As i mentioned before, if you want to stay with us, but do not have the key item for sando bastok or jeuno (we will complete windy one more time on wed.) Then look at this schedule, and either in the uncertain future find out when we will be doing the dynamis you need, or (and im saying this without these leaders knowing) ask the leaders of other dynamis LSs if you can tag along to their dynamis to get the key item you need. Make sure they do plan on getting the key item that day, and be polite. Go there, do the best job you can and follow their set of rules. I know very little about most all of the other Dynamis leaders so dont be surprised if for whatever reasons they can't let you in. Also remember our minimum lvl requirement to get into the glacier with us is 74. We want to see all yall in Beaucidine with us so if you lack something needed to go take your own initiative to get there with us! This link is lost in the middle of a couple of our posts so here it is again. :D