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    Jobs and stuff

    I always see lots of Rangers, Mages and Paladins in your vids/pics. I was just wondering what and how many of each jobs you have when you guys and going big game hunting. I'm sort of divided between blm and rdm myself atm and one day in the very distant feature I want to be like teh blue. ^^; Just looking for some input. thx~

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    its really hard to tell who all exactly comes in our videos, but we always have a good showing by every type of melee, we just cycle them in and out of alliance whenever they TP build or meditate.

    as for mages, usually 1 whm stays in the main tank PT and the rest are outside the alliance healing, same with rdm, 1 rdm in the tankpt and blmpt, and the rest outside alliance healing.

    were happy that so many in our LS are willing to compromise, it makes the fights much faster and easier. and everyone still gets their share of loot at the end.

    but, to give you a general idea of what we bring,

    and various mellee/mage classes filling out the rest

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