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Thread: Hi WAR/NIN needs help     submit to reddit submit to twitter

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    Hi WAR/NIN needs help

    Hey guys i am a 75 WAR/NIN on the shiva server that watches and follows your ls and 1st off i'd like to say great job!. If there was ANY way i could get on bahamut and join u guys i would jump at the chance!. Here is my dilemma i need some feed back on my gear and need to know if there are any improvments i need to make, so here is a list of the gear i currently wear

    Main Hand: Juggernaut
    Sub: Kraken Club
    Ammo: Bomb Core
    Body:Kirin's Osode
    Hands: WAR AF2
    Legs:Dusk Leggings
    Head:Genbu Kabuto,Optical Hat, Panzer Mask
    Neckeacock Charm
    Feet:Thick Mufflers
    Back:Amnent Mantle+1
    Waist:Life Belt
    Rings: Sniper Ring X2
    Earrings: Superxxxx(Dual-Wield),Assault Earring

    Well thats it plz let me know your thoughts and thank you for your time.

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    HQ Sniper Ring. I win.

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    Guest you with? You just listed some of the most amazing gear possible. I...wish I was you actually. For comparison:

    Head - Optical Hat
    Body - Haubergeon
    Hands - Ochuido's Kote
    Legs - Samurai AF1 Legs
    Feet - Samurai AF1 Feet
    Rings - 2x Sniper Rings
    Earrings - 2x of the +3 agi rings
    Back - Amnent mantle
    Waist - Life Belt
    Ranged - Lightning Bow

    You have a kraken club, Kirin's osode, peacock charm...I think you are pretty much set.

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    Is there any possible way for me to get on bahamut to join u guys....?

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    Above post is me lol

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    It seems no

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    ppshawww man you need a Defending Ring if you intend to ever do some tanking with that nin sub... jeez what're you thinking

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    seriously, you are soooo gimp [leave]

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    wtf arer you talking about, I have 2 defending rings, I hax0red so I could use 2, I also soloed KB for both of them, so die hb

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellboy
    what is that anyway?

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    Damn i was looking for some serious answers to improve my char sry to bother u guys np later.

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    Well seriously.. what was you up for..?
    Look at other wars.
    Most of war dosent use kirin's osode.
    and you know..kirin's osode is pretty rare
    and other things.. dusk, krakenclub....etc.
    Which part did you want reprove?

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    What would be the best armor for WAR then if not osode and someone was saying agi boost RNG slug-shot dmg and dex boost THF sneak attk trick attk Dmg war boost dmg for WAR i main use My war/nin for Dmg dealing i was was look for some advice on gears that would make me become more effective and useful.

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    above post me again sry 4got to log in ><

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    To be honest with you. If you have all those gears you would not have to come to a forum to ask for advices on what gears you should get and at lvl 75 i'm sure you should be able to make your own decisions not relay on others telling you what you should have.

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    are you calling him stupid, or a liar? 8)

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    [huh?!] neither >< at least i think neither o_O

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    i think Owned is calling him a "Stupid Liar"

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    Personally, I would replace your weapons with dual wielded Bee Spatha +1.
    but that's just me

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