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    Unlimited hot spot?

    Don't care if it's on the phone or a standalone device. I'm working out of state and living in hotels (and swapping hotels once a week as we move to new work areas)

    I'm trying to play my ps5 but it's heavily dependent on hotel some have good internet for remote play and others do not, i have no choice in the hotel it's where our boss sets us up at.

    Rather just pay for a hotspot device and have a consistent speed. like i'm in chapter 12 on rebirth and for the next week my internet isn't good enough to remote play it.

    I can on my phone but the screen is too small; and i only have 10gb of hotspot a month would eat that up in days. just looking for something whether hotspot sattelite internet or anything that can have me playing my ps5 consistently vs rolling the dice and hoping for the best on where i get assigned

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    it's not a pocketable device but tmo has this modem-type thing that functions off of their 5G data, and i believe is unlimited. it's basically a separate phone line at that point, but might fit your criteria assuming their service availability is there.

    i don't know if they factor in people who travel around with that stuff, but eh. worth a shot.

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    Mobile Hot Spots/Jet Packs are pretty common across all the vendors. We use them at work as I support a lot of staff members who do work in homeless camps, schools, etc. where wifi may not be available and they need a way to get their laptops onto the network to fill out and print forms for clients.

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