in Sauromugue Champaign.
    ■ Toads and Poroggos now count for Ventures in West Sarutabaruta (S).
    ■ Toads and Poroggos have been lowered in level to 42-44 and 43-45.
    ■ Toads and Poroggos have been moved in West Sarutabaruta (S) to the south tower near the coast.
    ■ The Diving Beetles camp in Sauromugue Champaign at (G-8) has had more beetles added.
    ■ Tabar Beaks in Sauromugue Champaign now form an XP camp at (F-5).
    (The respawn of these Ventures related targets has been decreased)

    ■ The Toad family has been corrected. They are now considered Aquans instead of Beastmen and will no longer cast spells, use TP moves, or stand at a distance. (Xaver/Spicy)
    ■ RoV Siren will now despawn instead of roaming around taking out unsuspecting adventurers. (Aeltorian)
    ■ The respawn time of Eba, Mahisha, and Tres Duendes in Phomiuna Aqueducts has been reduced to 2-3 hours. (Spicy)
    ■ The drop rate of Flint Stone, Copper Ore, Silver Ore, Zinc Ore, Tin Ore, Iron Ore, Mithril Ore, Gold Ore, and Platinum Ore from various foes has been corrected to retail accurate rates. (Spicy)
    ■ The drop rate of Balloon Cloth, Shakudo Ingot, and Fomor Subligars have been made more accurate. (Spicy)
    ■ The drop pool of Lost Aitvaras has been corrected. (Spicy)

    Adept Trials
    ■ After a trial is complete, Adeptus now warns players seeking to convert Adept Reforge augments from an NQ to HQ item to trade the Book of Mastery first. (Spicy)
    ■ Adeptus now gives a warning when trading augmented NQ armor with HQ armor, players must repeat the trade to confirm they accept this warning (Loxley)
    ■ The Adept Reforge result of MND+4-8 on the Black/Onyx Cuisses has been changed to INT+1-4. (Spicy)
    (Any players that have completed the last stage please open a ticket to change the MND+8 to INT+4. Those who have not, please do not open a ticket, and complete the next trial in order to have the MND changed to INT.)

    Novice Trials
    ■ Players can now use the !trials command to check the progress of their current Novice Trial (Loxley)
    ■ Novice Trials have been added and adjusted (Spicy):
    Fidelity Mantle and Barbarian's Sword are now available.
    Aroma Fly has been replaced by Guardian Crawler for the Voyager's Sallet.

    Items & Synthesis
    ■ The Thief Mythic Dagger "Vajra" now grants "Treasure Hunter"+1 but cannot be equipped at the same time as Thief's Knife (CatsEyeXI Team)
    ■ Fixed an issue wherein Physical Damage Taken values of the Priwen and Oneiros Belt were incorrect. (Spicy)
    ■ The maximum value of the Occult Acumen augment on the Abyss Gauntlets +1 has been increased by 5. (Spicy)
    ■ The synthesis recipes for the Hammermill, Heatsink, and Roshi Jinpachi have been added. (Spicy)
    ■ The NPC resale price of Crow Bracers has been corrected. (Spicy)
    ■ Gepetto now will exchange the incorrect ID parts for the following (Spicy):
    • Condenser
    • Turbo Charger
    • Tranquilizer
    • Speedloader II

    ■ The custom pirates' attack event on the ships bound for Mhaura and Selbina has been replaced with with a more retail-esque implementation (ASB, Carver)

    ■ Crystal Warrior can now withdraw multiples of 99 from the Ephemeral Box (Loxley)
    ■ Players can now purchase a Conquest Points voucher for Garrison Points (Loxley)
    ■ Updated formula from LSB for geo potency to properly scale from 0 combined skill (MowFord)

    ■ Players may now use the !help command to list the commands available in their current mode (Loxley)
    ■ Improved internals of custom skills system (Loxley)
    ■ Hunt Registery books have been removed (Loxley)
    ■ The fatigue reduction on Mariner's Tunica and Boots have been adjusted (CatsEyeXI Team)
    ■ Ebisu Fishing Rod now increases the daily catch limit (CatsEyeXI Team)
    ■ The Synergy Furnace now requires the title "Kirin Captivator" before augmenting armor (CatsEyeXI Team)

    Thanks to the contributors at LandSandBoat for this week's upstream fixes:

    Thank you for playing on CatsEye!

    ~ The CatsEyeXI Team ~

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    Special Ventures
    ■ A new tier of Fishing Ventures has been added (100+) targeting legendary fish (Loxley)
    (A new Tacklebox will soon be available from this tier)

    ■ Fishing Ventures now have a level requirement: 10+, 20+, 40+, 50+, 60+, 70+ (CatsEyeXI Team)
    (A message will be displayed upon attempting to complete objectives without the necessary requirement)

    ■ The quantity required for HELM Special Ventures has been reduced from 50 to 40 (Loxley)

    ■ The amount of EXP awarded from HELM Special Ventures now scales by tier: 1000, 1250, 1500 (Loxley)

    ■ Fixed an issue upgrading armor from Special Ventures (Loxley)


    Job Related
    ■ Scholar now gains Occult Acumen I at level 60 and Occult Acumen II at level 75 (Spicy)

    Item Related
    ■ Cronus has been increased by 1 DMG (Spicy)

    ■ An issue wherein Terpander had the incorrect value of string skill (Spicy)

    ■ Added attachment Reactive Shield to Geppetto's trade list (Loxley)

    ■ Orcs in Davoi have been arranged into mob groups (Spicy)

    The following drop rates have been corrected (Spicy):
    ■ The drop rate of armor from beastmen has been set to a more retail accurate rate.
    ■ The drop rate of various items in Davoi/Monastic Cavern such as Gold Orc Mask and Soiled Letter has been set to a more retail accurate rate.

    The following adjustments have been made to support EXP ventures (Spicy):
    ■ Aydeewa Subterrane
    • Defoliator moved out of room at (L-8) Map 2 and into the main Defoliator room next to it.
    • Qiqirn Enterpriser moved into (L-8) Map 2.
    • Chigoes moved from spiral hill at (J-9) Map 2 to adjacent hallway to make the camp viable.
    • Diremites moved from room at (H-6) Map 3 to (J-9) Map 2.
    • Qiqrn Archaeologist moved into (H-6) Map 3.
    • Defoliators are now level 69-72 instead of 68-73
    • Aydeewa Diremites are now level 71-74 instead of 70-75
    • Qiqirn Archaeologists and Mosstroopers are now level 73-75 instead of 70-75.
    • Deforesters (87-89) around (D-7/8) Map 2 have been spaced out to prevent the entire room for linking.
    • Mycoskulkers (89-90) around (I-9) Map 5 have been spaced out to prevent the entire room from linking.

    ■ Batallia Downs (S)
    • The respawn time of all venture targets in Batallia Downs (S) has been reduced.

    ■ Rolanberry Fields (S)
    • Clippers in Rolanberry Fields (S) were moved down the ledge from the Fountain of Partings to the Fountain of Promises.
    • Slugs were moved into the vicinity of the Fountain of Promises from the periphery.
    • Clippers, Goobbues, and Goblin Skirmishers were added as targets for Ventures in Rolanberry Fields (S).
    • Chigoes were moved out of the Dragonfly.
    • Dangerous higher level Gobbues and Goblin Skirmishers are now off the long road of Wasps.
    • Some Gobbues are now near the Dragonfly at (G-6).
    • Goobbues have formed a gang at (H-11).
    • Berry Grubs now form a colony at (F-9).
    • Champion Crawler form two colonies instead of being scattered, (F-8) and (G-7).
    • Coppercaps are now campable at (H-9).
    • The respawn time of all venture targets in Rolanberry Fields (S) has been reduced.

    ■ Sauromugue Champaign
    • A camp has been made at (G-7/8) of Hill Lizards and Diving Beetles.

    Crystal Warrior
    ■ Added items to Ephemeral Box (Loxley): Dahlia, Marid Hair, Sarcenet Cloth, Porxie Wing

    ■ Fixed an issue where Crystal Warriors were not receiving Field Tunica or Sprinter Shoes from custom quests (Loxley)
    (Additionally if full inventory, these items will now be stored at the Assistant in Ru'Lude Gardens)

    ■ Cumetouflaix's dialog has been updated to properly reflect the requirements (Loxley)

    ■ Skinnymajinx will now give credit for Goblin Daily kill quests for skeletons in the Inner Horutoto Ruins. (Spicy)

    ■ Created new tools to assist with the Friend Referral System (Loxley)

    Thank you for playing on CatsEye!

    ~ The CatsEyeXI Team ~

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    Job Updates
    ■ BST and BRD now have access to the Fencer trait. (Spicy)
    • BST gains Fencer at level 60, and Fencer II at level 75.
    • BRD gains Fencer at level 75.

    Special Ventures
    ■ The !ventures command now shows 100+ Fishing Ventures. (Loxley)
    ■ The Water Res. modifier on the Mariner's Tunica set has been corrected. (Loxley)
    ■ Reduced the rate of Broken fishing rods inside tackleboxes. (Loxley)
    ■ Angler's Commendations can now be purchased for Fishing Venture Points. (Loxley)
    ■ Union Commendations have been increased from Rare to Uncommon in purchased packages. (Loxley)
    ■ The rate of bundling items in Goblin Gatherbox has been slightly reduced. (Loxley)
    ■ Bundling items can now be stored in the Ephemeral Box. (Loxley)
    ■ The price of purely cosmetic items from Special Ventures has been lowered from 1800 points to 1200 points. (Loxley)
    ■ The price of Ark Weapons from Dynamis Ventures has been lowered from 3000 points to 1800 points. (Loxley)

    ■ The rate of Minium from Arrapago Reef Excavation has been raised from Ultra Rare (0.1%) to Super Rare (0.5%). (Loxley)

    ■ The rate of Oboron Lure from Arrapago Reef Excavation has been raised from Super Rare (0.5%) to Very Rare (1%). (Loxley)
    (Orobon Lure is now the new Venture Target for 10 points instead of Soulflayer Robe for 5 points)

    ■ The Attohwa Chasm Excavation Venture has been updated to target Cactus Stems for 10 points instead of Antlion Jaw for 5 points. (Loxley)

    EXP Ventures
    ■ The Large Goblin Giftbox from EXP Ventures now yields a new item: Thorin's Shield (Loxley)

    ■ Caedarva Mire has been added to Ventures (60~69). (Spicy)

    Jailer of Love
    ■ Jailer of Love has gained a new Ultimate Weapon! (CatsEyeXI Team)

    Items & Synthesis
    ■ An issue wherein Aife's Ring was not equipable. (Spicy)
    ■ The "Occult Acumen" trait on Merlinic Shalwar has been moved to a modifier. (Spicy/Loxley)
    ■ The following items have been improved (Spicy): Apaisante, Buzbaz Sainti, and Flete Pole.
    ■ NPC Prices for the new level 73 synthesis items and the Buzbaz Sainti have been added. (Spicy)
    ■ Additionally, the level of the following weapons has changed (Spicy):
    • Buzbaz Sainti has been raised from level 70 to level 75.
    • Apaisante has been raised from level 70 to level 73.
    • Flete Pole has been lowered from level 75 to level 73.

    ■ The following synthesis items have been added as level 73 weapons and any missing recipes added (Spicy): Aisa, Breidox, Etourdissante, Firnaxe, Gorkhali Kukri, Marath Baghnakhs, Nurigomeyumi, Opprimo, Rosschinder, Sasanuki, Vejovis Wand, and Yhatdhara.


    ■ Fish exchangeable to Marceo that have a chance at multiple Moat Carp Creels have been reduced to one. (Spicy)

    This is in order to balance the flow of them being created simultaneously from Special Ventures Fishing.

    ■ The following fish have been added to Marceo (Spicy):
    • Tiger Shark 99 (Gold ore and Potestas Bomlet)
    • Cave Cherax 110 (Dwarf Pugil, Luminium Ore, Dragonkin Earring)
    • Sea Zombie 110 (Drill Calamary, Orichalcum Ore, Rancourous Mantle)
    • Quicksilver Blade 110 (Imperial Tea Leaf and Ossa Grip)


    ■ Caedarva Mire has been improved for Ventures (Spicy):
    • Marsh Murre has been adjusted from 64-68 to 66-68.
    • Oderly Imp has been adjusted from level 63-68 to 66-68.
    • Treant Sapling had their minimum level raised by 1 to 62.
    • Jnun has been adjusted from level 72-77 to 75-77.
    • Marsh Murre have been better concentrated around (E-10)
    • Chigoes were moved from around the Deadmist Marsh (H-10) to on top of the ledge before Nashmau (I-9)
    • Karakul were better organized. With a few strays brought into the flock.
    • Jnuns near the Karakul were spread out a little bit to reduce links.
    • More will be done with this zone in the future.

    ■ Slough Skua (87-89, Vultures) around (F-9) were better organized to reduce links (Spicy).
    ■ The Respawn time of Venture targets and Slough Skua, Heraldic Imp, and Spongilla Fly, has been reduced (Spicy).

    Crystal Warrior
    Provenance has been rearranged in preparation for exciting new Crystal Warrior content! (Loxley):
    ■ Petros now has a new location inside Provenance.
    (the Provenance Ring and other features have also been updated)

    ■ The Crystal Panacea has taken form as a new friendly NPC called Carnelian.

    ■ New "rewards" are available for Unbreakable Crystal Warriors who reach 1.5M, 2M, 3M EXP lost.

    ■ These items can now be reobtained from Carnelian at any time, once the requirements are met.
    (Petros will no longer continuously give these once discarded)

    ■ A new Crystal Keeper has appeared: Ametrine will allow Crystal Warriors to transfer augments from Crystal Warrior quests onto high-quality crafted versions.


    ■ Items added to Ephemeral Box (Loxley):
    • Anchovy, Marinara Sauce, Moblumin Sheet, Bundling Twine, Mandrel, Shagreen File, Spindle, Triturator, Workshop Anvil

    ■ Added colored text to custom content and fixed several issues (Loxley):
    (Fixes harvesting messages, Venture complete messages, tool breaking messages, collecting items containing "-")

    ■ The !ventures command now displays any currently active ventures, denoted by the objective progress. (Loxley)

    ■ The Grounds/Field of Valor daily repeat reduction for CW/WEW now also applies at 75. (CatsEyeXI Team)

    Thanks to the contributors at LandSandBoat for this week's upstream fixes:

    Thank you for playing on CatsEye!

    ~ The CatsEyeXI Team ~

  19. #79

    ■ Squires have appeared across the realm to relieve weary adventurers of burdensome extra armor. To begin this task, they've first agreed to take care of your Relic +1 pieces. Squires have been specially trained to pay attention to the details and will be able to distinguish your augmented equipment, returning it exactly how you left it. As they gain more knowledge, their duties will expand to new ranges of items. (Loxley)

    • Squire Knight (K-9) Northern San d'Oria
    • Squire Decurion (H-7) Bastok Markets
    • Squire Warlock (L-10) Windurst Waters
    • Squire Guard (I-10) Ru'Lude Gardens

    Novice Trials
    ■ The Steel Kilij has been added to Novice Trials. (Spicy)

    Wings-Era Warrior
    ■ The final chapters of A Winged Resurgence are now available for Wings-Era Warriors, including the final reward: Tartarus Platemail (Loxley/Spicy)

    ■ All issues appraising ??? items have been resolved (Loxley)
    (Items from HELM must now be appraised at new NPCs: Ciciroon in Al Zahbi (J-9) and Gegeroon in Nashmau (H-8))

    ■ The following changes were made for Ventures (Spicy):
    • Ephramadian Shades (75-77) have been placed at (I-8) on Map 1
    • Foes around the south eastern side of the Deadmist Marsh (Map 1) have been better sorted into camps.

    ■ The following changes to NMs were performed (Spicy):
    • The respawn window for Zoraal Ja's Pkuucha now opens up at 1.5 hours after ToD instead of a variable 30 minutes to 12 hours.
    • The chance of Goblintrap spawning has been doubled.
    • The chance of Orctrap spawning has been increased by 50%.
    • The drop rate of Wilhem's and Altdorf's Earrings have been increased slightly.
    • The drop rate of Fowling Earring and Zoraal Ja's Axe were made more realistic (24% and 15% instead of 35% and 30%).

    A section on the wiki has been created to keep track of this for players:

    Dynamis 2.0
    ■ Ophiotaurus now has a slight resistance to Sleep, Stun, and Gravity. (Spicy)
    ■ An issue wherein Seismostomp was dealing 0 damage. (Spicy/Hax)
    ■ An issue wherein breath attacks from Lost Stihi were dealing incorrect damage. (Spicy/Loxley)
    ■ The following changes have been made to Dynamis (Spicy)
    • Seismostomp will now deal more damage from Arch Statues.
    • Arch Statues now have greatly enhanced movement speed.
    • Arch Statues now have a sizable reduction to physical damage.
    • Breath Damage from Lost Stihi has been increased significantly.
    • Lost Stihi's double attack and attack have been reduced.
    • Lost Stihi has been given Store TP and immunity to Paralyze.
    • The defense of "Lost" dragons in Dynamis - Buburimu has been increased.
    • The evasion of "Lost" dragons and Pignonpausard has been decreased slightly
    • All "Lost" dragons have been given movement speed increases.
    • The attack of Lost Aitvaras and Lost Barong has been increased slightly.
    • The attack and double attack of Lost Alklha has been decreased slightly.
    • The regain of all NMs in Dynamis - Beaucedine and Dynamis - Dreamlands has been decreased significantly.

    Items & Synthesis
    ■ Four synergy crafted furnishings have been added to regular synthesis. (Spicy)
    • Banquet Set - 99 Alchemy, 32 Goldsmithing, 12 Clothcraft.
    • Purifying Ewer - 99 Alchemy, 40 Smithing, 30 Goldsmithing
    • Mock Hare - 99 Alchemy, 40 Cooking
    • Bakery Platter - 90 Cooking 21 Smithing
    • These items all use a fire crystal and the same exact materials as would be used in the Synergy recipe.

    Crystal Warrior
    ■ The Ephemeral Box can now store the following items (Loxley):
    Diatryma Meat, Obsidian, Obsidian Arrowheads, Black Bolt Heads, Taurus Horn, Hippogryph Feather, Twinthread, Twincoon, Hunter's Cottton, Marble, Marble Nugget

    ■ The Ephemeral Box is now accessible from two new locations (Loxley): Kazham (Auction House) and Metalworks (Smithing Guild)

    Thanks to the contributors at LandSandBoat for this week's upstream fixes:

    Thank you for playing on CatsEye!

    ~ The CatsEyeXI Team ~

  20. #80

    ■ The Corsair Job Ability 'Random Deal' now correctly has a chance to reset a player's Job Ability cooldown. (Carver)

    Novice Trials
    ■ A new Novice Trial for the Parrying Knife has been added. (Spicy)

    ■ The Novice Trial for Carbuncle Mitts has has been better aligned to more common weather elementals to the zone. Wind for Tahrongi instead of Earth and Water for La Theine instead of Wind. (Spicy)

    Goblin Daily Quests
    ■ Murdox will now count Lamia Palace Guards when the objective is Lamia in Arropago Reef. (Spicy)

    ■ Saltlix will no longer request Bastet in The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah. (Spicy)

    ■ Fixed secret chest positions in Castle Zvahl and Dynamis - Windurst. (Spicy)

    ■ The notorious monster "Pallas" has been implemented, with a 5% chance to spawn if his placeholders are defeated, in Vunkerl Inlet [S] (Carver)

    ■ The notorious monster "Copper Borer" in Halvung has been implemented (Carver)

    ■ The spawn chance of "Taxim" has been doubled. The respawn remains 2 hours. (Spicy)

    ■ All non-NM Luminians in the Lumoria region now have retail accurate drop rates. (Spicy)

    ■ The droplist has been implemented for "Ferroalloy Quadav" (Carver)

    ■ EXP Ventures now award double EXP at level 75 while synced down (Loxley/Spicy)

    ■ Ventures and Special Ventures will no longer be able to roll the same objective as the previous day (Loxley)

    ■ Credit for HELM Special Ventures will now prevented if the player has recently used a mount (2 minutes) (Loxley)

    ■ Silver Vouchers purchased with Venture Points have been reduced from 2,000 to 1,500 (Spicy)

    ■ Moon Bats, Goobbues, Wights, Ochu, and Evil Weapons are now counted for Venture credit in Rolanberry Fields (Spicy)

    ■ The EXP rewarded for a successful Venture has been increased by 250-500 in the following locations (Spicy):
    • Valkurm Dunes
    • Buburimu Peninsula
    • Qufim Island
    • Yhoator Jungle
    • West Sarutabaruta (S)
    • Sea Serpent Grotto
    • Batallia Downs (S)
    • Eastern Altepa Desert
    • Western Altepa Desert
    • Rolanberry Fields (S)
    • Sauromugue Champaign (S)
    • Gustav Tunnel
    • Bostaunieux Oubliette
    • Cape Terrigan
    • Aydeewa Subterrane
    • Caedarva Mire


    The following adjustments have been made to Garrison (Loxley):
    ■ Garrison Healers will replace regular NPCs, meaning slightly fewer NPCs

    ■ EXP reward has been reduced by 1k for all ranges

    ■ Treasure tables have been redesigned and rebalanced to prevent seeing the same items repeatedly
    (Multiple new items have been added)

    ■ Crooked Jones has appeared in Norg, offering an array of repeatable fishing content and new rewards!

    ■ Fishing results have been implemented in Wings of the Goddess areas! (Loxley/Spicy)
    (Pools/Areas are currently zone wide but we will continue to make adjustments - Please give us your feedback)
    ■ It is now possible to catch Quicksilver Blade on the Nashmau ferry (Loxley)

    ■ The following changes have been made to Marceo.
    • Matsya may now be gutted. Featuring a Shaper's Shawl, and other rare items.
    • The amount of gil rewarded from Zaldon for trading in Matsya has been halved.
    • Silver Shark no longer rewards a Shaper's Shawl, but a Bonze cape which provides a crafting skill rate increase at a lower value. The Shawl has an identical rate between Marceo or Zaldon.
    • As a result, Armored Pisces, Silver Shark, and other fish underwent drop adjustments. This is reflected on the wiki.


    ■ Significantly reduced the use time on Creel of Moat Carp and updated the animation (Loxley)

    ■ The latent effect on Nesanica Ring has been implemented (Carver)

    ■ The effect and active of Sha Wujing's lance / +1 have been implemented (Carver)

    Crystal Warrior
    ■ The Ephemeral Box Fishing expansion has been reduced in cost from 5000 to 1500 (Loxley)

    ■ Added the following items to Ephemeral Box (Loxley):
    Ameretat Vine, Troll Bronze Ingot, Troll Bronze Sheet, Lycopodium Flower, Giant Bird Fletchings, Wamoura Scale, Hydra Scale, Pugil Scales, Merrow Scale, Tanning Vat

    ■ The FancyTrusts add-on now handles cases in which a trust is lost (e.g. if Unity trust requirements are no longer met) and removes such trust from saved presets. (Shirahime)

    The add-on now features a new command "/trusts reset pX" (x from 1 to 5) to allow manual reset of presets.

    ■ ACE players now receive a confirmation menu when using their Relic Weapon Voucher at the selected location (Loxley)

    ■ Jeuno Envoy now displays the player's Conquest Points on the main menu (Loxley)

    ■ Resolved issues with the monthly Silver Voucher allowance from Greyson, all players have been reset to 5 for this month (Loxley)

    ■ Zeid II will now properly use Ground Strike (Carver)

    ■ Players are now stunned for 5 seconds by claim shield after losing the claim roulette in order to prevent unintended loss of claim. (Mowford/Spicy)

    ■ The ENM Totentanz now has loot groupings and will give a more accurate quantity of rewards (Loxley)

    ■ Hysteroanima now correctly prevents Promyvion bosses from using mobskills for around 30 seconds (Loxley)

    Thank you for playing on CatsEye!

    ~ The CatsEyeXI Team ~

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