After we win a couple more and edge closer to Beaucidine, we will start going back to dynamis' we have previously won to farm for the bunches of us who havent got the AF that we've wanted. Instead of going twice in a row, or 3 or 4 or however many times it takes to beat a dynamis... we will make our main event occur on the weekend, while our weekday dynamis will just consist of us going back to an old dynamis. Weekends can be more of a sure thing in terms of attendence, and for farming AF we really dont need the kind of attendece we have had so far. People will not have to show up if they choose not to. although we will still need a mix of every job. Well anyways i just thought id mention this so because i know most people will want some of the pieces of AF that they missed, and this is how we will try and get it. if this is cool with everybody of course? if you have other suggestions please place your slip of paper in the drop box.