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    Chuckie story of the week

    Hello Blue Garter!!!!

    Chuckie is back!!! at least on the forum :wink: and boy do i have a story for you.

    Three nights ago I was working dog watch (from 2200 hours to 0800 hours), and at 0200 my partner and I happened to drive by and see "Big Red", a known drug dealer, dealing to two black males. "Big Red" is of course known for being BIG... 6'8" 285 pounds. My partner and I roll up on the deal, we separated the group, I questioned the two buyers and my partner talked to "Big Red." Not 10 seconds in my conversation with the buyers, I turned around and Big Red and my partner are fighting. I yelled at the two buyers to "LEAVE NOW!!!" so they lefted. (I didn't want to fight 3 men.)

    Then the party began.....i ran in...gave Big Red two open palm thrusts to the face....then he gave me the LOOK. THE LOOK is the face of a man who feels no pain, and he is pretty much laughing at the shot i gave him. THE LOOK is also the face of a man who is high on PCP.

    Ok, back to the fight, lucky for me, Big Red was busy trying to beat on my partner. As soon as i realized he was high on PCP, i reached for my baton, I gave him 3 strikes to the shoulder blades and a few thrusts to the ribs. After those strikes, Big Red gave me THE LOOK again. And then started grabbing at my partner's gun side of his belt. At that point, it was imminent danger so I pull out my gun, but I had no good shot since they were kind of rolling around a bit. So pistol whipped him in the face with my gun. (Not police procedure ) But it was imminent danger so I can justify it.

    I am not sure how long the brawl lasted, but soon, 4 more units arrived and we finally subdued Big Red. We walked him into jail and my partner and I headed to the hospital for a little check up. Amazingly, my partner came out with minor cuts, and bruises. And my hands hurts a little bit from punching him.

    I checked up on Big Red today. He has a broken nose, a messed up face, broken shoulders, 3 cracked ribs, and losted a testicle....
    Remember he walked into jail that night.....

    Lesson of the week.... don't do PCP guys... Chuckie won't stab you...I'll break your balls!!!!!!!

    Hope you guys enjoyed my story :D

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    oh Chuck! be careful! but now i think youre the one who has earned the right to use the LOOK.

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    I'm sorry if I ever made fun of you or called you fataru. Don't hurt me.. ;;

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    Um, that thing I mentioned a few weeks ago about "legal weed" down at the station...

    Forget I even brought it up. >.>;;

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    Wow Chuckie. You are my hero. :D Now come back to the game and play more. Partying with you was fun.

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    I'm, um.... Dam.... that shits crazy... faturu dude.... like.... whoa....... You got him good...... man.... That was a nice story. Keep up the good work fatty.... We're depending on you.

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    wow, nice story chuck, didnt I tell you to stay safe?!, but good work man. I didnt know a boton could that much dmg, lol. Crazy ass, keep up the good work man.

    "sorry officer, maybe you were just going too slow".."/shrug"

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    where the hell did you get your pies from anyway to allow you to break people's balls

    i want some of those...

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    /em stabs Big Red.
    Big Red gives <t> the LOOK.

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    Is Big Red an NM? What level? Must be pretty high level for you to call in the rest of you LS.

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