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    OMFG!!!! ONDORI needs some hot lovin!!! (Kirin Video)

    Kirin video ROCKED! I almost spunked myself.......

    Good work Ondori, wel worth waiting for :D


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    Somehow I turned into an onion taru in that video. :D
    Good stuff. /kneel

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    \(^o^)/ Thanks for the video Ondori! I can't wait to take on Kirin

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    man.. you really fucking own you know that? lol

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    fucking awesome video man XD i like how u mixed in ventrilo sounds too that was cool.

    by the way if u guys want to know that song its from Initial D 4th Stage

    Move - Dogfight ^^!! awesome band

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    /em Slobbers on Ondori's b*llz..... dam that video was hot...

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    Thanks everyone... for the next vid, i'm still trying to see if I can get textures on those models.... it's really hard tho, I think i can do it. Might make a kirin part II.

    Special thanks to Mogi for recommending the song, and to Ed-icus team!
    Thanks Edwardtheblack and Berticus.


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    Mine is downloading right now. I'm creaming my pants just waiting to see it...only 50%!

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