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Thread: A question to the blue..     submit to reddit submit to twitter

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    A question to the blue..

    Not too long ago, our LS was able to get Aspidelochne or whatever away from the tyrantical and evil cheat JP LS, FairyNetwork( they monopolize Behemoth hides on our server ~~; ) Anyways, I wasn't present at the battle but the LS did win but said it was brutally tough since it went into its shell and HP regened forever. BLM nukes weren't doing much but stopping the HP Regen process.

    Share with me; I have seen other JP HNM LS's do this to king versions and gods. Cast Blizzard, cast Blizzard II, cast Blizzard III, cast Blizzard IV. Does this do something to the effectiveness of the spell and/or damage? I see a lot of them doing it and was wondering if they could possibly kill Asp much much quicker.

    I guess the REAL reason I ask is, we just recently did the BCNM99 with the Asp. "fight-a-like" and got pjorned....HARD. However, we believe we could survive for round2, but 30minutes isn't enough due to the HP Regen. Is there some way to deal nice lethal damage to basically alter the HP Regen process or possibly STOP the Auto-Regen?

    Thanx ~ BST Forever

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    check pm's but i'm not completely sure

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