I'm putting up this post to give people fair notice. Tonight we did Dynamis-Jeuno, which went quite well until the end. There are three things I'd like to address because while they might have been minor/innocent in Jeuno, I can foresee future instances where it can seriously hurt a dynamis event.

The first thing is not listening to directions and/or going off and causing additional problems by doing dangerous things without it being OK'd. These next statements are very important because they can be the cause of entire wipes in dynamis:

1) If you are repeatly told to do something, such as stay behind the pulling frontline, do it. There is a reason why it's done that way, which is to help control pulling better / minimize pulling complications by fighting things at the frontline.

2) If you cause aggro by a lot of mobs, *DO NOT* train them all back to everyone else. Die, get tractored, and get raised. Take the death instead of causing 50 more deaths. This is extremely important to remember.

If you're good on these two statements, then you've got nothing to worry about. The point is to keep 1 small problem from becoming a huge problem that hurts everybody.

The second thing I'd like to address is leaving dynamis before our time is expired. Tonight we wiped with 40 minutes remaining, and there was a significant number of people who decided for themselves that we were finished. Keep in mind that 40 minutes in dynamis can mean several more AF2 pieces dropping, and that we will keep going as much as we can until time runs out. Tonight was the exception and will not be the rule. Plan on being in Dynamis for the full 3 1/2 hours. For only being able to enter twice a week, it's really important to make the most use of our time. Leaving dynamis early in the future will mean you only get half attendance for that day. This is because we need everybody to stay to the end.

Finally, now is a good time to remind everyone that things will go wrong, mistakes will be made sometimes, and we will have to wipe sometimes. The goal is to keep improving every time and to keep doing better with each run. Winning Dynamis-Beaucedine and Dynamis-Xarcabard will probably involve a lot of dying. The more we can improve now, the better the chances are that we'll be able to pull it off with less deaths.

I am really happy with how well we did in Jeuno tonight. There are a few things that need to be worked out with the boss pull + aftermath but for everyone who was there the first time we killed goblin golem, I bet it was a big difference not having to wipe and Home Point due to respawns. Anyways, hopefully everyone is enjoying the challenge of dynamis and leveling up so we can be ready for Beaucedine soon. ^^