Well, due to the difficult layout of Bastok's time extensions (along with the fact that we were unaware of the locations of about 60 minutes of time extensions, of which we found only 10 minutes last night), we were unable to clear Bastok on first try. The good news is... 2nd try tends to go a lot smoother since everyone is more familiar with it.

As of right now the plan is to go for 2nd attempt to clear on Wednesday night, with a little more precision and speed since most likely we will only have a total of 2 1/2 hours (instead of the usual 3) to clear the boss. Supposedly there's 30 minutes total of time extensions by Zeruhn Mines but it seems as if they're not even worth going for if you're going for a clear considering how deep they're in.

Next Sunday's dynamis is undecided at the moment but if things go well Wednesday and we clear, it can probably be a farming / exploration in Bastok for more time extensions run. Then following that we go for Windurst clear and then start working on a farming rotation for AF2 and also start looking at who else still needs key items for Beaucedine.

(Edit: Keep in mind that the first few times we do dynamis, part of it will be trial and error because there are no *complete* guides to dynamis out there. The Japanese site that we use as a rough guide still misses a lot of information, which means that our first few attempts often involve exploring certain areas to see what we find. Once we do that though, it makes future dynamis runs even easier because we know exactly where everything is.)


(Edit: Upon looking back at the map, there may be a few things I missed. I will be making another post with a few diagrams to show how far we got and what we still aren't positive about.)