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    Well i just wanted to stop by and say thanks to everyone who helped out last night with Zilart Mission 5. It was for the most part especially meeting and killing mobs with the Bg.
    Curtis you the man, i tried helping out with getting ppl wich lead to the start of a bad night with me leaving my ls and what not but you had it under contol and things still went smooth. Well thanks a lot and hope to finish the rest of Zilart with ya (or some more atleast)
    Oh and i can NOT forget about Yummy who saved my @$$ in Ifrit's Cauldron when invisi wore off and stuck in between 2 bombs. quick trade for a prism powder got me out safe.

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    hey sup kasber thanks for dropping everything and helping me with zm5 sorry about the "drama' and you losing your LS over it. see you for zm6

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    lol yea the drama was a little uncalled for but its ok, you know where i want to be (feel like a robot repeating myself) but got some leveling to do. i cant wait to do Z-6 with you kinda fun actually doing stuff other than leveling with people who actually like doing missions and such.
    i definately had a great time doing Z-4 and Z-5 with everyone, hopefully we get to do more stuff togeather like this. Well see ya around and if you need any help (like you really need my help, lol) give me a tell im always up for some fun activities other than leveling ^_^

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