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    Hey guys~

    My name is Caine. I'm a level 70 THF/NIN on Pandemonium in the linkshell named ASTRA, the biggest 67-75 NA shell on our server. I came across your videos and just wanted to drop a line saying they're really entertaining and wish you good luck! ^^

    PS. any Thiefs out there wanna share any pointers for Maat? I'm 0/10 with +11 Steal -_-

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    you must be doing something wrong >.<

    i know 5 thfs over 70(jp+na) and most beat it on first try

    toss quicklet a pm or something ^^

    and thx for compliments, all the thanks to ondori who has a lot of things to do aside from the videos, but keeps doing em because he is !!!!!!!!GOD!!!!!!!!

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    I know a thf who tried 7 times *cough* vudoodoodoodooodoodooodoodoo *cough*

    try not bringing a warp scroll with you since that's what you steal from him, and it's rare/ex

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    /slap Almaa

    It was 8 tries.
    After dying so many times, I gave up trying to fight him. I just come in, use reraiser and try to steal. When I failed, I just stood there and let him pound me to death, wait 5 minutes, raise and try to steal again.

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    vu is no longer a thf lol he cant get a pt he going to become a nin o_O

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    THF hits a brick wall @ lv70 it seems.
    I don't know how Quicklet did it. (secret)?

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    (secret) is going afk while seeking then only doing ls exp pt

    thats the only way i'm going to exp ever, off ls pts

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    got that asshole on the 8th try. ding 71 rank 10 ^^

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