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    Getting Fenrir

    hey there blue boys n birds! i have a request of this awesome LS ^^;; as u can tell by the topic title i want to get fenrir earlier. a friend of mine showed me the website and videos, and then ur linking to the LS i'm in (Ghosts of Vanadiel) and vice versa ;]
    umm..yeah anyway i only need to go through garuda, ifrit etc once cos i already did the solo-bcnm-style battles at lvl 20
    i'm a 53WHM/26SMN Elvaan, my equipment is:
    Weapon(s): Light Staff (for curing), Dark Staff (for resting), AF1 (for melee)
    Ammo: Holy Ampulla
    Head: Gold Hairpin
    Neck: Holy Phial
    Earrings: Night Earring, Enhancing Earring
    Body: Tactician Magician's Coat (i think it's Coat, ><)
    Gloves: RSE
    Belt: Adept's Rope
    Rings: 2x Astral Ring
    Legs: not sure of the name now...but it's a HQ of a windy CP item evasion+5, areas in own nation's control: mp+14
    Feet: AF2
    MP total: 592 (with hammer equipped and without the +14 from the legs)
    i've had erase since i got lvl 32 (dunno if that gets me extra marks ^^; but that's probably mandatory for u anyway >.<
    i don't know if i will of any help during the fights IF u do decide to help me out of the kindness of ur heart
    ummm...times i'm available...well... it's 04:44AM BST here now (now as in the time i posted this topic) so that should give u an idea of how long i play for ^^; i get on FFXI usually around 8 or 9PM...
    for me it'll be an accomplishement, others might see it as a cheap way of getting fenrir. but it's soon time to lvl my subs again, and without fenrir it just seems dull going from 27-37. u might also just wanna help me so that u can get that warm fuzzy feeling u get from knowing u helped sum1 ;P
    (thinking about it now...i'm offering to still give my support during the fights as best as i can at my lvl, so i'm not exactly "leeching", at least in my opinion i'm not =/ )

    thanks for taking the time to read my boring request ^^ since u fight much bigger things than this like gods of course =p o and btw...just a quick question: how many times have u killed kiring now? or was it just the once?
    anway, i bid u all farewell and maybe we'll see eachother in the cloisters *shrug* u never know

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    no replies? >< i guess i'll bump =/
    55 WHM/27 SMN now, hopefully 56 by sunday so i can wear my AF pants and learn Raise II
    talked to 22, he said he would help when he had time, it's a start ^^;; but i think he just agreed with me so i would stop talking to him =/ orz

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    Well, 5/7 days we have events... so the days that we dont have events we are all busy trying to get back the xp we lost... I cant speak for everyone, but i know i dont really have the time to do that ><;


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    hell I'm in the LS and I can't get people to help me get Savage Blade cause it's a bitch to get inside the area for the NM fight, bastards

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    im in the ls and havent been able to get fenrir, he tooo hard

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    You want to fight lv 56? I know entire parties of LV 75 that die to him, I don't see how a party could afford to take a whm below LV 70 into the fight. I don't think you'd have the mp for the fight either at your lvl as an elvaan.

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    pshhh i fight him at level 2 and kick his ass lol oh and by the way ill be in BG In 3 months you guys just wait and see :D oh and yummy you better put in a good word for me :D

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    psshh... hellboy soloed fenrir with his lvl88.6 ninja. hb is crazy like that

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    I didn't even use any shihei.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellboy
    I didn't even use any shihei.

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    Sea Torques
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    delete you char and start over as a nonelvaan and ill help...maybe

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    Almaa, just trigger 3 of the columns beforehand (you can do this hours and hours before triggering the 4th if you wish; the only thing is you will need 2 people[including yourself] to get to one of the other columns), leave the ruby column up... grab a couple friends, hit ruby column and go in... The scorpion is a chump. Kill him. Grab ???. You have Savage Blade.

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    Don't they go back up after a while?

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    Only PT other than all out 5+&)SMNS that can take fenrir down easily is!

    75 NINJA with 2 bat earrings + Blind Potions
    75 Red Mage to enfeeble like crazy cause at 73 I couldn't get jack to stick on fenrir -_-;
    BRD with mambo ( I don't know what lvl that is)
    WHM with FULL Errant gear and knows how to conserver cures so he/she dont get hate.

    And the whole battle goes peachy with possibly no deaths!

    My winning battle against fenrir went like this.

    75nin as I described.
    75RDM (me)
    BRD(Unknown lvl but had mambo is all that mattered)

    Ran in, Nin used Blind Potions and engaged fenrir.
    Smns began casting Leviathan.
    I refreshed the smns,brd, and myself,
    Brd used mambo and ballad.
    Smns used 70BPs and released.
    I casted Slow,Gravity,Paralyze which all landed
    Whm carefully cures the Nin.
    Fenrir at 75% HP uses Dispelga and Nin loses utsesumi making the whm cure more and got hate and died.
    I casted Protect and Shell on Nin and continued with me healing and swtching to errant gear.
    1 of the 2 smns or brd raised the whm.
    40%HP Fenrir uses 2HR....SMNs and Brd were brought to yellow hp because they were in range..No one died (Lucky!)
    20%HP Fenrir manages to interrupt the Nin from casting and instantly kills the nin, Smns used Astral Flow BP and finished off Fenrir.
    We won!

    Now from that description I think you can see that fenrir is no pushover and must be carefully fought. I doubt you can just bring along a lvl 50 whm because they won't even have Cure 5. If hate control is not on the tank or Avatars then the chances of victory decrease substantially.
    Fenrir is no joke or pushover.
    Cure 4 is a massive get the caster killed spell unlike Cure 5.
    WHMs should delete Cure 4 or erase it from memory once they get cure 5 lol.

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    my fenrir pt was


    all lv75

    note that to do it like this, your mages are required to have max enmity- gear and your pld/nin must have aegisjahlmr/bunch of enmity+ crap and your whm is recommended to be a taru with vile elixir/+1. me ed bert deus 22 and gheed got this guy some 4 months ago shortly we all hit 75. (pic of results on my character profile on main page)

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    We beat Fenrir last New Moon finally^^

    Our PT wasdon't laugh >_<)

    75 PLD/WAR
    73 WHM/SMN
    67 WHM/SMN
    75 BRD/WHM
    75 RDM/BLM
    73 RDM/BLM

    He killed us the first time, because he killed our tank right after his 2-hour, but the second time we won very easily. We didn't have to use any medicines and nobody died, not sure how much 0% moon had an effect on this because it was our first time.

    I suppose it's "possible" to get twinked Fenrir at your level, but it would be exactly that... Personally, I don't think it's worth it as since the last patch SMN can do other thigns besides Group-buffs and still be effective in a PT.

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    Fenrir is pretty much a chump. First time we went in we lost 5 times in a row because we wern't prepared. Sixth time we managed to eek out a victory. Since that initial go at him we've learned a lot and find him rather easy these days. My last party was by far the most efficient and easiest victory yet.


    We were going in to get the dog for a buddy of mine (61SMN). This was the first time we hadn't used two NIN tanks so I was kinda leary about how everything would come out. Fight started pretty much normal, BRD used ballad on the mages and then focused soley on double mambo for the ninja. The DRK and myself (BLM) did our thing. I kept pounding him with smaller nukes (trying not to take hate) and the DRK did his weapon skills as normal. One thing that seemed to work VERY well was our stunning order. Every 15 seconds either the DRK or myself was casting stun on him. That kept him off and from using as many abilities as he COULD use. Made our WHMs job a lot easier too not having to throw in a ton of cures.

    Just before he busted out his two hour the BRD used the Disco ball of doom and Dark Caroled the NIN and DRK and used Mambo again. Once he got to the point to use his two hour both the DRK and myself stunned him back-to-back but somehow the damn dog got it off anyway. So the White Mage ran up, used Benediction (what we usually do just in case) to max out everyones HP then the fun started. I threw in a Thunder IV followed by a Thundaga III, the DRK stunned him, once he wasn't stunned I stunned him, and the DRK used a 300%TP Spiral Hell to finish him off.

    Other than the two hour no one got in the yellow the entire fight. The NIN, DRK, and BRD hit yellow and the rest of us (except the SMN, I told him to run) went orange. Using our stunning order and constantly hitting him with it kept him off-balance and prevented a lot of Eclipse Bites and Dispelgas. In my opinion that's what won us the fight.

    Usually we use two ninjas, BLM, WHM, and whatever else we can scrounge up. A RDM helps a lot, especially a level 75 RDM that can land Paralyze and Slow on him. Those two spells make all the difference. In the fights where we take two ninjas things go a lot safer and less hectic, but the ninjas have to maintain lose hate so they can bounce him around a lot more. This usually ends up in me or the WHM getting nailed a few times....usually dead...ugh.

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