I've been meaning to post here for awhile mainly to say thanks for the vids and talking to other people rather then looking down upon them. I notice nobody from Ramuh has posted here so i'll give you a little insight to the world on Ramuh server.

Only one HNM shell from NA exist that I know of called Darkheart the people in this linkshell love to talk about how great they are and look down upon everybody. The ironic thing to this is they never earned anything they begged high level Jpn players at the start to get them everything then once they got to be high lvl themselves told the Jpn players to basiclly F off we don't need you anymore. Needless to say Jpn as well and Na players dislike them for some reason being the only HNM shell that exist they keep growing. As they grow so do the egos they carry.

Anyway I've always felt people should play the game the way they want it's supposed to be fun so long as you dont' hurt others whatever you want to do you can do basiclly. My ls, that i've been waiting for is starting to come up the ladder and it's getting close to embark in the HNM world. Since we have zero experience and I'm not about to join that Darkheart LS of scumbags. Does any place exist where I can research about different strategies used on these high end mobs? Also what do you suggest would be a good starter HNM for us new comers to try out? One day I dream of Kirin but that is a long long time away

Thank you for any help