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    Markmanship Dmg dictated by?

    Noticed in the Vids that the Rngs use Fransisca and Hawkers compared to 2 Hawkers and Crimson Gloves instead of Seiryu Kote(assuming its by choice).
    Being your weapon of choice is Gun, have you found that the dictating factor behind Markmanship Dmg is Ranged Attack? As an exclusive Bow user ive learned that ranged attack bonuses have little or negligable effect on archery damage and in comparing Dmg output with the other Rng in my LS who are also bow exclusive and have 90% identical Eq. we rely solely on Racc and Brds as its very frustrating to think of giving up so much accuracy to go with Gun and Ratk Eq. My LS fights the same stuff you do, excluding Nidhogg. Basically just wanna know if its a better long term idea to go with Gun and more Ratk Eq.

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    i'm not a ranger, but i can tell you, guns are better

    sell your eurytos', camp the gustav goblin X-bow, and buy hellfire

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    archery is dependant on str+agi

    marksmanship is depedant on agi only

    guns and bows both have ups and downs, and on some things bows are better than others. if you can afford it keep euryto's around get all the guns to. its true that more monsters take more dmg from guns but you're going to have to switch for different things

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    Euryts bow is more bling than usefull, the Othalyns xbow has so many more benefits and does almost the same dmg. The benefits you get are stuff like Debuff arrows (acid bolts) or being able to quiver the highest lvl bolts (d-steel bolt quivers) giving you more inventory space and not haveing to sacrifice dmg. and yes, having the hawkers+francisca is sacrificing some accuracy, but it does more dmg by itself and adds dmg to your bow, in XP groups, i hit for 150 with bow, then another 10 with knife and 50 with axe, so 210 dmg total, granted for hnm like kirin you never actually melee it, but the additional +7 rng attack is still better imo. as for the gun, yah, it is signifigantly more dmg but the delay is insane, so if your gonna use it why not go all out dmg.

    Ranged attack is still something we havent figured out, some theories are that it raises max dmg, or raises min dmg, or that it increases critical hit rate. Nothing can be for certain simply because square has not provided anything tangible.

    so i guess to sum up, if you want to have the highest dmg output then stick with your idea, but be warned you will pay out the wazoo if you go with the culverin, since it only uses cannon shells, and you can only carry a limited amount of those.

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