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    You inspired me to not quite ffxi, because their is hope in the near future that I will be doing somethign simliar to what you our doing..
    thank you

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    Thank you so much "Guest", I hope we can keep the site fun....

    We want to add much more to it. More neat stuffs to come.... along with never-ending HNM ownage.


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    Hell, all the shit you guys do inspired me to come back and play the game again. Might as well give y'all some props too.

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    Hey Ondori

    i was thinking of joining bahamut to join the ls.. My Mithra RedMage is lvl 68 on the Valefor server and i made her like 3 1/2 months ago.. needless to say i think that is pretty quick (all jobs are 10+) full lvled sub BLM and WHM for variety. so if i move servers could i get in?? first week for me was slow but i should rocket up there and i have been told many times i am a awesome RDM (sorry if it sounds like im thinking very highly of myself) what do you say?

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