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    Wuthering Waves (PC/Android/iOS) - What If Genshin Impact Was Set in Death Stranding

    Developed by Kuro Game

    Wuthering Waves is a story-rich open-world game with a high degree of freedom. You wake from your slumber as a Rover, greeted by an expansive new world filled with novel sights and newfangled tech.

    Welcome to the new world, Rover.

    This is an age of struggle. Since the Calament a hundred years ago, beings hitherto unknown have taken root in our world, sowing discord and destruction. Civilization as we know it once teetered on the brink of collapse.

    This is an age of hope. Survivors have buried the hatchet with their kin and enemies and started to rebuild from the ruins. They find hope in the glories of the bygone days. They erect cities and factories. They sing the praises of restoration.

    As for you, Rover from the beyond. Whatever might have led to your awakening, we welcome you to these troubled lands. Your journey here will cross with many others’—and will be marked by mysteries and battles.

    You shall go down as a legend, one that will bring rejuvenation to mankind.

    Closed Beta Coming April 24, 2023
    Q1: How will this Closed Beta Test proceed?

    A1: This Closed Beta will only available for limited testers. All data will be deleted after the test.
    *Due to the IP limitation and localization progress. This test will only be available for testers in America and Canada districts. We appreciate your understanding.

    Q2: When will the Closed Beta recruitment end?

    A2:The recruitment will be ended at 19:00 Apr. 14th, 2023 (PT).

    Q3: Can I change the submitted survey?

    A3: Info you submitted with the survey of Closed Beta Test cannot be changed afterwards. Each email can only submit the survey once. Please check through the information in the survey before submitting.

    Q4: How do I know I get the Closed Beta Test qualifications?

    A4: We will notify you through email with the Closed Beta Test qualifications. We will also send out general notice on our official media platform.

    Q5: If I selected multiple platform for gaming, how do I know which one I get the qualification?

    A5: We will send out detail installing instructions base on your preference choice. If you selected multiple platform. We will match up for you randomly. Please follow the detail instructions in the email to join the test on relevant platform.

    Q6: What's the device requirement for this Closed Beta Test?

    A6: To ensure your installations and experience, we recommend minimum device config below:

    [Android] Android System of 5.1 version and above, snapdragon 855 and above, and with storage of 10GB and above.
    [iOS] Model of iPhone 11 and above with storage of 10GB and above.
    [PC] Device references:
    <System> Windows 7 64-bit
    <CPU> Intel i5 -7th generation/Ryzen 2700
    <Graphic Card> Geforce 1060/RX 580
    <RAM> 16GB
    <Storage Remains> 40G

    Q7: Can I play on another device during Closed Beta Test?

    A7: Each tester can have only 1 device on both PC and mobile platform for the test. Your data will be the same on both platform as well. The device will be bound once you login to a device during the Closed Beta Test. You cannot change device of the same platform during the test.
    If you change device during the test, your account will be banned till the end of the test duration. Meanwhile, performing system reinstall, upgrade and hardware change may also result in login failure.
    Appealing for unbanning is unavailable for this test. All banned account will not be unbanned afterwards. For your personal account security, we would like to send out warnings: Don't engage in any account sharing/trading, and don't trust in any test qualification selling info, so as not to cause unnecessary losses.

    Q8: Can I livestream, screenshot, record any content during the Closed Beta Test and publish on social media?

    A8: Yes, you can. But do note that all in game content of this Closed Beta Test, including art designs, audio, context, and characters, are all still under development, and they don't represent the final quality of the game.

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    The visuals are pretty sweet

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    Got into CBT C: we'll see how it is

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    okay guy I guess
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